phoning it in.

I need a break from posting today. If you need it, maybe this can serve as a reminder that no one consistently has their life together in any ongoing and ease-filled kind of way. See you guys back here next week!

Until then, here are a few favorite past posts:

If you’re struggling with not liking your body size: The idol of thinness, seeing a photo of yourself and not liking it, or a note about healthy living bloggers.

If you’re interested in intuitive eating: Medially necessary diets and intuitive eating, food rule challenge: noticing when your tastebuds get bored, the moment that changed how I feel about eating sweets at night, or being a competent eater instead of eliminating food groups

If overexercising is something you’re trying to stop: Takeaways from stopping exercise or having a structure of spontaneity with movement

If you’re pregnant/postpartum: A goodbye to my pre-pregnancy body,
postpartum so far, or 6 months as a mom of 2

If you want to become a dietitian: My path to becoming an eating disorder dietitian


  1. Kylie, I so look forward to your Wednesday posts these days, and I love whatever wisdom (or great recipe) you have to share!  Just hang in there ❤️🙏🏼

  2. Wishing you a good week ahead! See you next week! Happy you took a break when needed.

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