Revisiting a past post and sharing how I feel about it now.

Once a month (the fourth Tuesday of every month), I’d like to do a throwback post where on the podcast I talk you through an old post. First up: blaming your body + tolerating being bored.

Here’s the link to the episode. I hope you enjoy! There are about 100 of you who listen consistently to the podcast (as far as I can tell) and I so enjoy a more intimate space (intimate being defined as a smaller and more engaged audience) than Instagram to share. It feels similar to what I’ve found with the blog. I’m excited for even more of a community feel by bringing some of you on the podcast…if you’re interested. I appreciate you listening and I hope this episode has some helpful takeaways for you.

Next week I want to do a Q&A episode. Could you leave any questions you have in the comments section? They can be related to eating disorder recovery, general life, work…anything.


  1. Here’s a question for your Q&A podcast episode: In your experience with clients, is there a specific type of practitioner (i.e. sports medicine doctor, counselor, or dietitian) who is most helpful when it comes to healing from amenorrhea/the female athlete triad–especially if the client has a degree in nutrition or a lot of nutrition knowledge?

  2. My question is, how do you recover from a “failed” intuitive eating attempt? I tried to eat intuitively and ended up gaining 100 lbs over a few years….I would just eat and eat junk because it felt good!! I ended up obese. I feel like I can’t trust my body to tell me what I need…. all I want is junk, I don’t like “healthy food”. If there’s a choice between a cookie and a carrot I’ll ALWAYS pick the cookie. I did lose most of the weight and would like to try intuitive eating again but I am terrified.

  3. Duh! I didn’t realize you now have a podcast! I don’t know why I thought it was just a one time thing or a guest appearance on someone else’s podcast…! I am so excited to get caught up and start listening! I just love the wisdom you impart on ANY subject Kylie!!! You are such the “real deal!!!!” Way to go!!!

  4. Hi! I just listened to the podcast, and I wanted to let you know that Lululemon has recently undergone a radical change! They are a company I’ve had real issues with for years, but they have recently expanded their sizing significantly, and are now using models with a range of body sizes. Mirna Valerio is now a spokesperson, which is how I found out about the change. I was thrilled about this, and I thought you’d like to know!

  5. What role did your faith play in your recovery process? And how do you live out your faith in your practice? I want to be a therapist that works with Ed’s but, having experienced my own personal battle with an ED, I can’t negate the necessity of my faith in the Lord towards my recovery. However, I k from what I have learned in my studies, sharing religion is not considered ethical in practice. How do you navigate this as a Christian- practitioner ? 

  6. Can you discuss intuitive  eating while pregnant? I know there are guidelines about gaining 25-30 lbs when pregnant but I’d love to hear more non diet tips for navigating a healthy relationship with food while pregnant. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for your blog and all you do!! I appreciate your wisdom and outlook!!

    As a recovered disordered eater, (super random questions!)

    1- How can we make peace with the world, even close friends and family not understanding our new view on food? How can we fight for what we believe in this diet culture? People might say good for you but never think it’s for them. It’s frustrating!

    2- As a Christian how can we trust our bodies (when above else our heart is deceptive?). It’s hard for me to put the question in words but a friend questions this.

    3- Solid books with massive resources/studies?

    4- Is 64 plus ounces of water diet talk? Or something we should follow.

    5- How can I fully appreciate bigger bodies? And realize they can be healthy.

  8. Have you had clients suffer from IBS issues after disordered eating? How do you help them navigate it? Will these symptoms eventually correct themselves or are they something the client will typically suffer from long-term?

  9. Yes I’d also like to hear how your faith impacted your recovery. Any verses/passages of scripture that have had an impactful change? What does walking in repentance from a restrictive eating disorder look like for you?

  10. I’m also interested in the link between IBS and disordered eating, if there is one, and how I can better practice IE when IBS disrupts my ability to tune in.

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