Yoga Video: Rigid to Fluid

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing the second yoga video that Lori at Yoga Nourishment created with you in mind. In case you missed it, here is a link to the first yoga session she shared with us.

I like Lori’s videos because they are gentle enough to allow me to stay connected to my breath as I move. When I think of gentle movement, can I focus on my breath without being distracted by the intensity of the movement is the marker I look for. When anxious, I find simply stopping and deep breathing/meditating hard, but if I link the deep breathing with gentle movement it is very effective at soothing me. 

My favorite part of this yoga video was the cue to go from a tense, interrupted, rigid movement to a more flowy movement. I find yoga very helpful when I feel like my day is full of interruptions and I’m constantly hitting road blocks instead of flowing through the day. When I was dipping a toe into intuitive eating I remember times I’d run back to the false refuge of dieting. I was desperately searching for something that could bring some inner stability it my life. Ultimately I’d shift back to intuitive eating, the biggest driver of that decision being that dieting left me feeling interrupted and out of sync. Feeling hunger and not honoring it felt rigid and like I was hitting road blocks after I’d experienced the ease, pleasantness, and “in sync” feeling of listening to body cues and responding to them. Any step back into disordered eating/exercise behaviors created confusion and more feelings of chaos within my body and that realization cemented my resolve to stop any forays back into dietland.

A quick disclaimer from Lori: These are therapeutic yoga videos created and donated by 500-hr Certified Yoga Therapist, Lori at Made with passion and hope you enjoy! Please read the disclaimer before practicing.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you again to Lori for sharing this resource with us! As I mentioned before, I hope these gentle movement sessions can be like a favorite song you come back to when you need some soothing, as we all do in life. Lori will be sharing one more video with us next month.


  1. I really appreciate these videos! I just finished the second one. 

  2. So awesome to hear Kori🙏🏻 And thanks for sharing Kylie along with all your insight!  

  3. About to do this second video (as long as my boys stay napping- ha), thank you so much! <3

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