This is the end.

I began immaEATthat in July 2011. It’s been a decade! I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey away from the eating disorder and into healing. What started as a resource that would make one’s eating disorder worse, transformed over a decade into something that has supported many of you in stepping away from unhealthy behaviors and discovering new ways to relate to your body. It felt very important to me to share and give others access to the information that was changing my life. I actually drafted out a “the end” post 3 years ago, but I didn’t have peace around stopping blogging then. The past 3 years have been about wrapping up the blog and finishing it out as a complete body of work in my eyes. And now, that is done. I ultimately have come to this decision because Andrew and I crave privacy for our family and, at the moment, I crave a job that isn’t as enmeshment with my personal life. I know a quiet life is pleasing to the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:11) and I want to move into living that. I enjoy writing, but want to move away from the blog format. I need to rest with my kids at their nap time, instead of pushing forward a business. To be able to do that, I need less to do. Stopping blogging is a part of that. And even though I have peace around this decision…endings are hard.

This blog started when I was in a place of such weakness. Most of college was a dark, lonely time for me and my best friends were this blog and exercise. Through this blog, and what it’s done over the past decade, I’ve seen 2 Corinthians 9-10 playing out before my eyes: Christ’s strength being made perfect in my weakness. His power has been glorified through this space. If this blog has brought healing to your life, all the glory to God.

I keep a box of reminders of what God has done for me. I realized the above in 2019 and jotted it down.

To my readers, I have thought of you guys, in a Christian sense, as my “neighbors.” As in, people who I want to care for well. I hope the majority of the time you felt understood and cared for by the words written here. I know I will miss you. I know I will think about you often and wonder how you and your families are doing. I know your names. I know how many kids you have. I’ve loved getting to know your heart in your kind and thoughtful comments over the past ten years. I’ve loved getting to work with many of you as one-on-one clients. THANK YOU FOR READING. This blog has been so healing and essential for me to write. I would not have been able to work in the eating disorder field without this blog giving me a place to find my voice. Getting to share what I’ve learned in the past decade with you has been necessary to solidify my beliefs on bodies and how to eat, move, and care for them.

Readers, thank you for being respectful and encouraging. Other blogs have helped me get through hard seasons of life and I hope this blog has been that for you. Thank you for being here to root me on during numerous seasons of life. Now, I’ve found my home (my literal house where we’ll raise our family, but also, in-person community who I can share with more authentically than is appropriate and healthy to share on the internet for all to see). If this blog was anonymous, I would keep writing it forever. But since it is not, it’s time to let it go.

To Andrew, thank you for being my constant wellspring of optimism and for building me up. I love life with you. I am so comforted getting to know our kids are getting to grow up with you as their dad and I have you as my husband. Thank you for supporting me in writing this blog and being okay with it being such a part of our lives for a decade. To Quinn, my father-in-law, and friends, thank you for seeing my worth outside of this blog and for speaking it over me, whether directly or indirectly.

What’s next for me? 1) more unfrenzied/unscheduled time with my kids during the week, 2) shifting indefinitely to private practice work. I’m so grateful I have the private practice to pivot fully into now and that now I have Hannah working with me. I love working one-on-one with clients and I want to prioritize that. If you or a friend struggles with an eating disorder/disordered eating, the biggest compliment would be if you sent them my way to work with my practice, we have openings available.

All the blog content will stay live, so the content will be here for you and others. Soon the blog will get a redesign that will make it evergreen and user-friendly. But mainly, I plan on this next decade of my life being more quiet and intimate with a small handful of people I love. I may update the blog once a year starting in 2023 – I do love some of the ways that sharing here helps me pay attention to myself, my family, and the world. The podcast and my newsletter will continue to be part of my business. Thank you for reading, commenting, and being part of creating this space with me. 


  1. Kylie, your work has impacted my life and I am grateful for the time you have invested. At the same time, I’m so happy for you to be able to take your life and family in the direction they need to go. Thank you for your investment into my recovery from a distance!

  2. I found you because you were cooking your way through Jessica Merchant’s first book! However, I learned so much here that went far beyond cooking. I learned to recognize a lot of the EDBs that I have and that are ingrained in society. You gave me tools to identify and combat those for myself. You are a very special person and a wonderful teacher. Enjoy your next phase of life.

  3. Kylie, thank you! Your words have been life and health to me. 

  4. Your work has been so vital to my own healing journey with an eating disorder. I am grateful that you shared so much of your life and your own journey with us because it was such an inspiration. Most of all, I have loved watching you grow in the Lord. From the posts long ago, to the one I just read today, there is a huge shift and the presence of the Holy Spirit flows out from your words and your life. I will be praying for you and your sweet family as you enter into this new season of life. 

  5. I found your blog at a transition point in life and I truly believe that God used your blog, along with Robyn Nohling’s to help shift my thinking and provide healing. It was like therapy to read every week you posted, and I am so glad that you are keeping the blog up so that others might have the same benefits (and honestly, I might re-read, too). I admire your maturity, values, marriage, and commitment to doing what is right before the Lord, not just want looks good to men. (As Jennifer noted above, your blog evidences so much spiritual growth.) May God bless you as you continue to live according to His will and may this time of closing your circle allow for sweet memories with those you love most.

  6. Good for you, Kylie! I have so enjoyed your blog– thank you for all you have done for so many (myself included) through your thoughts, words, and vulnerability. You’re right, endings are hard. I so respect your decision to have a more quiet life and spend your time with your family and loved ones. Many blessings to you!

  7. Kylie, this blog was SO healing for me and now I am an eating disorders RD and I ~daily~ send your posts to my own clients. Thank you for your vulnerability and faith over the years and THANK YOU GOD you are keeping the blog live!!! He is using you to heal and restore people even if you aren’t actively posting!

  8. Thank you Kylie. I started reading your blog years ago when I was so sick in my eating disorder. I have learned so much from your words and what you have shared. We have both become moms over the past several years and your perspective there has been helpful as well. I wish you and your family the best. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all.

  9. This blog was such an important resource for me at a time when dieting was veering towards disordered eating. You, along with a few other intuitive eating RDs, made a huge impact on my thought process surrounding food and body image. Thank you for all that you’ve shared, Kylie!

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and was really new to the concept of intuitive eating when I first started. It completely changed my mindset around nutrition and health and I’m grateful. I have loved seeing your posts about your family and foods over the years as well and I wish the best for all of you <3

  11. I came for the disordered eating posts but very much stayed for the ultra real and relatable motherhood content. Glad that you are moving into more peace and wholeness in your life, and I hope we get updates every once in a while :) 

  12. I’m tearing up a little reading this, Kylie. You have made such a positive impact in my life since I discovered your blog four years ago. I was pregnant with both of my girls around the same time you were pregnant with your girls and reading your pregnancy updates were so helpful to me. It helped me so tremendously to have someone who wasn’t diet crazed to compare notes to during that time and during the postpartum season. I feel like I have grown over these years along with you and I am so grateful for your choosing to share snippets of your life with the world. Thank you so much. I will truly miss this blog (one of the only blogs I still read lol).

  13. Kylie, I have read your blog weekly now for 6 years. You have been so generous in sharing your wisdom and experiences with us, it’s been such a privilege to read your blog. I am so grateful. I also now an a RD in Nashville and share your blog and posts with my clients daily, I swear! The Lord has used you in such beautiful ways. All I feel is gratitude. Thank you, thank you!!!

  14. Kylie, 
    I’ve followed along for many years. I’ve appreciated your authentic posts and honest reflections. I’m about ten years older than you and my kids are now 12&15. When I first started following along my kids were much younger and you were in a very different chapter in your life. I was jealous of how much freedom you had playing at the lake house, eating out frequently with Andrew, all the self care fun you’d have. It’s been interesting to watch your life change so much with all the adjustments that motherhood brings. I could relate to your struggles as you adjusted to being a new mother. I could empathize with how hard those first years were for you, as it was very hard for me too. My parenting chapter is getting lighter as my kids continue to get older and more and more independent. I recognize the intensity of the chapter you are in and the great joys that it brings. I deeply respect your decision to create more privacy in your life. I chose to do that too about 5 years ago and left social media. I wish your family the very best. I admire your commitment to create life on your terms and your deep desire to protect your self, your children and your marriage. Thank you for sharing all that you have shared. I would always get at least one nugget out of every post. 

  15. Kylie, I wish you and your family all the best. I celebrate your decision for building a schedule that works for what you need. I will miss your writing though. I am so grateful for everything you have given your readers. I found you after almost 50 years of struggling with food, weight and body image issues. This led me into intuitive eating, finding other sources of support and getting on with a lot of healing! I am happier and healthier than ever and I really don’t think I would have got here if I hadn’t read a random blog post by Kylie and starting to dig deeper in what you were saying. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Take care and please do write some updates when you can. I am sure we will all love hearing how you are doing.

  16. Thanks Kylie, your blog has been a great reality check for me and I have loved getting your perspective on so many things. All the best with everything, I think prioritising time with your family is always the right choice.

  17. I found your blog as I was working through a disordered eating behaviors and found your posts so very helpful, thank you!  I continued to follow you as you shared your life as you started a family and often looked back at your posts about newborn life and the first years of your daughters life. I was struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically postpartum, and your posts made me feel more normal and less alone, so thank you.  You’ve said it before and I’ll agree with you when you say that the newborn stage is HARD!  Thank you for being so candid and supportive.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Enjoy your time with your family <3

    • Thank you, Nina. Feeling alone is the worst. I intentionally shared so personally about motherhood because I wanted to minimize people feeling alone, since seasons prior when I felt that were so heartbreaking for me. I’m glad the posts made you feel less alone. Thank you for saying that!

  18. Thank you, Kylie! Your blog has mean so much to me over the years. I wish you and your family all the best in this next season of life.

    Do you have any recommendations for blogs dealing with eating disorder recovery that still post new content? Many of my favorites, like the real life RD and now you, are moving away from blogs, which I totally understand and respect, but I actually prefer the more long-form writing of blogs to the shorter-form style of social media. I’ve found it much more helpful for me personally. 90’s kid over here!

  19. Ditto to all the comments above.

    I will miss you so much!!! Blessings to you and your sweet family, as you begin the next chapters of life!!!

  20. Thank you for all that you have done with this space! I have followed you for about 5 years, and although we’ve been in very different life stages (I am about to start my senior year of college!), your posts have always resonated deeply with me. You have been a great example of someone who has built a fulfilling life post-ED, without ever shying away from hard discussions or trying to forget what you have been through. Wishing you all the best for the future!

  21. I’ve enjoyed “walking alongside you” in the new motherhood journey as you talk about motherhood and body acceptance. Thank you for writing! You will be missed, but I greatly respect your decision to privatize your life. Best wishes on the next chapter!

  22. Hi Kylie,

    How can I sign up for the newsletter?

    So happy for you for reaching this milestone (although also selfishly upset as I love your outlook on life).


  23. Kylie, my two girls are just younger than yours. I have always felt we were kindred spirits because of our similar values and phases in life. I even remember seeing a picture of Jo with a babydoll and thinking of my oldest who has the same exact one! I have laughed and cried in empathy with your posts on motherhood. Every post I read I would think to myself “there need to be more voices like this in the world.” You’ve inspired me to share my own voice and not be afraid of what others think, especially sharing my Christian values. You are absolutely a breath of fresh air in this world and without your blog I never would have found this way of intuitive living without your blog. You are my favorite IE dietician and favorite blogger. I cried reading this post but respect your decision and understand the need for a private, peaceful life. In this stage with two toddlers, it is more needed than ever! I wish you well and hope I can convey even a portion of my gratitude and respect for you. 

    • Hi Aubrey, I’ve loved knowing there are people like you (i.e. similar values and life phase) on the receiving end of my posts. It’s made writing this blog so enjoyable and meaningful for me. Thank you for being here :)

  24. Hi, I actually started following you for recipe inspiration. I looked back and found the recipe that I most remember from you, Cereal Milkshake for breakfast. I can’t believe that was from 2013! I really enjoyed reading your views on motherhood. I think we are about the same age and I hope for a child in the near future. I wish you all the best!

  25. thank you Kylie for all you have done. Like many other readers, I found you about 6-7 years ago in the height of my disordered eating. I am forever grateful for your space as I know your words and a couple of other bloggers helped me overcome that and I now have a 5 and 3 year old. Life is constantly evolving and I find I “need” these reassurances less and less, so instead of being sad or scared that you are moving on from this blog I find myself happy for both you and me. Best wishes to you and God bless your family.

  26. I can distinctly remember reading your blog the summer of 2016 and finally feeling safe and ready to shake my disordered eating. I was engaged and looking forward to a new chapter in life, and I no longer wanted the burden of an unhappy relationship with food to come along with me. It’s a lifelong journey, but your blog has been so incredibly helpful. I cherish the artwork that you sent me, and I have it framed on my desk at home. Thank you for pouring your heart and creativity into this space. I wish you the best! 

  27. I will really miss this space and have learned so much from you. Thanks for doing this for so long! 

  28. thank you for everything you have shared! your blog has helped me immensely over the years and i will always be grateful. take care!

  29. Hi Kylie, I don’t think I’ve ever commented even though I’ve been a reader for over 6 years! Despite my lurker status I wanted to tell you that your wisdom and perspective has impacted my life immensely, as well as my work as a therapist (I literally quote you in sessions weekly haha). Thank you so much for generously sharing in this space over the years and for being so real, relatable, wise, and vulnerable. How you’ve chosen to handle this ending in line with your values is just one more example. I’m wishing you (and your family) all the best with this new stage :)

  30. Kylie — Thank you so much for this space & for sharing your heart with us. I found your blog many years ago when I first started thinking about becoming a dietitian & working with patients recovering from an eating disorder. I knew in my heart that I wanted desperately to work with the ED population, but I was uncertain whether it would be possible given that I had struggled with my own ED as a teenager. You showed me that it was possible… I passed the RD exam last October & accepted a full-time position at an ED treatment center in January of this year. Thank you for the inspiration! <3

    (P.S. I share your blog posts with patients/clients all the time so I'm so grateful that it will stay evergreen!)

  31. Kylie! So awesome to hear you honoring what is most nourishing for you as you step into your next chapter. Thank you for being Real and showing the realness in recovery. Peace 2U🙏🏻🦋

  32. Kylie, I don’t know if you’ll ever make your way this far down in your comments. You have so many people that want to tell you how much they love you.. I want to do the same. THANK YOU so much for sharing a part of yourself here. Your words here made such an incredible difference in my life. You worked with me one on one for a bit and it still has left such an impact on me. I now also work with individuals who struggle with disordered eating and it is such a passion of mine. I have loved keeping up with you on here. I don’t check back as often as I used to, and I’m actually here today because I was getting ready to find a post of yours to share with my own client. I just happen to stumble on your final blog post. I am saddened, but also, oh so happy for you! Also, I did NOT know you had created a podcast! I’ll definitely be checking that out. Best of luck to you and again thank you so much for being you and everything you have ever done to help eveyrone here.

  33. I have no idea how I came across your blog 4 years ago when I started eating disorder treatment, but it has been a place I could go to when I needed to hear truth from someone and also feel understood. I am grateful for your blog and all that it has done for everyone else who came here to read! 

  34. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Miss you already. 

  35. Hi Kylie, I have enjoyed reading your blog after I began my recovery journey. I actually have been referring back to old posts throughout my pregnancy and now my new motherhood. I also credit you for saving me from a relapse last year. I was in a bad place but came here and read the previous posts that I needed. I will (already do) miss your new posts but I am so happy for you doing what is best for you and your family. All the best!!

  36. Kylie, thank you for all that you have given to this community. Your vulnerability to share about your experiences has changed the lives of so many people. We are so so so grateful! Many blessings in your new chapter. <3

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