Beach Sand Banana Pudding

Dirt cake and banana pudding had a baby and this is it!

I SO loved dirt cake growing up.  Whenever I was at someone’s birthday party and I knew it was being served I was always like YESSSSSSS.  Dirt cake > cookie cake in my 8-year old self’s opinion.

Then, as I grew up, banana pudding started to sneak up past dirt cake as one of my favorite desserts.

This recipe is a combo of the two! And it has a beachy + summery twist, because I used golden oreos!

I mean, you could always use regular oreos and it could be like those black sand beaches they have in Hawaii.  That could be fine.  And it could be super tasty.

So ingredient one = golden oreos.

Ingredient two = pudding.  You can buy store-bought, but I was feeling adventurous and wanted to make homemade pudding, so I used this recipe and it came out fab.

Third ingredient = bananas!

Fourth ingredient = lil’ tiki umbrella.  It just completes the dessert…you know?!


Beach Sand Banana Pudding

Yield: depends on which ingredient you run out of first


vanilla pudding (I used this recipe!) 
golden oreos (put into a food processor and turned into 'sand')


In a cup, layer oreo sand + pudding + bananas.  Repeat until you run out of one of those ingredients.