Milk Soaked Oats Layered Smoothie


Awwyeahhhh another thing to do with oats.!.!. Every time I open a new container of oats I take a deep inhale.  Don’t you just totally adore that smell.  I would say it’s my favorite smell.  Unless I’m craving a burger, in which case my favorite smell is Smashburger.  Oh but then there’s roasted garlic.  I… 

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Whole Wheat Steamed Pork Buns

Steamed Pork Buns (6 of 8)

Oh hey, fluffy little balls of dough stuffed with pork. I just want to hug you and then nom you all up!  I really like how ‘nom’ has replaced the word ‘gobble.’  Never was a big fan of the word gobble, unless it’s turkey time…which it’s not.  I also really liked stuffed things.  Usually my… 

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PB & J Cookies Stuffed with Banana Slices

PB, Banana & Jelly Cookies (5 of 10)

I went to a wedding this weekend and they served polenta. I’ll let you use that as an indicator for how wonderful the wedding was. So I decided I’m totally adding polenta, along with a goat cheese + arugula + walnut salad, to my foods-I-want-at-my-wedding list. This wedding ceremony was also outside in beautiful Colorado… 

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