I am currently on maternity leave until October 2019. If you are looking for a non-diet resource before then, I recommend my How to Eat eCourse - a 7 module course on Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance that goes over material I typically cover in about 10 client sessions.


I provide nutrition counseling in Houston, Texas and offer some virtual nutrition counseling.  My practice focuses on supporting clients in eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, PCOS nutrition education and other general nutrition needs through a non-diet approach.  Our work together will help you master your relationship with food, body size, and eating.  

In our initial session we’ll work together to assess you current relationship with food and your body, including: disordered eating patterns, disordered exercise patterns, food rules, food fears, poor body image, lack of self-care, binge eating, restrictive eating, etc.  We’ll establish a plan that moves you towards normalized eating, while broadening food and body acceptance.  

In follow-up sessions we'll check in on previously set goals.  Sometimes my main job for a client is to gently direct them in the non-diet direction, while other clients need more support via a structured meal plan to relearn "how to eat."  In follow-up sessions we'll continue to assess the level of support appropriate for you to move you towards a healthy relationship with food and your body.

By working together to normalize your eating behaviors, respect your body size and establish a self-care routine, you will be able to have:

  • Flexibility in your eating without guilt
  • Decreased focus on weight loss or changing your body size
  • Peace with trigger and/or fear foods
  • No good or bad food
  • Reduction/elimination of restrictive eating, thoughts, rules, or behaviors
  • Reduction/elimination of comparing/measuring related behaviors
  • No interest in dieting, fasting, clean eating, eliminating food groups, skipping meals

If you have additional questions about immaEATthat Nutrition Counseling or would like to move forward with working with me, feel free to email me at:  I currently only accept private pay and some Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance plans.  If you do not have BCBS, I can provide you with a super bill to file with your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you need a more affordable option, I offer my How to Eat eCourse where I go over what I typically cover in 10 in-person client sessions.

Package 1

Initial assessment

+ 2 follow-up sessions

$ 440

Initial assessment is 60-90 minutes
Follow-up sessions are 40-50 minutes

Package 2

Initial assessment

+ 5 follow-up sessions

$ 800

Initial assessment is 60-90 minutes
Follow-up sessions are 40-50 minutes

Package 3

4 Follow-up sessions

*must have completed an initial assessment to choose this option

$ 480

Follow-up sessions are 40-50 minutes

Package 4

one Follow-up session

*must have completed an initial assessment to choose this option

$ 135

Follow-up sessions are 40-50 minutes

Houston office located at:

1501 Crocker St, 2nd floor
Houston, TX 77019
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