Banana Bowls with Almond Butter Caramel

Disclosure: The following post is a part of a paid promotion between The Healthy Aperture Blogger Network and California Almonds.  I received free samples to use for this post.

You guys.  You’ve done this, right?

coconut oil bananas \\ immaEATthat

THIS being putting your bananas in a saute pan with coconut oil and cooking them until oh-so crisp.

If you haven’t, make them. 

And then I advise you to keep making coconut oil bananas and putting them on oatmeal or yogurt or pancakes or banana bread protein waffles or whatever else you deem top-able in your life.

But first, make these bowls.

Banana Bowls with Almond Butter Caramel \\ immaEATthat

Now these coconut oil-crisped banana bowls are kinda like a wannabe sundae in that they’ve got an almond butter caramel drizzle.  Anytime a caramel drizzle is involved, it’s a sundae.  I think.

While these bowls are just the most fun to eat just as they are, after I smoosh all these ingredients together I’ve found that my favorite thing is to keep this in the fridge and use a couple spoonfuls on oatmeal in the morning.  Do it. Do it. Do it. 

The recipe is on the Healthy Aperture Blog TODAY.

{Sorry to make you click a link for the recipe…but there are more good things coming this week.}


  1. I’ve done the coconut oil trick with plantains but never bananas. I’ll have to try it soon because these look delish!

  2. this is such a great idea for breakfast!!! 

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