immaEATthat Podcast Update!

Hi all! Alyssa Pike, RDN, LD and I have been enjoying discussing Jess Connolly’s book, Breaking Free from Body Shame, on the immaEATthat Podcast. So far we’ve covered chapters one through five. Here’s a link to the latest episode, in which we discuss:

  • What in the world are we getting are bodies ready for? Who is deciding what is acceptable?
  • How Intuitive Eating isn’t our religion.
  • Since one of the fruits of the spirit is self-control, does that mean we should diet?
  • Sitting before God.
  • Searching for activities that are truly restful.
  • Trying to take care of our bodies without trying to “make them better” in some way.
  • The difficulty of feeling like nothing can bring the escape or peace you need.
  • …and, at times, we may leave you with more questions than answers :)

If you’d like us to discuss a topic in more depth, leave a comment here letting us know. Thanks!


  1. I so enjoy your Christian view on Intuitive Eating! 🥰

  2. A very instructive article. I read it with pleasure.

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