May 06

Chai Tea Muesli

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I wish there was a muesli bar.

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It’d be like a froyo place, but with soaked oats instead of froyo. And then there would be all the normal froyo toppings.  Since we are eating out so much right now, I’ve been dreaming up the restaurant concepts I would like to see in this world and a muesli bar is one of them.

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So muesli.  I believe traditionally you soak it in yogurt and milk, but taste-wise & texture-wise I prefer it soaked in only milk.  AND this time I added a bit of chai tea concentrate to the situation.

I went though a chai tea latte phase when we first got married. There is a spice shop near us and I would go and get all the ingredients to make my own chai tea concentrate, that way I could go easy on the anise.  Anise is way too licorice-Y for me.  Is anise the same thing as licorice? I don’t know, but I do know that anise and fennel should never be added to anything. I can tolerate anise in tiny amounts, but I cannot tolerate fennel. The worst is when you order a pizza with sausage and then sausage ends up tasting like fennel. THE WORST.

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For this recipe, I didn’t make my own chai tea concentrate, I just bought some pre-made at the grocery store.  Then I mixed it with milk and add it to my oats and then I had chai tea muesli.  The whole thing is shockingly easy.

What was not shockingly easy was when I tried to make a blueberry streusel in the microwave to top this with. The streusel turned into a mushy mess and I was willing it to turn out because I believe in topping things with streusels, but it just wasn’t happening.  Instead I went with almond butter, chocolate and berries.  It’ll do.

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What will not do is that I’ve done horrible at getting enough sleep this week.  Last night the blog was down so I spent an hour on the phone with my hosting platform trying to get things figured out.  

Today I have a 3 hour meeting with the other ED dietitians I work with (a meeting I’m excited for) and then a photo shoot for a brand I’m working with next week. But first I’m going to pick up breakfast tacos for me and my coworkers (someone else is bringing the lattes;))  And then I’m gonna sleep in SO MUCH this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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Chai Tea Muesli

Yield: serves 2

Total Time: 5 minutes + overnight soak time


3/4 cup Bob's Red Mill muesli
1/2 cup chai tea concentrate (not just chai tea, chai tea concentrate is sweetened...that's what you want)
1/2 cup milk 

nut butter


In a bowl, combine muesli, chai tea concentrate and milk.  Allow it to soak overnight in the fridge.  In the morning, divide between two bowls and top with toppings galore.

chai tea muesli |

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