There are many themed dinner ideas out there, Meatless Monday and Taco Tuesday being two of the most common ones I hear about. I like that they simplify meal planning (i.e. “every Wednesday we make omelets”, etc.), but (with a little imagination and planning) still allow for variety and cravings to be met with fillings/toppings.

Recently I decided we should do a crepe themed dinner.

I blended up a crepe batter while home with Jo during the day, the most complicated part of which was remembering to make it far enough in advance for the one hour chill time. I wanted to make a hollandaise sauce to top them with, but I forgot the lemons at the store and was tired, so that didn’t happen. Instead we just filled them with rotisserie chicken and a fancy parmesan. Plus, served them with a salad who’s dressing came in handy if the crepe seemed dry.

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