First, I know some of you don’t have an Instagram account because it’s not helpful for you, but I wanted to let you know that I shared yesterday that we are expecting our second child! I’ll be sharing a bit more about that soon, but for now…reader Jenna asked the following question: Hi Kylie! I was wondering if you have done a post on how to not get into diet mentality after having a baby? Or if it is ok to try and lose the weight?

Postpartum definitely is a time for a woman to surround herself with non diet resources and reminders of how to value herself and not minimize herself to a particular body size. It’s a time filled with urgings to lose weight and “get your body back” messages, however in this post I’m mainly going to address the latter part of this question.

At IAEDP, Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke shared an analogy to illustrate the effect preoccupation with body size may have on your life, which I thought illustrated nicely why having the goal of weight loss won’t ever be appropriate for me and may not be appropriate for you.

It went like this: 

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