What I Ate This Week.

This was our first full week back after vacation.  After being away and eating vacation food, I feel like I have to wean myself off wanting to eat out every single night.  To cope, I’ve been chai tea-ing so hard lately.  Can’t get enough!


Monday: Breakfast for dinner! Scrambled ricotta eggs with roasted brussels and whole wheat toast. 

For the eggs, I just whisked together eggs until fluffy.  Then poured them into a pan coated in some olive oil.  I cooked them over super low heat stirring with a wooden spatula the entire time.  During the last minute of cooking, I turned off the heat and stirred in some ricotta cheese.  So creamy.  So fluffy.

What I Ate 6-27-8
Tuesday: Sauteed chicken topped with tomato slices that I broiled in the oven with pesto and mozzarella on top.  Love this! Andrew’s college roommate made a version of this chicken for us once and I’ve loved it ever since.  Served with roasted sweet potatoes.

What I Ate 6-27-10


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