Feb 23

15 weeks as a mom.

I’m not trained in being a mom.  And when I write these posts I feel pretty undereducated.  I’m professionally trained in disordered eating recovery and improving body image…so I feel competent when I write those posts.  But there’s no training for being a mom.  I’ve got 15 weeks of experience and that’s it. 

I’m not a fan of people who write about things they don’t know anything about, so with mom stuff I share I’m just sharing my experience…not saying I’m doing anything the right way or the way you should do it. 

Sometimes I think I overcomplicated everything in my life by overanalyzing it.  And for me, having a blog makes me overanalyze what I’m doing more because I know I’m going to get feedback and I want to make sure what I’m doing is right for me, my values, and my family and that I’m ready for that feedback.  Sometimes I think I overcomplicate things by overanalyzing them so much.  And sometimes I really love that part of me.  And other times I overanalyze the overanalyzing lol.

Onto mom life…

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