Homemade Sprinkles with Fruit & Veggie-based Food Coloring

I’m here to bring funfetti to every part of your life. 

Homemade Sprinkles-9

Sprinkles bring sparkle to life.  Truth.

So obvi I’m attracted to anything that says ‘funfetti.’  Because I want a sparkly life.  I have this whole list of things I can’t wait to funfetti-ize.  First up were funfetti deep dish chocolate chip cookies.  But then the cookies didn’t turn out.  Like at all.  They were tough and not yum and I used up all my homemade sprinkles to make them.  Ugh.  Moral of the story: test your funfetti infused recipe before you use up all your pretty homemade sprinkles. 

Homemade Sprinkles

So Monday I watched the Emmy’s and then fell hard for an article about a Breaking Bad Season 6.  What kind of joke is that? Why would one play with someones’ emotions like that? Jerk.  But then I took out my anger with some old school Billy Blanks Tae bo.  I just had this craving for Tae bo.  Growing up, my sister and I would always do Tae bo VHS tapes.  We would do the 8-minute workout one and convince ourselves that is was the hardest thing in the entire world.  Then we’d run up and down our stairs. 

I love stairs.  Not necessarily working out on them…I just love having them in a house.  I don’t know why.  The neighborhood Andrew and I live in has a ton of new home construction.  They’re knocking down homes and building new ones like crazy.  Last weekend there were 12 open houses.  Twelve.  So very nearly every weekend we go to an open house to see the style of different builders and whatnot for when we decide to knock down or add on to our current 1950s house. 

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I love our little 1400 sq. ft. house, except for the kitchen counter tops are these 3″x3″ tiles with grout and they’re impossible to clean.  Not that I’m the best cleaner.  My philosophy is that there are so many other things to do in life other than clean.  When we picked out Maggie Mae from the shelter, I had no idea she was gonna be such a great duster. She does this thing (almost every night before we go to bed) where she crawls under our bed from one side to the other.  When she makes it out, she’s covered in dust.  She’s so helpful.  I didn’t know I got a maid service puppy from the shelter.  Can’t complain. 

Anyways, back to the open houses.  We go to the open houses for these ridiculous $$$ homes and the only amenities I’m really jealous of, other than the open floor plan and easy-to-clean granite counter tops, are the stairs.   


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