Apr 26

Weekend Happenings

Sunday night I got invited by my friend Ahrif (owner of Aces of Taste) to join in on a pop-up dinner being thrown at Chef Emmanuel Chavez’s home. 

Brink Dining

Chef Emmanuel has launched a pop-up series he’ll be hosting starting next month called Brink Dining.  Chef talked to us about how many people have lost that “hey, come over for dinner” attitude.  With Brink Dining he hopes to get people back around a table enjoying a meal together. 

There is a funny story behind the name Brink Dining.  Chef moved to the U.S. when he was young and the first English movie he understood completely was Disney channel’s movie Brink.  Do you remember it? I do. 

He said the movie reminds him to cook from his heart and not for money.  I love Disney movies (hello, childhood memories).

On to the food.

First course: salmon skin “chicharron” with guacamole (aka fried salmon skin topped with guac)

Brink Dining-6     Brink Dining-5Brink Dining-2

Fancy Cheese Fries-6
3 cheese salmon pasta \\ immaEATthat
latte apple crisp oatmeal \\ immaEATthat
Houstonia's Veggie Riot \\ immaEATthat
Crispy Cheese Chilaquiles \\ immaEATthat
Mac & Cheese Bars \\ immaEATthat
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