Dec 08

a bit of our week!

We woke up today to a Winter Wonderland in Houston.  So rare! It probably snows like once every 5ish years here.

I didn’t blog much this week because Jo and I have been figuring out life together.  I started reading Wonder Weeks on the developmental leaps baby goes through and those leaps come with moodiness, crying and clinginess.  I think we’re in Fussy Phase number one, which has made for some late nights and one extremely hard night where she didn’t want to sleep at all. 

I viewed the first 2 weeks of her life as one giant sleepover and really didn’t try to get a lot of sleep.  I’d watch netflix in between feedings/cuddles and sometimes nap during the day with her…and then I realized I really needed to start focusing on getting more sleep or else I’d hit a breaking point.  Luckily she started giving me 4 hour stretches of sleep around week 3.  We were getting 2 solid 4-hour stretches of sleep each night, which is great.  So when we hit this Fussy Phase and she stopped sleeping and started crying non-stop I was like WHATTTTTT?!!

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