On my budgeting post last week something was brought to my attention that I hadn’t really thought about before. It was how many budget-friendly foods – white rice, pasta, sandwiches, and the non-organic, store brand of any product – happen to be fear foods for some with disordered eating. This fear may keep you from living according to your values (i.e. if you’d rather do something different with your money, but a high portion of your income is going to particular foods, this may be problematic for your life).

There are many reasons one may be fearful of these foods, one being magical thinking with food, that is, overestimating the effect food can have on our health and therefore feeling like you always have to buy the fewer ingredient or organic version of products. Since on this topic, one person I’ve enjoyed following on Insta lately is @FoodScienceBabe for non-fear mongering, evidenced-based information about the foods we eat. I think she could especially be useful for someone struggling with orthorexia.

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