Jun 08

Motherhood Update

My Chaos Threshold Needs to be Reserved For My Kids.

This is something I didn’t want to learn about myself, but I’ve come to realized that I can’t handle as much clutter as I thought. Kids bring a lot of chaos. A messy, cluttered house brings a lot of chaos. Which of those types of chaos is important for me to have the capacity for? My limited chaos threshold needs to be reserved for my kids. So, with the help of The Minimal Mom’s YouTube videos, I’ve been making a foray into, not minimalism, but drastically reducing our clutter. For about a month, every other day(ish) I’d go around with two containers: a trash bag and a donate bin. I’d fill them up as much as possible and take them to where they needed to go. It helped me get a handle on the things in our home and I feel relieved that there is less stuff for me to manage now. Andrew may have thought I was going overboard (and at one point I did want to give away a particular thing that was going completely overboard lol), but at the end of the day home management mostly falls on me so it’s mostly my decision.

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