[Before we get into the post today, I wanted to let you know that I hired someone, Hannah Steffen, RDN, LD, to work with me to provide nutrition counseling! I have had much demand for weeknight and weekend nutrition counseling sessions and while I’m not able to offer that, Hannah is. If you’d like to read more about Hannah and see her hours, click here. If you’d like to schedule with Hannah for support with disordered eating/eating disorder recovery, email me at:]

In writing posts for the blog, I tend to jump around a bit in who each post is geared towards within the recovery spectrum. I hope this post will be especially helpful to those in the early to mid phases of recovery.

A few years ago, while making peace with calorie containing drinks, I set a food challenge for myself to drink a sweetened iced latte a day. At the time calorie containing drinks added stress to my life. I wanted to be able to enjoy them without fear/guilt, but drinking them was racked with guilt. With foods that are fearful to you, the only way out is through. There is no way to make peace with the foods you fear without eating the foods you fear.

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