Just a reminder: After you read this post, you do not need to go weigh yourself. This blog is mainly the journey of me as I continue to make sense of caring for a changing and aging body. As well as me caring for my mental wellbeing as someone who has an eating disorder past. What I choose to do will, at times, look different from what you choose to do. Take care of yourself. Be thoughtful with protecting your health and recovery. Not all advice is good advice for you. Be critical with what you bring into your life. Be discerning, wise, and individualized in the care of yourself. 

Last year I started doing an exposure where I weighed myself. The idea was that I wanted to expose myself to the weight I am when I care for myself in a way that is inline with my values. I was feeling like I was avoiding my weight and I didn’t want that. I don’t want to fear the weight I am or have unchecked negative assumptions about that weight. I wanted to live in the reality of the body size I’m meant to be when I don’t have an eating disorder/disordered eating and am caring for my body well. I took nearly a decade off of knowing my weight and it was healing and necessary to allow me to increase my reliance on my body cues as guidelines (i.e. hungry –> eat; tired –> rest; craving movement –> move; overcome with emotion –> do something regulating for your nervous system), rather than relying on an external factor (a scale) to dictate what my body was allowed to do.

Yoga Video: a shift in your posture.
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