Mar 06

Doughy Peach Pie Bars

Today we discuss my latest favorite thing.

Doughy Peach Pie Bars.  Refined-sugar & Gluten Free \\ immaEatThat

The title of this recipe may appear to contradict itself because pie isn’t doughy.  But in my dream world pie IS doughy because doughy things are the best things.  

Let’s get into the other reasons why these bars are my new favorite thing.

These bars can be eaten for breakfast, a snack or dessert. 

One bar.  Three purposes, which makes these bars multipurpose. 

You know, multipurpose, like how a hair straightener can be used to iron clothes when you’re in a pinch.  I mean, they’re like the duct tape of food, you can use them for everything.  Except maybe lunch or dinner.  And also except when you’re craving chocolate, because they have no chocolate.  But have faith, because you’re gonna love em.

(phew…good thing I googled that one.  I thought “duct tape” was spelt “ducktape”.  It isn’t).

Doughy Peach Pie Bars.  Refined-sugar & Gluten Free \\ immaEatThat

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