Hi guys:)

Today I wanted to share some phrases that helped change my life.  I’m actually not being dramatic here.  These following positive affirmations are phrases I repeated multiple times a day to myself when I was recovering and were KEY in my journey out of an eating disorder and a diet mentality.  

Positive affirmations are little phrases you can memorize and say to yourself when your wise voice is weak.  Overall, repeating positive affirmations to myself increased my self-esteem/self-confidence, greatly enhanced my body image and decreased some anxiety.  Positive affirmations provide you with go-to healthful thoughts when your brain is filled with unhealthful self-hate thoughts (aka when your brain is filled with crap).   Positive affirmations were helpful for me when…

  • I started to gain weight and felt fat.
  • I was initially trying to “buy-in” to intuitive eating.
  • I decided I wanted to trust my body/work with my body and not hate it anymore.  
  • I came across something that glorified weight loss and made me feel like weight loss is something I should be striving for.
  • I realized changing my physical body/losing weight had never helped me love myself or given me a better life.

Some of these I have shared before, but I hope there are one or two that you connect with.  I like putting positive affirmations as my phone lock screen/background so I see them constantly throughout the day.

you are not more valuable if you take up less space |
(gorgeous water color girl is from this etsy shop.)

chocolate chip peanut butter cookies for two |
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inspiration |
omelet. |
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.52.24 PM
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