Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to give my intern a chance to introduce herself to you! You may have already seen her posting on Facebook :) She will be with me throughout the Summer (and possibly beyond) and you’ll get to see occasional posts from her in the future.  She has some great insight into mindfulness and awareness that I’m excited for her to share with me and you.  I’m very careful about who I bring into immaEATthat and I’m very excited about having Kimmy with me.  Below I asked Kimmy to introduce herself to you.  I bolded some sentences below where I especially love what she wrote.  Without further ado, here’s Kimmy…

Hellloo lovely human beans! My name is Kimmy, I’m Kylie’s intern and I am so psyched to be here. About a month ago, I took a leap of faith, and now here I am!

das me! (ps vividly remember a piece of hair in my eye here)

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