Minty Kale Limeade Mocktails

I made us a wannabe boozy drink with kale.

Minty Kale Limemade Mocktail-13

I’ve never really been that big on juicing.  Occasionally I’ll pick up an $8 cold-pressed juice from here, being sure to avoid any with celery.  I like celery in tuna salad or chicken & dumplings or smothered in peanut butter and chocolate chips, but something about the celery taste in juice is just ewwyuck to me. 

I want my juice to taste like a margarita.  An icy, boozy margarita to take me back to my honeymoon days.  So obviously in this wannabe boozy non-boozy drink we had to have lime juice. Bunches of lime juice.  We needed something bubbly to make this mocktail anything cocktail like.  And we didn’t actually need kale juice, but trends dictate so kale it is.  You shake everything together, add a touch of honey and your wannabe margarita drank is ready to be drunk.  After you add some pretty mint leaves and lime slices for a garnish of course.

Minty Kale Limemade Mocktail-14

Minty Kale Limemade Mocktail-5


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