Jan 17

Birthday Cake Toast

Say hi hello to the most fun breakfast of your life.

It’s cake! It’s toast! It’s cake toast!

It’s actually banana bread with sprinkles, but we’re calling it cake toast because that’s what all the cool people are doing.

Yesterday my sister slept over and hung out with me in the morning.  It was SO nice having her here while I did blog work.  I get really lonely on Mondays.  It’s a constant struggle….being an introvert, but then getting depressed when alone, then wanting to be around people, but not wanting to be around people, and then just feeling anxious about nothing.  Sometimes I think hiring someone to hang out with me/keep me calm (I mean, ermm, help me work) on Monday would be helpful, but then in the next moment I’m thinking, “no I’d rather be alone.”  This could all be fixed easily if Maggie could talk.  

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