The best chocolate cake.

I made a chocolate cake recently and was disappointed by it. So I mentioned it on Instagram and was told by many to try Ina Garten’s Beatty’s Chocolate Cake. I did AND IT WAS SO GOOD.

More and more I just want really solid go-to recipes that I know will turn out. I love trying out new recipes, but there are certain times you just need something that works. So I tried Ina’s cake, it was good as is, but I decided to elevate it a bit to make it THE BEST chocolate cake and this is what I ended up with. This is more of an idea than a recipe.

Here’s what I did:

Chocolate cake layers: Beatty’s Chocolate Cake
Filling 1: 1/3 cup-ish warmed nutella
Filling 2: This Oreo ball recipe halved
Frosting: Cream cheese frosting (I used store-bought because this cake was already super labor intensive and I didn’t want to add another step.)

Directions: Bake cake. Let cool as recipe suggests. When ready to layer, use a serrated knife to level your cake (I turned my bottom layer upside down because the top looked more moist and I didn’t want to lose that). Pour your warmed nutella over the bottom layer and spread to edges (a childhood friend recommended this step and it’s a good call! It soaks down into the cake and makes it even more moist). On top of that add your oreo ball mixture, spreading it to the edges. The oreo ball layer is a bit tricky to spread, so I rolled bits of it into golf ball sized balls and then flattened them into a pancake and placed on the cake, repeat until the top is covered and then smoosh them all together as best as you can. Add other cake layer on top and use serrated knife again to level. Do a thin crumb layer with the icing. Place in fridge for an hour. Do another icing layer. Store in the fridge. We liked this best if left in the fridge and eaten cold. That way the oreo ball layer stays firm. It is excellent.

Next up I want to find a go-to homemade funfetti cake.


  1. Yum! I am so with you on the “I just want a house recipe for the 10 things we eat the most” mentality. I think it is only in her cookbook, but Deb Perlman from Smitten Kitchen has the best customizable cake/frosting recipes – I have turned her white cake into a Funfetti cake so many times for birthdays! She’s also a recipe genius and a great writer :)

  2. This cake is very similar to the recipe on the Hershey’s cocoa container, which is usually my go to. But I have to say, adding nutella and some oreo ball filling, quite makes you the cake wizard!!! How easy is that?!?! :)

  3. I love Smitten Kitchen too, but the only funfetti cake I have made and can vouch for is by Molly Yeh:  Yum!

  4. lecker! danke für das Teilen

  5. Ashley Rodriguez has a cookbook “Date Night In” and she has a recipe for a funfetti/rainbow cake! It’s a great cookbook.

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