Milk Soaked Oats Layered Smoothie


Awwyeahhhh another thing to do with oats.!.!. Every time I open a new container of oats I take a deep inhale.  Don’t you just totally adore that smell.  I would say it’s my favorite smell.  Unless I’m craving a burger, in which case my favorite smell is Smashburger.  Oh but then there’s roasted garlic.  I… 

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Cream Cheese Frosting…for Breakfast

Cream Cheese Breakfast Frosting (1 of 9)

Hard to beat frosting for breakfast. Oh I love fluffy frosting.  Did you click that link?  Hello, pretzel bottom.  I have an urge to make a pretzel stuffed grilled cheese.  With at least 3 different kinds of cheeses.  I’m hoping it happens soonish. So this past weekend we went to Arkansas to visit Andrew’s sis… 

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