The Best Overnight Oats

Overnight oats make for a great make ahead breakfast!

Overnight Oats

Yield: serves 1

Total Time: 5 minutes + overnight chill time


heaping 1/3 cup old-fashioned oats
1/3 cup vanilla greek yogurt (any type of yogurt works, use greek if you want the additional protein)
2/3 cup milk (skim, whole, soy, almond, rice...take your pick)
1/2 banana, thinly sliced
1 splash vanilla extract
optional: 1 tablespoon chia seeds (makes oatmeal even thicker)
topping ideas: granola, cereal, fruit, nut butters


Combine all ingredients, stir, cover, and place in refrigerator overnight. (I like using a mason jar; also zero cooking is required with this breakfast.)

In the morning, remove from fridge and top overnight oats with delicious toppings. 

Adapted from Kath Eats


  1. No wonder you couldn’t sleep if you have that waiting for you in the fridge!!

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  4. Did it last night & I just ate it. It was amazing

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  6. Wow this is filling! I used your exact measurements and it made so much! I took it in the car with me to work and when I was full there was still so much left. I didn’t want to waste it since I didn’t have anywhere to store leftovers, so I kinda made myself eat the rest. Whew I’m still full at lunchtime and that NEVER happens, even with regular oatmeal–must have been the yogurt! It was really tasty though. I used coconut milk, plain greek yogurt sweetened with agave, and topped it with a few strawberries and about 2 tablespoons of pumpkin flax granola.

  7. Hello, is this eaten cold?

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  10. I work super early shifts. This sounds perfect&delicious! Excited to try it!

  11. Love this can’t wait to try it, looks and sounds delish! I work in assembly and I need a hearty breakfast to greedy me through the early morning! One question what size main jar do you use?

  12. Have you ever used steel cut oats?

    • No I haven’t…I’m not sure they’d get soft enough overnight!

      • Not sure if this discussion is still going, but I actually have been doing this for a long time. I work really early in the morning as a package handler before school (think working out for nearly four hours) and am always starving when I get off no matter what I eat for breakfast, this is my after work snack and I use steel cut oats. That said, these guys usually sit for around twelve hours and I use straight milk….I have also found out that steel cut oats are the only kind you can do a couple days ahead with, otherwise the oat mix gets a little funky in texture/taste (but I don’t think it goes bad).

  13. I ate it today for breakfast and it was very tasty and delicious!

  14. How many calories is in one Of these servings

  15. I had this last week with granola on top!!! AWESOME!! Made one for tomorrow morning with blueberries!! Can’t wait t try!!!

  16. Is that one serving size? The whole pint?

  17. I tried this 3 times already and LOVE IT! Will continue to do it every night! And eat it every morning ;p

  18. I just made this. Its in my fridge. My son helped me make it. We’re going to share it in the morning. Thank you

  19. I’m wanting to try chia seeds in it but am worried about the texture! Do they get slimy?

    • Hmm…I think the texture from the oats cuts down on (or distracts you from) any sliminess the chia seeds may have! I’d say give it a try…but I’m biased because this is one of my favorite breakfasts!;)

  20. What size mason jar do you use? 

  21. I have never made overnight oats.. I know, shocking! Are these measurements a good basic recipe? I know you said you were marathon training in another reply. I am wanting to make them tonight for tomorrow’s breakfast! :)

  22. I lurvveeeeeee overnight oatmeal! It is one of the reasons I even get up in the morning haha.

  23. do you cook the oats before putting them in the jar? 

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