More vacation.

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…and now it’s time to go home.


  1. Love all the pictures! My grandparents live in Laguna but we always seem to do the same things. Any suggestions of good places to go/eat?

    • Ooo I’m jealous! I would love for anyone in my family to live in Laguna…I’d visit them ALL THE TIME. To eat we love The Crab Cooker in Newport, Asada in Laguna for Taco Tuesday, Active Cultures in Laguna for Fro-yo, Wahoos in Laguna for Fish Tacos, Dolce Gelato in Laguna for some dairy free gelato (they only have two dairy free choices) and BJ’s for pizza:)) when we’re there we mainly stay in Laguna and hang out on the beach, eat, and shop up and down Forest Avenue…which I’m sure you’ve done:) Last year we took a boat to Catalina for the day and went zip lining. That was pretty fun. I’d love to hear what your favorite Laguna things are!?

      • Yes I’ve been meaning to go to Active Cultures! I love Zinc’s which is a coffee shop :) We love Crystal Cove with the beach houses, swimming in Emerald Bay, golfing and running along the streets! It’s funny because we don’t often get to try new things down there. It’s mostly hanging at the house or downtown.

        • Active Cultures was so good:)) I got Lemon and RasPom flavors…so good! And we totally tried to go to Zinc!!! Is it right down the stress from Whole Foods? We were all set to eat lunch there but then the fiance realized it was a vegetarian restaurant and he wasn’t feeling it haha:) but next year I’m totally trying it!

  2. Woah,looks like you’ve had a fabulous time,Kylie!
    I’ve been dying of jealousy whenever chicking my instagram lately already,and now I feel seriously unhappy in boring ole Germany. :(
    Love your bathing suite,by the way,it’s super cute and pink is always awesome! :)

  3. Do you always eat gluten free, or are you more lax on vacation/eating out? I’ve had such a hard time with that, but everything here looks so delicious!!

    • Since I don’t have Celiacs, i’m more lax on vacation with eating gluten free. It’s really dairy that gives me the most trouble anyways. But I definitely feel best when I avoid gluten…I don’t have weird digestive symptoms. I should probably just avoid gluten completely but it’s so difficult on vacation. Dairy is so much easier to avoid.

  4. OMG I want your vacation & all the amazing food and drinks that went with it! ;)

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