My Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!

Hiya friends.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile. Something to say thanks for reading the blog and making my life feel full. I love you. I do.

Since my birthday was a couple days ago, I thought this would be the perfect time to do a giveaway of all my favorite things. I’m hoping some of my favorite things will be your favorite things too and one winner will REALLY enjoy all these treats.

So if you win, which I hope YOU do, you’ll win a box of things.  And not just any box, a Target Threshold box.  I love the Threshold brand.  It’s called a Large Milk Crate.  There is no milk in this giveaway, but go with it.  After you remove all the delicious things inside, you can use it to hold magazines and such.

Birthday Giveaway! \\ immaEATthat

Up next are Justin’s treats, which Justin’s kindly sent me for this giveaway.  We all love Justin’s.  You’ll get chocolate hazelnut butter, vanilla almond butter, dark chocolate peanut butter cups and milk chocolate peanut butter cups.  yesssss.

Justin's Peanut Butter Cups \\ immaEATthat

Also stuffed in the box is something to organize your life with…an Emily Ley Simplified Planner.  I ended up getting a different planner for the year, but after purchasing this one for my little sister I realized it fits my style more.  It’s gold and minty blue.  Hello, favorite colors.

Emily Ley Planner \\ immaEATthat     Emily Ley Planner \\ immaEATthat

Moving right along.  Also in the box (milk crate, whatever) is more chocolate with Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds.  I posted these on insta awhile ago and people seemed to freak out about them as much as me.  One of the many reasons I love you guys.  You get me.

Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds \\ immaEATthat

Cozying up with the chocolate almonds are some of my favorite Annie’s products.  We’ve got white cheddar mac ‘n cheese, snickerdoodle cookies and graham crackers.  It’s summertime so use the graham crackers wisely and get to s’more making.

Annie's \\ immaEATthat

And if you win this box and snacktime hits…you are covered with some of my favorite Kind Bars.

25th bday Giveaway-6

And lastly, some refreshing things.  We’ve got bubbly La Croix (which they are kindly providing me for the giveaway) and Nature’s Path granola to top your smoothies all summer long (or until the granola runs out).

La Croix \\ immaEATthat

Soooo all together now…

My favorite things giveaway \\ immaEATthat

…if you love all these treats as much as me, enter below.  I’ll pick the winner next Wednesday!  And again, thanks for being here.  I don’t thank you enough.

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  1. I love Justin’s too!

  2. It’s hard to pick, but I have to say the Justin’s stuff because I’ve never tried any of it!

  3. Justin’s is my favorite! 

  4. LOVE JUSTIN’S!!!! havent tried the vanilla almond butter though…looks delish!

  5. Awesome prizes, I love those Justin’s PB cups with a passion! 

  6. Ooohhhhh the Justin’s stuff!!

  7. the planner!

  8. It’s such a lovely idea to host a giveaway. The planner looks amazing!

  9. Mmm I love Justin’s but they are so hard to find in Canada!!

  10. Definitely the Annie’s! It’s been awhile…makes me think of summers growing up.

  11. Oooooh the planner looks awesome!

  12. Peanutbutter and Chocolate!!!

  13. I love Annie’s products! Happy belated birthday!

  14. Happy belated birthday, Kylie! Sweet of you to give a gift in honor of your special day. :-)

  15. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway! I have been following you for a few months now, and I love so many of your recipes! As for the giveaway, that Emily Let planner is calling my name! Thanks again

  16. Your favorite things are my favorite things (including lifting)! Except I’ve never seen the beautiful simplified planner in real life so I hope I am able to!!

  17. I love Justin’s! Nothing better than their hazelnut butter

  18. Oooh, we share a lot of favorite things! The Justin’s stash looks so dreamy Thanks for doing what you do; my fave recipe is the pumpkin cinnamon roll for one!

  19. I love Blue Diamond almonds but everything looks amazing! Happy belated birthday!!

  20. Gimme all the JUSTIN’S! :)

  21. There are so many amazing prizes! I loves Annie’s Mac, but I’m interested in the flavored butters from Justin’s. I’ve had their standard almond butter but never anything with chocolate.

  22. I absolutely love your blog and got so excited when I saw your giveaway. I’ve always been conscious of healthy eating, being a vegetarian of seven years. But now that I am going into my sophomore year of college as a dietetics major, I have gained a new appreciation for good food and nutrition. Your blog is one of the many food blogs I follow to drool over the amazing photos, but one of the few I actually pursue to learn more about the recipes and the stories behind them! Thanks for always making my mouth water and giving me a reason to try out new things :)

  23. Mmm….These treats look so yummy!! And I love planners!! :)

  24. So hard to chose one thing, but I love the planner and would love to try the Justin’s treats finally!

  25. I buy all of these regularly!! Love. And love your posts!

  26. Justin’s peanut butter cups ❤️
    But oh my gosh all of it.
    Your blog is seriously so great. You make healthy eating seem like a dream and I’m thankful because I could never dream up the stuff you do on my on! (And also my fiancé thinks your Instagram name is the best thing ever)

    You’re so appreciated!

  27. Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing the birthday love :)

  28. I love all of these things and I love your blog! Fingers crossed!!

  29. Oooh! The planner or Justin’s- hard to choose!!!! 

  30. Love all of these things!! Pretty sure we have all of the same favorite things. Such a great giveaway :)

  31. I would love to win!

  32. Your blog has changed the way I put together simple, unique, quick healthy meals. My morning oatmeal has changed forever! Thanks for helping me create a healthy lifestyle, including Justin’s pb cups!

  33. I love the Emily Ley planner! Happy belated!

  34. Its a toss up between justins & the planner!! Great Giveaway :)

  35. Those Justin’s PB cups look delicious!

  36. Kylie, I LOVE your blog so much already but this giveaway just made it even better! The whole box looks amazing…aside from all the Justin’s stuff (I’m a Justin’s addict) I’m probably most excited about the planner–I was just thinking I needed to get one to organize my life a little better!

  37. Justin’s is bae <3 But I also like going all fancy pants on some Annie's mac and cheese. And then again I just really love chocolate covered almonds. Basically I just really love everything in this box/milk crate

  38. I love anything from Justin’s, especially the dark chocolate peanut butter cups : ) Thank you for producing such a great blog – your recipes have definitely been winners in my house.

  39. Emily Ley and lots of chocolate nut buttery goodness? Love this giveaway!

  40. I would absolutely adore all of it but especially the annies products! I am heading off to college very soon and I know my roommate and I would both LOVE snacking on these :)

  41. I would love to win the peanut butter cups! Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter?

  42. That coconut granola looks awesome!

  43. My goodness!!! I NEED all of this in my life! It’s literally like you went into my mind and made me my own personalized gift box of my favorite things! Trying to keep My family healthy is not easy (especially with 3.5 yo twins) but your recipes make it simple and delicious! PleAseeee let me win! Lol

  44. I am most excited about the Justin’s Almond Butter! I have never tried it and it always sounds amazing. I hope you had a great birthday!

  45. I love Justin’s–yum!

  46. All of it as I haven’t been able to find any of your favourite things in Australia :( P.S. Happy Birthday!!! Also good luck for your exam, I’m doing exams now too :( (a gift box would be the perfect study companion ;) )

  47. My birthday is coming up soon too :) Happy almost birthday to you!!

    I love love love those Justin’s nut spreads! I would be interested in trying a new planner.. I am paper planner obsessed. Right now I use Passion Planner

  48. What a great giveaway! I love following your blog and telling others about it, such delicious recipes and I’ve had success with each one I try!

  49. The Justin’s nut butters!

  50. I think it’s awesome that your birthday left you in a giving (rather than simply receiving) mood! Love everything about this.

  51. I love all the things on that giveaway list *0* instagram:@harbingerofmoths (follower) I need all of them <3

  52. I love nature paths granola, so good! And Justin’s sounds amazing, although I’ve never tried it :0

  53. I am most excited about the Justin’s PB cups!!

  54. I love nature paths granola, so good! And I’ve never tried Justin’s, but they sound amazing:0

  55. I love anything by Justin’s but I would love to try those cocoa almonds!

  56. Annie’s makes Snickerdoodle Bunnies?!?! How did I not know this? I love Annie’s mac and cheese. We buy it at Costco haha.

  57. The la Croix looks amazing!!! It’s so hard to get here in Australia so I’ve never tried it :(

  58. I am most excited about Annie´s products, since I wanted to try them for a long time :)

  59. I love the planner ! 

  60. Ahh I love all of these things toooo !

  61. This giveaway is so so amazing. I have always wanted to buy Justine’s products but look at the price tag and walk away! Thank you so much for such a healthy and delicious blog. 

  62. Justins – Dark chocolate + PB!!!! Yes! 

  63. Hiya!! Happy belated birthday!!! It’s so thoughtful to do a giveaway for all of the people who follow you. I love that little planner, I could use some organization. Thank you for the giveaway, it’s very kind of you!

  64. Justin’s vanilla almond butter… I die.

  65. It all looks awesome, of course, but I love everything Justin’s!!

  66. Definitely the Justin’s goodies!!

  67. That coconut chia granola looks soooo good! Pair that with some Justin’s products and you’ve got breakfast!! What an awesome giveaway! 

  68. i think the planner! But then I’m addicted to Justine’s so it’s a tough choice

  69. What an amazing giveaway! If I won, I would be most excited for the nut butter or the snickerdoodle bunnies!

  70. I love all of those things!

  71. I love just a peanut butter cups. I’ve only ever tried them once because they are not ready available where I live. Yum!

  72. Hey Kylie!
    I started following your Instagram about a week ago and it’s AMAZING!! Your post have inspired my dinners and snacks and baking when I get bored and I love it so much. Unfortunately my mom doesn’t always like going out and buying a new had of Justin’s so I promise if I win I will put the food to good use! I might even start my own food blog! Thanks so much for your consideration!

  73. PS: Happy belated birthday :) hope you had a good one and thank you for this giveaway oportunity ! :D

  74. I’ve never tried La Croix, but I keep seeing it everywhere! I’m getting a bit bored of drinking just plain water, so I’m really interested in giving it a shot.

  75. These are my favorite things!! On Mondays, Wednesday’s, and Fridays I hop online to your blog and get my latest recipe that I HAVE TO TRY! The boyfriend is greatful for you too indirectly, because he can’t get enough of your cinnamon rolls! Keep doing what your doing, it’s appreciated!! :)

  76. Oh my GODNESS. Justin’s and the planner?! I can just picture myself organizing my life over spoonfuls of peanut butter now :) P.S. We love you too!

  77. Yum! Looks good :)

  78. I have been dying to try the almond butter cups!!! Love Justin’s!!

  79. I remember when Justin’s was brand new and I’d see it in Boulder. LOVE that brand. Love pretty much all of the other stuff, too. And I think your blog is rad!

  80. As a dietetics student, I love reading your blog and absolutely adore your stance on nutrition! These are all products I love and would love to help share my love for them as well :)

  81. All my favorite snacks

  82. My favorite things in one package! It’s such a small world because I recently left Houston after graduating with my BS in Nutrition from UH, and when I found your blog, it reminded me what a wonderful and flourishing city Houston is for the nutrition community. I’d love to pick your brain about steps after graduation! 

  83. Love your snack selections!! Yum!

  84. Justin’s has pb cups? How did I not know this? All great snacks though.

  85. Happy belated birthday!

    Justin’s is always amazing, but the planner looks pretty sweet.

  86. I am so excited for everything, but on the top of me list is probably all the Justin’s goodies for my sweet tooth and the planner for my obsessive list making! I would absolutely love to try every little thing in this adorable box!

  87. Love all these things! Especially the Justin’s… ;)

  88. This is such a great idea!! While I love everything that’s inside of the box – I have to say I’m excited for the box itself! I have a “special mementos” box that I keep things like movie tickets, sand from beaches that I’ve traveled to, photos, etc. The box is falling apart so this one would be such a beautiful replacement!

  89. These are all the best things!!!

  90. I’ve been DYING to try to Justin’s peanut butter cups.  The chocolate peanut butter KIND bars are my fav… are we finding a pattern here?! :) 

  91. This is an AMAZING giveaway. I’ve never seen a better one! It’s so hard to pick my favorite because they’re all so perfect!! I guess I’d have to say Justin’s though! :)

  92. I am so excited for everything in the box, but I would say I am most excited for the Justin’s for my sweet tooth and the planner for my obsessive list making! I would just love to try every little thing in this adorable box!

  93. I would be soooo excited for the dark chocolate roasted almonds, but also Annie’s graham crackers. There is just something about graham crackers :)

  94. Most excited for the Justin’s PB cups… nothing beats chocolate and peanut butter! :)

  95. All of this looks great, but I would be most excited to try the coconut chia granola and, of course, the Justin’s!

  96. Love reading your blog and love it more when you have giveaways!

  97. That day planner is so cute! As en engineering student I think that would come in handy so much :)

  98. I’m excited for all of it!!!! All of the best treats :)

  99. The KIND bars would be great for my husband, who is diabetic, and always looking something sweet that’s low in sugar.

  100. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!  There’s not one part of it that’s not exciting, but I think the part I’d be most excited about is the Target Threshold box!  I’m in super organization mode in the house right now and anything that looks great and keeps things tidy is stealing my heart!

  101. That planner is the CUTEST!!! I really do love your blog and I should be thanking you for all of your awesome recipes:-)

  102. yes yes yes to all of the Justin’s!

  103. I am most excited about Justin’s because Justin’s is the best! :)

    I love the box.

  105. What I love about your blog is that you take all of my favorite things and create something new with it or jazz it up! I mean let’s be real – TOPPINGS are life :) Would love to win for the Justin’s natural almond / peanut butters, as I eat this on everything! 

  106. Most excited about the Justin’s!!

  107. I’ve never left a comment on your blog before, but now seems like the perfect occasion! I found you on Instagram and immediately fell in love with your work (and in a totally non-stalker way, your life too). I’m currently an undergraduate dietetics students, and with every post you make me more excited to begin my internship and career. So thanks for being you and for spreading nutritious love all over!

  108. What a wonderful idea to give to others on your birthday :) I get most excited about the dark chocolate covered almonds!!

  109. I absolutely love Justin’s products.  I mix the chocolate hazelnut spread in my oatmeal, it’s amazing :)

  110. So excited!

  111. Kylie, you are so sweet to have this!  I have been reading your blog for about a year now and look forward to your new posts all the time.  It’s the first thing I do when I get into work :)

  112. Yumm!! Love Justin’s! And Annie’s…aaand that box is super cute. What an awesome giveaway!

  113. The fact that you are giving this away and not hoarding it all to yourself is seriously amazing. I don’t know if I would be willing to part with it all. With a road trip coming up this basket (box? milk crate?) would be perfect!

  114. Kind bars, but this whole box it awesome!

  115. Happy birthday girl, and thanks for all your delicious work! That Emily Ley planner has my name ALLLLL over it. And the Justin’s and Annie’s, obviously.

  116. I love it all –  but especially the Emily Ley planner!!

  117. I’m most excited about the Annie’s snickerdoodle bunnies! I haven’t been able to find them anywhere!

  118. I have to choose between a planner and chocolate? I think they tie, but for very different reasons. 

  119. Looks very yummy!  I love La Croix and drink it everyday.

  120. A box of Justin PB cups? The 2 packs I get don’t even last till I am in the car.

  121. Ah! What an amazing giveaway- I hope I win!! I’m all about the Justins, although the planner is one of my fav colors too!

  122. I would say the Justin’s items! I stinkin’ L-O-V-E their maple almond butter <3 ! I've never tried their vanilla almond butter or hazelnut butter, but I bet they're just as amazing! Thanks for putting on such an amazing giveaway! :)

  123. Your breakfast ideas on instagram are regular inspiration for me! This box is too much fun!

  124. i have ALWAYS wanted to try Justin’s products…they look amazing

  125. Love love love your blog! I would definitely be torn between theKind bars and the Justin’s as my favorite!! So many great goodies

  126. I love Justin’s and Lacroix !!!

  127. I would live in the box these came in and snack all day.

  128. Ooo! Fingers crossed!!

  129. I LOVE Justin’s! And really everything here. Your recipes have been a big inspiration for me :)

  130. Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! I love you and your blog=) specially since you are a cookie dough person like my hubby! I use a LOT of your recipes (as you can tell when I tag you on twitter or when I pin your rec pics on my pinterest!!!). Anywho, Happy belated Bday and keep posting gr8 yummyness for us.

  131. That planner is so cute! It would be really handy in keeping track of life during my upcoming dietetic internship!

  132. Kind Bars are my all time fav snack!

  133. I can honestly say that I LOVE all the products in this lovely crate But I’ve been wanting an Emily Ley planner for a while, so I’m most excited about that! I’ve followed her blog for years. Hope to win but best of luck to everyone.

    A fellow Houston gal

  134. Definitely the La Croix and Justin’s!!

  135. I love that Emily Ley Planner! 

  136. Love your blog and following your journey through words! Thanks for all your inspiring posts to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up good taste.

  137. Ahhh I can’t even choose a favorite because everything is so amazing….between my graham cracker obsession and love for Justin’s (been dying to try the chocolate & vanilla) … sparkling water, granola for my overnight oats … AND those to die for chocolate dusted almonds, everything is TOO GOOD. I’ve been following your blog/insta for years (as you know from my email) and would love to win!

    xx 1/2 of your favorite NYC roommates pair ;)

  138. I love Justin’s & Blue Diamond Almonds!! 

  139. Everything looks amazing! Especially love the planner’s colours!! :)

  140. omg your favorite things are all my favorite things!! probably the justin’s cups :)

  141. I love all of these products! Annie’s has THE best mac and cheese, and Justin’s peanut butter cups are a great treat! 

  142. man, you have good taste :) so many delicious and awesome things. 

  143. I am most excited to win the granola! I love Nature’s Path products, but have never been able to find that flavor!

  144. Dark chocolate almonds rock! (Happy belated birthday, too!)

  145. The nut butter cups!

  146. Wow Kylie! These are literally all of my favorite things – I picked up half of these things at the grocery store yesterday, to be honest. I love reading your blog and seeing all the new recipes you have that I can add to my list – next up, those delicious mac & cheese bars. I love all the things you do with your blog – it is a great inspiration for more of the things I hope to be able to incorporate into my blog someday. I wish Houston wasn’t so far from OKC and we could be friends IRL (because we have so much in common).

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  147. Wow, um, so this is incredibly hard to choose! And, we are soul sisters for liking the same things. I would have to say I’m most excited about the Emily Ley Simplified Planner. I am an OCD nerd about my planner, and finding out about new brands is like Christmas for me. I can totally picture myself color coding my schedule for the week while snacking on some dark chocolate almonds. Heck yes.

  148. I love food but to be honest I am looking forward to possibly wining the planner!

  149. Chocolate hazelnut butter, OMG!

  150. Too much yum for being so far away from lunch!

  151. I think we have the same favorite things. Except I haven’t tried the hazelnut butter…mmmm gimme gimme. Thanks for all your recipes!!

  152. Ummm..I kind of love your blog even more for this fun little giveaway. Thanks for being such a cool cat! Anything remotely Annie’s or Justin’s I dig.

  153. All the products are delish! I really love the kind bars because they are easy to pack in your purse and have a healthy snack if you are on the run. They are also DELICIOUS. They are real food, not fake stuff flavored to taste like real food. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  154. Your blog was one of the first blogs I started reading when I was trying to cook more healthy foods. I am absolutely in love with all of your posts here and on instagram! I try and make a new meal that I find on your blog once a week :) This is the coolest giveaway! All of these products are my favorite. I am most excited about the Annie’s products! :) 

  155. What an amazing box!!! I’d love to try any of the Justin’s products!

  156. Obsessed with those Justin’s PB cups :) the things in this giveaway are perfect!

  157. omg I love Justins!!!!!!!!

  158. You’re so sweet for this giveaway. Love you and everything you do for us! (Post delicious recipes ;)
    I love Justins, so this is definitely what I’m waiting for in the mail haha!

  159. That coconut chia granola…swoon! I love everything in this little box of joy! 

  160. love all your favorite things!

  161. Definitely most excited about the Justin’s goodies! OMG yummmm

  162. I am most excited about the peanut butter cups!!!

  163. This would be the perfect surprise to start off my first full week at my new job! I just graduated from UC Berkeley and these snacks were definitely all eaten during late night study sessions and on the go to the gym. Plus, a planner to help me organize “adult life” would be amazing as my one from last year ends in July!

  164. I’m so excited about that planner and the box!! I’m all about being organized :)

  165. So many good treats here! Love this giveaway.

  166. I’d love that planner, looks so cute!

  167. Justin’s <3

  168. I love Lacroix and Annie’s products. I haven’t had Justins, but peanut butter and chocolate you had me at hello! My favorite combination. 

  169. It’s a toss up between the Justin’s products and La Croix!

  170. looove that planner!! such a great giveaway!

  171. I think I’m most excited about the Annie’s products!

  172. Amazing giveaway!

  173. LOVE LOVE LOVE justin’s. especially the vanilla almond butter. all day everyday! :)

  174. I think I’d be most excited to try the Justin’s cups, who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate! :D

  175. the lacroix drink!

  176. The box itself and definitely all the Justin’s :)

  177. I am most excited for the Justin’s treats!! You have definitely gotten me to love that brand since I started reading your blog(:

  178. Honestly it’s so hard to chose which of these would be the best. Probably that Justin’s assortment or the gorgeous planner though!

  179. This is a great giveaway!

  180. I think I would have to say I’m most excited about the box and planner – organization helpers after just making an international move makes my heart so happy!!! Thanks for doing this!

  181. Definitely been in need of a planner….but Annie’s and Justin’s makes everything 10000x better!

  182. Wow some fab boxes up for grabs, fingers crossed! They all look yummy!

  183. Oh dear, I entered and I’m in the UK ;-( sorry! Discount my entry!!

  184. Don’t make me choose!!!! Probably the Justin’s products – I have never tried any products by that brand, but am tempted at the stores often!!! It would be fun to try out another nut butter – as if I need one more to feed the addiction :)

  185. The planner would be very helpful in scheduling out when to eat all these goodies! Plus it helps me harness my inner compulsive goddess :-)

  186. All of my favorite things!!!

  187. Definitely the Justins! Why does it have to be so expensive?!

  188. Justina vanilla almond butter!

  189. I would have to say the milk crate or the Justin’s (because chocolate and peanut butter, duh). Thanks for the giveaway!

  190. That planner <3 <3 i need one!!

  191. I am dying to try the Justin’s products. I always eye them in the store, but I have never picked them up.

  192. Ohh the Justin’s looks super delicious!

  193. What a great giveaway — and all the best things!

  194. I’d love the Target Threshold Box! Would be perfect for my messy apt for storage.

  195. I’m excited about the box! Looks like a stylish home for my hoarded magazines…

  196. I’m most excited about Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups. Yay for dark chocolate!

  197. I love Justin’s however I would like to try the Annie’s products.  Everything looks good.

  198. I absolutely love everything you’re giving away.  I am actually obsessed with Justin’s peanut butter cups and the Vanilla Almond Butter!  I am most excited for these products- even though I’m probably equally excited about everything you’re giving away!!!! YAY! 

  199. In all honesty, I would be pleased as punch for anything in the giveway! I think the box and planner are both adorable and beneficial, and I have yet to try Justin’s yet (I know, I know), so I would be excited for those products as well

  200. I love all of your ideas! I try them out (mostly the sweet stuff) because my daughters and I all have a sweet tooth and it definitely needs to be tamed by the more healthy options. Love the idea of this giveaway-you are awesome!

  201. See, I knew you were my favorite blogger for a reason (humor and great recipes aside). You da bomb!

  202. Love it all, especially the Justin’s nut butters :)

  203. Love it all, especially the Justin’s nut butters :)

  204. Would love it all, actually as I scrolled down I thought–these are my favorite things! I think the planner and Justin’s products would be the highlight for me, though I do love Annie’s graham crackers a whole bunch too. 

  205. I love everything, but especially those KIND bars!! They’re the perfect sweet and savory snack when I’m at work.

  206. I’m most excited about the coconut chia granola and the Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter. Yum. I wonder if there’s some way I could combine them…

    Great giveaway. Thanks :) 

  207. I have to echo the Justin’s sentiment!

  208. I think I’m most excited about the Annie’s mac & cheese! I’m recovering from some hard times and that will definitely help challenge me! I’m ready for it!! 

  209. Justin’s!!

  210. Definitely love those Justin’s milk/dark chocolate cups and the La Crioux! Yum! 

  211. obsessed with target and that “milk crate” is the cutest thing w the cutest name!

  212. I love Emily Ley!!

  213. 1. This is the stuff of gold.
    2. I love looking at your blog, it’s pretty much the first thing I do when I log on to my laptop.
    3. I NEED that planner. Cute plus super essential to my beyond busy schedule? Yes please! :)

  214. the planner! I’m a planner junkie..

  215. The Justin’s looks amazing!!

  216. Umm…I just can’t choose! All of the goodies please!

  217. These are a few of my favorite thingssss.. you get me, I get you. :)

  218. OMG, the Justins! Yum! 

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  219. I love Justin’s, but I have never tried the Annie’s products, so I think that I’m most excited about those!

  220. I love all of these brands, and I’ve been dying to try the Almond butter!!  What a sweet gesture you’ve made:)

  221. I saw your Instagram post this morning as I left the gym, and it made me even hungrier! This stuff looks great and I would love to try some new things. 

  222. Definitely the Annie’s! I’m a sucker for the bunnies!

  223. All of my favorite things TOO! I just put that planner on my birthday wish list :)

  224. Oh my gosh, I want to win this SO bad!! So many products I’ve wanted to try, but just haven’t…Justin’s products–yes, please!

  225. The PB and the Planner! I am going to Grad school in the fall and am currently getting ready to move into a new apartment. Would love love love love to win!

  226. Awesome giveaway Kylie! I’m most excited for Justin’s duh.

  227. Omg i loveeee chocolate and peanutbutter cups. Even more because you can’t really get them here in the netherlands :)

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  233. I LOVE Blue Diamond almonds, but I also love anything chocolate and peanut butter so this all looks amazing!  Happy belated birthday!!

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    Happy belated birthday!!

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    I’m really excited about the Justin’s brand. I’ve never seen or heard about it before. The hazelnut butter, to be exact.
    I found your blog through LaCroix.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Hope to see you around the interwebs soon ❤

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  295. Could not be more excited about ALL of these products. Particularly the Justin’s. Only mildly disappointed that there weren’t more Oprah references in this My Favorite Things post ;)

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    Love your fellow bb brownie enthusiast

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  327. I have been a devoted lurker of your blog since the beginning…anytime I google anything that begins with “I”, google always asks me did you want to search Immaeatthat?? Then I roll my eyes and tell google that I could search other things google and to stop assuming that I always am going to that website…then I switch to yahoo and search Immaeatthat and tell them not to tell Google. Long story short I adore you. I live in Austin so I feel like maybe we are friends now. Your blogs are so cute and funny and the recipes are incredible. Boozy mac and cheese is a regular item for me. I am obsessed with planners, peanut butter and all things pumpkin so you are my people. Sometimes you just want a “win”…I could use a “win” right about now. But mostly I’m using this opportunity to finally tell you how much I love this blog. Keep them coming! xoxo

  328. I really love Annie’s products!!!! Thanks so much!

  329. Everything looks great but I will have to stick with the classics- mac and cheese is what I want most right now(;

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  332. I’m so excited to try out one of those cute planners because I love to write everything I’m doing down in my planner!!

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  337. almond butter cups!!

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  339. I am most excited about the Justin products. The vanilla almond butter looks amazing and I love trying anything new that involves nuts and or nut butter.

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  345. I would love the lacroix

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  348. I want to try the kind bars.

  349. The Hazelnut Butter!!!

  350. The Blue Diamonf Almonds are so good. They taste like a very guilty treat.

    I’m in love with your blog, by the way. Just stumbled across it while surfing the webz. Saw the banana protein pancakes and found myself going into recipe after recipe of yours. Healthy food that’s big on the yum factor. I’m hooked.

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  353. I’m most excited to win the planner!

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  357. It’s a toss up between the Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter and Annie’s mac and cheese!

  358. It could be all the Justin’s products, but the Emily Ley planner takes the one. I was actually planning to buy the 2016 verison (that comes out in September!).

  359. The planner! And the dark chocolate Justin’s. :)

  360. Wow! Everything from the box to the snacks looks awesome!

  361. Love Justin’s Almond Butter….the vanilla is fabulous!

  362. The Kind Bars!!!!

  363. Justin’s! love the almond butters but I’ve never tried the peanut butter cups!

  364. Ooh, this all looks good! I love Annie’s products especially :)

  365. These are all FABULOUS! And that granola :) actually, all of it is so YUMMMS

  366. Wow, these are some of my favorite things too :)
    Love the planner!

    Also Happy Belated!!

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  368. I want to win the Kind bars.

  369. Justin’s! WOAH! Why don’t they sell this stuff in Australia? :(

  370. okay so…my jaw literally DROPPED when i saw this post. your favorite things are seriously all of my favorite things to a T!  Although, i will say i’ve never tried La Croix.  But i have a bag of the same almonds on my lap right now ;) Overall, i’d be most excited about the chocolate hazelnut butter. Justin’s is by far my favorite maker of nut butters! I always have a jar of the maple almond butter in my pantry but the chocolate one is my all time fave (i just usually don’t treat myself to it and go for the maple flavor since it goes with more foods). <3!

  371. the almonds

  372. I would love to try all the Annie’s products included! The graham crackers especially!

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    added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I receive
    four emails with the same comment. There has to be a
    means you are able to remove me from that service?

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