a day spent in Laguna.

I’m spending a week with my family in my happy place, Laguna Beach!

I thought it’d be fun to share a diary-style post of my day yesterday.  Mornings are my absolute favorite time here.  I love getting up early and sneaking out of our hotel room to explore the city before the city wakes up.

So yesterday started with just that…I woke up around 6:30 (mainly because I’m still on Texas time and it’s already 8:30 in Texas by that time).  It was a bit of a rainy morning, but still gorgeous.

laguna beach 2016 |

I ended up heading to a park nearby to move my body a bit.

laguna beach 2016 |

SOOO I got these new, colorful stretchy pants from H&M and they are just the best.  I think they’re a teenie bit see-through.  Minor detail.

Body movement for the day was 3 rounds of…

10 plank up & downs

laguna beach 2016 |

Alphabet leg raises (you write out all the letters of the alphabet with your legs…it’s a fun one!)

laguna beach 2016 |

6 walking push-ups

laguna beach |

10 tricep dips

laguna beach 2016 |

and repeat.

Then I stretched a bit.  With the pigeons.

(Fun fact: This is the lighthouse Andrew and I took our engagement pictures at.)

laguna beach 2016 |

Then I took a leisurely stroll to find an iced latte.  I’ve been picking a different coffee shop each morning to go to.  Even though Andrew likes to remind me that we have free coffee in the hotel room.  I like to remind him that free coffee does not equal yummy, delish iced coffee from cute cafes.

I ended up at Urth Cafe where they have half-priced coffee drinks on Mondays. WIN!

laguna beach 2016 | immaEATthat.comlaguna beach 2016 | immaEATthat.comlaguna beach 2016 |

Photo-op on the walk back home!

laguna beach 2016 |

To get back to our room I have to climb these.  Stairs.  So many stairs.

laguna beach 2016 |

When I got back to the room my Dad had breakfast laid out so I made an open-faced egg + bacon + cheese sandwich.

laguna beach 2016 |

I then convinced everyone to load into our rental car and head over to Sidecar Doughnuts, which was about a 20-minute car ride away.  I had been following them on IG for the longest time and was excited to try them.  

laguna beach 2016 |

I’m such a cake donut person and they had so many to choose from.  I ended up going with the cinnamon crumb.

laguna beach 2016 |

Since we had pretty much JUST had breakfast, none of us were too hungry so we waited until we got back to Laguna to try them.  

Holy smokes.  It was the best donut of mah life.  I know I’m biased because we’re in my favorite place, buttttt so good.  I’m used to cinnamon + sugar dusted cake donuts, but the cinnamon crumble on the donut just blew my mind in the best of ways.

laguna beach 2016 |

By this time it was 11am-ish so I prepped a kale salad for later and let it marinate in the fridge while we headed out to walk/shop.

laguna beach 2016 |

Into the salad went blood oranges (I can NEVER find these in Texas!), carrots, bell peppers, kale, feta…all massaged together with Whole Foods’ Tahini Lemon dressing.

laguna beach 2016 |

Then we headed for some shopping on Forest Avenue (or ‘downtown’ as my grandma calls it).

laguna beach 2016 |

First store was Tuvalu.  This place is a home decor store that is filled with 528334 stools/dish towels/plates/chandeliers you want but don’t need.

laguna beach 2016 |

AND they had the most giant throw pillows.  I’m obsessed.

laguna beach 2016 | immaEATthat.comlaguna beach 2016 | laguna beach 2016 |

Then we kept walking and ended up at Muse, which has always been one of my favorite Laguna stores, even if I haven’t boughten anything from there in years.  That is where I found THIS shirt.

laguna beach 2016 |

Then we headed to the beach to watch some sand volleyball before heading back to the hotel to eat a late lunch.

I went with the kale salad I had prepped earlier + an egg + sourdough bread.  I was in need of something FRESH, so this hit the spot.

laguna beach 2016 |

After lunch the sun was finally out, so I put on my swim suit and we headed to the beach.

laguna beach 2016 |

My mom has perfected the art of making a chair out of sand.  You must first dig out a hole for your backside. 

laguna beach 2016 |

Then make a pile of sand for knee support and a pile of sand for back support.

laguna beach 2016 |

Then, just like magic you’ve got a chair!

laguna beach 2016 |

We relaxed for a bit before walking the beach.  Then I sat back down in my sand chair and feel asleep for an hour.  Vacation success.

laguna beach 2016 | laguna beach 2016 |

After waking up I headed back to the hotel room for showers + a snack.

laguna beach 2016 |

Then we just sat and watched The Proposal.  I love that movie.

laguna beach 2016 |

Pretty soon after that, Layne & Marco started prepping appetizers/dinner.  One night they cook, one night Andrew and I cook and all the other nights my parent’s take care of the meals.

Appetizer was roquefort cheese + toasted sourdough + honey.  So tasty.

laguna beach 2016 |

Dinner was wine…

laguna beach 2016 |

…plus pasta with sausage meatballs…

laguna beach 2016 |

…plus white chocolate mousse for dessert.  Everyone LOVED THIS.

laguna beach 2016 |

And that was our day! I’m feeling that sun-kissed tiredness that comes along with vacation.  I’m hoping tomorrow involves a margarita.  We’ll see;) 

Where ever you are, I hope you get to do something for yourself today.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!  How much fun…family AND beach :)

  2. I love this post. Did you make the dressing or buy it somewhere!?

  3. Loved this post! Makes me miss vacays with my family…

  4. Your pictures are stunning! And now I want to go on a family vacation ASAP. :)

  5. Great pictures!!! I went to laguna niguel once for 2 days and it was beautiful!

  6. This seems like my kind of holiday- good food, good company, relaxation and some adventures!

    Also please insert homer simpson drool face and sound at the look of that donut!!!!

  7. Go to Avilas El Ranchito for a good margarita! La Sirena also has good Mexican food :)

  8. Looks like such a nice and relaxing vacation. I would love to vacation in Laguna beach someday. I love your beach cover up! Now that I’m living in FL I need a good one. Where did you find yours?

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