Our Thanksgiving.

We had a great holiday filled with family + food.  

Maggie woke me up around 7am so I took her out on a short walk.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

We spent the holiday in Chappell Hill, Texas at my in-laws house.  This was a different Thanksgiving for us because Marco (my sister’s husband) moved to Maryland for work earlier this month and he couldn’t spend the holiday with us…which was a bummer.  He was missed.

My parents, grandma, and 2 sisters ended up coming to Chappell Hill so we could all celebrate the holiday together.  I loved it.  Andrew and I didn’t have to choose whose house to go to for Thanksgiving, which was so nice.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

I got back and had breakfast.  A super milky vanilla latte (x2) + one of my leftover apple pie toasts.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

I spent a good while sitting on the couch with my coffee watching the parade…

our 2016 thanksgiving |

Later I got hungry and had a banana.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

We ate our Thanksgiving meal at a normal lunchtime…which I really love! I don’t love that awkward 4pm meal time.  

{clockwise} vinegar-bacon sautéed kale + turkey + cranberry sauce + cognac sweet potatoes with buttery brown sugar pecans + bread + green beans + hash brown casserole + oyster stuffing + mashed potatoes with gravy.

I went back for seconds of gravy + cranberry sauce + stuffing.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

My dad made the oyster stuffing.  I thought it sounded weird, but it was so good! I didn’t think I was a stuffing person, but I guess I’m an oyster stuffing person.  My grandma brought her stuffing recipe too, so my dad and her had a ‘best stuffing competition.’  I actually think my dad won!

After lunch we all laid around & digested.

our 2016 thanksgiving |
our 2016 thanksgiving |

I love getting to spend time with Quinn & Layne (my sisters!).

our 2016 thanksgiving |

Later I had a piece of Andrew’s mom’s cherry pie.  It’s insanely good.  It’s homemade and perfect.  I had a piece of a chocolate pie too that my sis-in-law brought.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

Paired with an iced vanilla latte because you know me ;)

our 2016 thanksgiving |

My mom brought a fun craft idea for the girls, so we painted wine glasses.  I tend to like my wine glasses simple, so I painted a single heart on the bottom.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

For dinner we busted out the leftover…bacon kale + sweet potato casserole + turkey + cranberry sauce.

our 2016 thanksgiving |

I’m currently laying on the floor typing this up while football is on TV.  If space opens up…I’m gonna have another piece of pie before bed tonight.  

We are spending the night with Andrew’s family, then we’re heading back to our house tomorrow.  To all those who were celebrating…Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Perfect day! I’m not a stuffing person either but your dad’s intrigues me… that bacon kale sounds great too.
    I made a cheesecake yesterday that came out incredibly. I think it might be my new tradition.

  2. All of your food looks incredible, and I love the craft idea! What a gorgeous day. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. That cherry pie looks INSANE.. yum. You’re thanksgiving looked beautiful, thanks for the inspiration! 

  4. what a nice day! that pie looks delicious. I’m more of a potato gal, but that stuffing does look so yumm!=y!

  5. Thanks for sharing your day with us! That cherry pie looks amazing. Also love the photos from your walk- gorgeous!!

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