day in the life: sister date + blogging

I wanted to share this Monday with ya!

8:20 am: Woke up.  Sunday I started feeling a little sick so I didn’t set an alarm for Monday morning.  My body woke me up at this time.  I fed Maggie, washed my face and stuff, grabbed my computer and biked over to Kraftsman Cafe to get some work done.  I SO love living within biking distance of a coffee shop.  Houston is the least walkable/bike-able city (possibly ever), so it still surprises me biking to a coffee shop is an option.

9:15 am: For breakfast I ordered an egg + cheese breakfast taco + a vanilla latte.  I like breakfast tacos at Kraftsman because there are at least 3 eggs on one taco! There are some places in Houston (hello, Tout Suite) that TOTALLY skimp you on the eggs on your taco.  One time I got like half an egg worth of eggs on my taco and was super annoyed.  Kraftsman does a great job though.

9:30-noon: work on the blog/course.

noon: Biked back home.  Had a banana.

1:00 pm: Met my sister for lunch at North Italia.  Layne is heading to Maryland soon to be with her husband.  He got a job up there recently and she is finishing P.A. school in Houston until August 2017, but they will be spending Christmas in Maryland so we had a goodbye lunch.

I’d been wanting to try North Italia ever since I saw them post this salad on IG.  Layne and I split a prosciutto pizza + that salad.  Salad was filled with butternut squash, brussels, cauliflower, kale, radicchio, percorino, farro, pistachio, date and creamy white balsamic vinaigrette.  I’d recommend both!  The pizza came topped with a sweet fig sauce that I really liked…such a sweet + savory combo.

We’ll miss you for Christmas, Layne & Marco!

3:30 pm: Came home to a package…Cake in a Crate.  This was a ‘thank you’ gift from Bob’s Red Mill for doing work together this past year.

I was sent the ingredients for Tieghan’s Maple Coconut Caramel Macaroons.

3:45-6:45 pm: Blog work.  Respond to emails.  Course work.  Chocolate covered pretzel snack.

6:45 pm: Needed a stretching break, so rolled out my yoga mat and did this stretch.  No idea what it’s called, but we’ve been doing it in a lot of the yoga classes I’ve gone to lately and it feels amazing to me.  You place a block or foam roller right at your bra line and just lay there.  I have terrible posture all hunched over all day…so this counter stretch feels excellent.

Maggie joined in for some more stretching…

7:30 pm: Dinner.  Veggies sauteed in sesame oil + chicken potstickers.  I wasn’t feeling the broccoli or snap peas much.  So I just ate the potstickers and all the carrots :)

8:00 pm: Gilmore Girls watching.  I’m honestly not enjoying it very much.  I liked the ‘winter’ show…but ‘spring’ and ‘summer’ have just been okay.  I was never a Gilmore Girls mega fan though.

9:00 pm: Oreo ball snack.

9:00-10:30 pm: More Gilmore + hanging out with Andrew.

10:30 pm: bed

11:30 pm: Can’t sleep.  Got up.  Felt hungry.  Had a chocolate covered pretzels dipped in peanut butter.  

midnight: Finally fell asleep.  I think sleeping in this day messed with my sleep!

That was my day!


  1. Long time reader, I just don’t comment much. I had to weigh in about the return of the Gilmore Girls. I am a huge huge fan of the original series, but really did not care for the recent episodes. Kind of long and drawn out in my opinion. Had to watch to the end though!

    • I’m totally going to watch to the end. I agree it’s long and drawn out. I just had the play scene in the 3rd episode (i think) and I was like omgsh when is this going to end?!

  2. Sleeping in definitely messes with me. Sunday night is always a struggle! But sleeping in feels so gooooood.
    Lunch looks great- I love a loaded salad!

  3. I looove that heart opener, so needed after sitting all day

  4. I love stretches too. They can help prevent permanent hunched back as we get older!

    I also get a little bit restless or have insomnia some nights and really need an additional snack. Peanut butter + banana or milk usually does the trick!

  5. That is a seriously wonderful salad! I think I’m going to have to get all of those ingredients and make one similar this weekend :) We just finished the new episodes – I was a huge Gilmore fan, and it was disappointing.

  6. I feel like walking/biking places is just more fun! Maybe because I don’t get to do it too often. Your lunch looks awesome- you should totally try to recreate that salad on the blog! Hope you’re feeling better soon :)

  7. I really need to try that stretch! I notice that I hunch over a lot when I’m sitting in class and my upper back and shoulders tense up so this stretch sounds pretty awesome. And yes I hate when restaurants/cafes skimp on portion sizes, it doesn’t matter how good a meal is, if it is not enough I will probably not go back!

    • SUCH a great stretch! Try it! I did have lower back pain for a while and this stretch aggravated that…but lower back pain seems to be gone the majority of the time now so I love getting to do this stretch again!

  8. Sister dates are the best! Your day looked really nice. I’m sorry you were restless, but your snack sounds awesome and seems to have done the trick. :)

  9. LOVE! I’ll have to show you a few more chest openers that I’ve learned this semester :) total life savers. See you soon <3

  10. Dallas is the same way. I wish was more walkable/bike-able/commuter friendly. Very, very frustrating! 😫 Figs are my weakness. Give me all the figs and fig products! Loving your snaps of Maggie! She’s too precious.

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