The Great Nut Butter Giveaway (2nd annual!)

It’s the most wonderful time of year! It’s time for my annual nut butter giveaway.  You didn’t know I did an annual nut butter giveaway? Well I didn’t either until a couple weeks ago when I was buying nut butter and I remembered than time I gave away a bunch of nut butter and I was like, “that was the best giveaway ever!” Sooooo because it was just the best, I’ve decided to make it a regular thing we do on the blog.

Andrew’s all like, “what is someone going to do with 16 nut butters?” And I’m like, “ummm experience receiving the best package in the mail and then get to discover their very favorite nut butter!”

So if ya win, here’s what you’ll get.  You will receive 16 nut butters total.  Some of them are in glass containers and we’ll just cross our fingers that none break on the way to your house. 

First up is the Trader Joe’s nut butter haul.  This Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter is the best almond butter out there, so obvi I needed to include it here.  I’m still a peanut butter > cashew butter (in the yumminess department) person, but I went ahead and included cashew butter here anyways…in case your tastebuds are a fan! You’ve also got some peanut butter with flax + chia seeds…you will have to determine if your like this one.  I get annoyed when the chia seeds get stuck in my teeth lol.  And last but not least…cookie butter + chocolate butter swirl. SO YUM.

On to Justin’s.  I love Justin’s because it’s delish…but also because I just love graphic on their packaging.  I think the nut dipped in chocolate/honey/maple is simple and cute and wonderful.

Okay.  So these YumButters I had never seen (or tried!) before, but I saw them at Target and liked how they looked.  So the winner of this epicly yum giveaway will have to tell me if he/she likes these!

Can’t have a nut butter giveaway without the fun, creative, slightly wacky flavors from Wild Friends!

Oh White Chocolate Nut Butter, I want you on my oatmeal on the daily (and you too, Dark Chocolate Dreams).

And to finish up the giveaway haul, we’ve got some random goodies: nutella (a classic), cookie butter (another classic), and peanut + coconut butter.

To enter, use the tool below and/or leave a comment.  I hope ya win and have a nut butter supply for life (okay maybe not life, but this’ll probably last you a while!).


WINNER = Mary H. (she has been contacted)

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  1. This is an amazing giveaway!  I’d love to stick a spoon in any of these!

  2. This is so awesome! I think I would have a mini heart attack if I won all these nut butters!

  3. So many choices of what to make…I may have to go with my tried and true dessert of apple and pretzels and some sort of nut butter ☺

  4. I’d make a spoon filled with nut butter for me to eat!

  5. I am so excited about this giveaway! I have been following your blog for the past few months and you have been so helpful and inspiring to me with my disordered eating. I very recently ditched my dieting rules and restrictions with food and have been trying to implement the intuitive eating mentality. I feel wonderful and am finally beginning to enjoy the foods I LOVE! And believe me, nut butters are my absolute favorite! Thank you for being so open about your past struggles with food! You are truly helping others!

  6. Oatmeal!

  7. I love PB just smeared on a banana or toast!! Best combination out there!

  8. OMG, amazing! Nut butter is basically it’s own food group in my world :D

  9. Wow these look incredible!! I’ve always wanted to try some of these crazy/different nut butters! My husband and I always just buy PB cause we’re on a tight budget but these look so fun!

  10. I’d make PB choc chip cookies or some biscotti using an almond butter.

  11. Wow these look so fun!! I’ve always wanted to try some of these crazy nut butters. We are on a tight budget so I only buy PB but these look awesome!

  12. PB cookies with kisses in them, granola bars, “Christmas Crack” but not for Christmas haha and lots of yummy snacks! What a fun giveaway!!

  13. Best.giveaway.ever!!! Thank you! I’ve been wanting to try cashew butter. Cashews are my fave nut so I’m hopeful…but not overly optimistic b/c I didn’t love cashew milk like I thought I would. 

  14. I remember the last time you did this giveaway! Every nut butter lovers dream!!!

  15. best giveaway EVER!! this brightened my Monday morning :)

  16. I love almond butter in my smoothies!  And any nut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon. No shame!

  17. This would be better than Christmas morning!

  18. Wow – these sound amazing and delicious! I would try a few with my morning piece of toast and would also love to incorporate some of them into baking cakes or cookies! My kids would enjoy that.

  19. I would use them to top my oats, toast, or yogurt most likely. Though the sweet ones would be really great in some homemade ice cream! 

  20. firstly would sample them with my finger right from a jar!!! would then love dipping my fruits, crudites and toasts in them…

  21. OMG SO AMAZING! OK so 1) I would eat them with a spoon 2) I would top my oatmeal/pancakes/waffles with em 3) I would bake “flourless” cookies/brownies with them (cause I never do cause I don’t want to waste my $$$ nut butter ha) and 4) I’d bake you a PB banana cake to say thanks:)

  22. Oh my. This has got to be the best prize package I have ever seen in my life! It wouldn’t last too long around here!

  23. I put nut butter in my oatmeal or on top of my baked oats every morning, on dates or apples or bananas for snacks, and in cookies or by the spoon for dessert! I’m always telling people that nut butter is a food group, not a type of food!

  24. Best giveaway ever!! I would make lots of nutbutter fudge & oatmeal bowls!!!

  25. I put peanut butter on everything! But I love making brownies with it!

  26. Oh my gosh, you’re the BEST Kylie!! This would be the most EPIC mail day ever! I would make sooo many cookies, breads, muffins, and everything else under the sun!

  27. I would eat the nit butter on toast with sliced bananas.  Yum!

  28. Well, my coworkers keep telling me that I need to try a peanut butter sandwich grilled on a panini maker… so I think I would try that!

  29. That supply would last me about 2 weeks. I would make your almond butter blueberry muffin for one, but try it every flavor of nut butter.

  30. I am a nut butter fanatic!  Would love to try some of these new to me varieties!!

  31. This is actually the ultimate prize…what would I NOT make with these? I would eat them on their own, add them as a topping to everything, and use them in baked goods!

  32. Awesome giveaway! Almond butter’s my fave, I love it straight out the container or with icecream!

  33. Kylie, I absolutely adore your blog. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear the way you talk about food, eating, movement, and nutrition. It has helped me so much. What an awesome giveaway!! I don’t know if there is anything I love more than peanut butter… I would make lots of fun baked goods, bars, cookies, and of course eat it straight out of the jar :) 

  34. These would be the perfect toppings for toasts, breads, fruits, and mix-ins in smoothies– not to mention how perfect they would be in cupcakes and even a savory stew!! :)

  35. Would love to try them on oatmeal!

  36. This makes me hate allergies! The only nut I can eat (son has allergies and is breastfeeding) is walnuts. I wonder if there is a walnut butter out there?!

  37. I finally got tired of my daily overnight oats and started making Ezekiel toast and nut butter for breakfast instead and it has been fantastic. But, yesterday I reached up to my cupboard and my glass jar of almond butter (that I had only used once so far!) came hurtling out and smashed into a million pieces on the floor. I don’t know if I was more annoyed that I just wasted $12 of almond butter or that I had to spend the next half hour hunting for tiny glass splinters because they went EVERYWHERE. So I think I’ll be buying plastic jars from now on haha!

  38. Ooooh different nut butter on my oatmeal every morning for a whilee sounds amazing

  39. I would absolutely love to try all of these nut butters! So many flavors and possible combinations :)

  40. I’d top my oatmeal with these every day for hopefully several months. And maybe make some fun buckeyes (do people still call them that??) aka chocolate covered nut butter balls ;)

  41. This is actually the best giveaway. I love trying out new nut butters.

  42. Ahhhh the 2nd annual holllllla! I just wanted to say thank you for being you and being so honest with your readers. I seriously love everytime I see a new post from you. You have encouraged me so much this past year. Thanks Kylie!

  43. That would be quite the giveaway to win! I love me some nut butters, so I would be pretty excited to win! I haven’t seen those pouches yet either. I’ll have to go look for them at target soon!

  44. I would try each of these with a piece of chocolate, and THEN… i would dip banana slices in each ;) to be honest, i’m a huge nut butter fan so it would not be an issue for me to find ways to utilize all of this nut butter. these would also be great dipped with pretzels!! 🙏🏽

  45. Awesome giveaway! Lately I’ve been loving simple, rice cakes with nut butter for a snack!

  46. So yummy!! Best giveaway ever! I’d definitely make some cookies!

  47. Me please!! I’ve actually not tried one or two of these ;)

  48. Ahhh I’m drooling! These all sound amazing!

  49. YUM! I’m not sure if it’s considered “making”, but I LOVE me some nut butter on toast! Gimme all the flavors!

  50. This IS the most epicly epic giveaway ever!! I’m not sure I would make anything with it- I’m pretty sure I would just straight up eat them with a spoon!

  51. Ah this is amazing! Honestly I could say I would make all these recipes with the nut butters but you know it’ll just me plus a spoon.

  52. This is amazing! I love all nut butters and eat then on my oatmeal/yogurt daily… and also an apple for snacks! Looks like I could make some pretty bomb muffins with these too.

  53. Oh man oh man oh man! I hope I win these nut butters. I would be SET! Isaac would be so happy about our grocery budget ;-) I would obviously top any kind of carb with them–overnight oats, baked oats, bread, tortillas, pancakes, crepes, bananas–all the wonderful things in life!

  54. Nut butter cookies, in smoothies, on top of oatmeal, thickly spread on a piece of banana bead, good ol’ PB&J… The possibilities are endless!

  55. I want to say that I would use it to make delicious baked goods, but the reality is I will eat most of it out of the jar by the spoonful as a snack. I always have the best intentions for my nut butters, but they all end up going the same way!

  56. Oooh, endless peanut butter toasts! The best breakfast. And PB&J sandwiches! Maybe some banana-PB cookies, too. I’d definitely eat some straight off a spoon, too :) 

  57. What a great idea!! I’ve only tried some of the Trader Joe’s options, so I’d love to get my hands (and mouth!) on the others!!

  58. A chance to win a ton of one of my favorite foods from my favorite blogger? Um, yes, please!!

  59. Oh yum!!! I’d use them as toppings and dips. <3 <3 <3

  60. First Step: get the mini spoons used for ice cream samples and have a nut butter sample party.
    Second Step: swirl all the chocolate and peanut butter ones into oatmeal.
    Third Step: Make COOKIES!

  61. I’d make peanut butter brownies, cookies, and SO MANY smoothies!

  62. I am not a baker…so I would use them to add melty deliciousness to my oatmeal or eat them straight from the jar. This is an epic giveaway!

  63. Ohmygoodness ohmygoodness this giveaway is AMAZING. Once I can pry my spoon away from each jar, I would probably experiment with a basic peanut butter cookie recipe to see how each of the flavors shine!

  64. Oatmeal, cookies, energy balls, and straight from the jar!

  65. I go through a jar of nut butter about every 10 days. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but he’s clearly not correct since he doesn’t even LIKE peanut butter….is that even possible?!

  66. I would add them to oatmeal, bananas, smoothies if I fix my blender, and probably many straight-up spoonfuls. However I’m craving it!

  67. All I wanna say in hopes of winning is “can i has it?” 😍

    I’ve never commented but this seems like a fitting time! I genuinely adore your blog as passionate reminder to enjoy life and food, particularly when life makes it so easy to feel the opposite. With former struggles similar your own, I rely on your adventures and insight for a good dose of sanity most days. Thank you!

  68. I would probably just eat them straight out of the jar :)

  69. BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!! And my husband would say the same thing😳🙄😁

  70. Wow this looks amazing! I love trying new nut butters and pretty much all of these I’ve never tried before! My favorites right now are making PB&J’s or swirling into some hot oatmeal in the mornings!

  71. I would flip if I won!  Thank you!

  72. I would make the besttttttt NBJ sandwiches!!!

  73. I would definitely make some banana bread and add in the nut butter as a filling :)

  74. definitely the white chocolate PB. that would make some epic toast.

  75. I love including nut butter in my morning baked oatmeal.

  76. Whoa. Just the site of all those nut butters together in one picture is beautiful. My husband would looove the white chocolate one!

  77. I loooooove nut butters and there’s a couple you posted that I need to try!!!

  78. Wow this is fantastic!!! I would make some energy balls with these varieties and problem eat them with a spoon 99% of the time. Peanut and banana sandwiches would also happen, maybe I’ll find a new favorite.

  79. omg! this is awesome. i love almond butter with apples!

  80. I would make some peanut butter cookies and then put a bunch of nut butter on my oatmeal!

  81. mmmm… every single one of these look delish! I love the idea of adding some to oatmeal!

  82. Best giveaway EVER! I would eat them everyday on top of my baked oatmeal.

  83. I would put them on oatmeal!!

  84. I would put them in cookies, and mix them with berries, and eat them right out of the jar!

  85. Cookies…oatmeal…toast…or even eat it straight out of the jar!!

  86. Oh, man. With nut butters like these, I’d make a beeline for a spoon to eat them straight from the jar ;)

  87. I like topping nut butter on most breakfast foods (oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes) and would love to try some new ones.

  88. Would love to use these on all the apples and bananas!!

  89. Wow this looks too good to be true! So many new flavors to try! I would put them in warm oatmeal. I love the taste of melted nut butter in oatmeal.

  90. Best giveaway ever!! :)

  91. Best give away of the YEAR! Love me some nut butter!

  92. Once a year we host a PB and J day at my office. I’d be extremely popular if I walked in with a box of nut butters! Lol!

  93. This is awesome! I love peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast so these would all be used for that… And for all the smoothies.

  94. What don’t I want to make with these butters?!?!?! O.m.g. The route to my heart is paved in pb. I never win these things but I have to enter.

  95. Just eat with a spoon:-)

  96. A scrumptious giveaway!! Looks amazing :)

  97. Love all of these!! I use nut butters to bake … Roll cookie butter, peanut butter, Nutella, etc. into cookie dough and it’s SO good. Would love to try some new recipes!

  98. What an awesome giveaway, and what an awesome way to start the week!

  99. This is my dream of a giveaway!

  100. I would see these nut butters eat straight out of the jar, going into cookies, and heaped on to my oatmeal. YUM!

  101. Gimme that butta!! What would I make….oh lord, where do I begin? Oatmeal and cookies and cakes, oh my! ;) 

  102. Incredible lineup! 🙌🏻

  103. What an amazing giveaway! I don’t know what I would make with these, but I would certainly eat them with a spoon. I’m in Canada where we don’t have Trader Joe’s, so I would particularly love to try their selection!

  104. Oh my goodness!! I would make cookies & overnight oats first, and then I would finally try one of the nutella stuffed recipes I’ve been drooling over but keep forgetting to buy the nut butter for :) My husband is a nut butter fiend!

  105. Oatmeal! Cookies! Toast! Eat it off a spoon, etc. :)

  106. Genius giveaway. Loving all of the nut butters here! I’d make some kind of cookies or add it to oatmeal or eat them by the spoonful….

  107. I need these in my life….PB lover for life!!!

  108. I’d make cookies!

  109. Delicious! Meals around here seem to always have the good ole’ staple of a nut butter :). What an excellent line up of goodness! And I love the variety of all the brands too.

  110. Nut butter on toast (every.single.morning)!

  111. I would eat it with toast and a banana every morning!

  112. I love nut butter, but dont often branch out from plain Adam’s pb, so this would be awesome!

  113. Straight from the jar ;) Umm I pretty much use nut butters on EVERYTHING

  114. ammmazzziinngg!! i would top oatmeal, waffles, toast, etc. with all of these!

  115. I would probably slather it on toast or mix it into my daily overnight oats. I also love to eat it with dates pre-workout.

  116. I would definitely make cookies, but also just eat it with a spoon!

  117. This looks amazing!

  118. YASSS– every broke twenty-somethings dream.

    All the nut butter toast that could happen……….

  119. I’d be slathering these all over oatmeal. And muffins. And cookies. Pretty much everything!

  120. I wish this would be a lifetime supply! But I think at the rate I consume nutbutters, it might only last a month or two :D

  121. Everything! Toast, cookies, snacks… you name it. Thanks!

  122. I would make flourless peanut butter cookies with all the different flavors and do a sampling! FYI, they are best out of the freezer. They are so perfectly chewy. I’m now doing a happy peanut butter dance…

  123. Yahoo! Here we go now.!

  124. Mmmm I would use it to make energy bites for snacks. Oatmeal, nut butter, flax/chia, coconut, chocolate chips, and honey.

  125. I would make blended peanut butter lattes! And share all non-chocolate flavors with my dog!

  126. I would use these nut butters in my oats or make PB nana bread :)

  127. I would make toasted sourdough PB&J’s, oatmeal balls, and eat spoonfuls as a treat!

  128. Each one of these sounds amazing on toast! Also as an oatmeal topping.

  129. Nut butter is my fav!!! I am obsessed. 

  130. I would use these nut butters for topping toast, oatmeal, cereal and the best part – I would use the almost empty jars for oats in a jar AND smoothies in a jar!!

  131. lots of oatmeal!

  132. THIS IS THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! I put nut butter on everything…fruit, oatmeal, pancakes, pretzels…in cookies…I think the question is what can’t I do with 16 nut butters?

  133. I would eat it by the spoonful.

  134. I would be in HEAVEN if a box filled with these delicious jars showed up on my doorstep!!! My oatmeal + sammmies + spoon snacks would never be the same.

  135. First off, I could eat all of these with just a spoon. BUT if I had to make something, then I love adding different nut butters and honey to my smoothies! 

    Cookies with nut butter also sound wonderful but a little more challenging. Maybe my new weekend goal? Learn to bake cookies with PB. 

  136. This would be the best package to receive!! It would be like Christmas!

  137. These look amazing!

  138. Totally my typa giveaway! I have this strong belief that nutbutter should be a part of as many meals / snacks a day as possible. Last semester I went through 4 jars of almond butter, 2 of cashew, and 4 of peanut butter…..WINNING.

  139. These would be amazing to use in my granola bars :)

  140. Um… yummy in my tummy!!! There are several brands I haven tried in this mix, so exciting! 

  141. Nut butter on literally anything is always always always a great idea.

  142. Your blog is my favorite! I’d use this for oatmeal and spread on top of apples. Thanks, Kylie!!

  143. I saw a breakfast “cookie” recipe that used almond butter and bananas as binders. I would definitely sub the Dark Choc Dream PB in the recipe!

  144. Simple, but I love peanut butter toast. 

  145. Oh em yum. I think it would be the cutest to have a silver dollar pancake brunch so people can try a ton of the nut butters each on a tiny pancake.

  146. I eat nut butter daily with my oat meal, with ice cream, graham crackers, or just straight out of the container… it may be my favorite food! This is the best giveaway!

  147. Does it count if I plan to eat them all by the spoonful!?

  148. With a baby on the way in 13 weeks(!), it would be so nice to have a stockpile of different nut butters to have a lot of choices to make easy snacks. I imagine I will be dipping all sorts of things into the peanut butter jar to get some quick snacks in.

  149. Such a fun giveaway!

  150. Nut butter on everything!! Oatmeal, in smoothies, and lately mixed with yogurt and avocado pudding

  151. Oh man – this is amazing! I usually have some sort of fruit and nut butter combo each day so this would make that ritual a lot more fun!

  152. Protein bars!

  153. YUM! I want all of these in my life :)

  154. These will be perfect for stocking my new kitchen!


  156. The satiety factor!


  158. Creamy, yummy, love! With oatmeal and bananas

  159. I would probably just grab a spoon :)

  160. I have a feeling these would not last me as long as they should! I would be too excited to try them all haha

  161. I would love all those nut butters! I love them in oatmeal; on pancakes, waffles, or toast; or mixed with Greek yogurt. Eating them plain off a spoon isn’t bad either!

  162. This would make for the most fun just-for-me tasting party! I have a little baby spoon that I use to eat ice cream and oatmeal sometimes which would be perfect for lining up the 16 jars, sampling a bit of each, and ranking them to find my absolute fav :)

  163. Ohhh yummz!!! These all look amazing- putting that dark chocolate one in oatmeal sounds like perfection!

  164. Yaaaaaaaaas. All the nut butters on all the sourdough and waffles and directly into my mouth.

  165. This is the best! Like Christmas morning! I am student teaching this semester, so nut butter is a quick, satisfying, and delicious addition to snacks and meals. Also, I am a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and have a Nutrition and Wellness class. It would be sweet to have a nut butter tasting lab!

    I am loving your “How to Eat” course, and it has been incredibly helpful for my journey with intuitive eating. Thank you for everything, Kylie! You are the coolest.

  166. Oh my goodness! This is the most fabulous give-away. You’re a wonderful human being! I’d definitely want to taste each one…then just slather it on different things! Toast, sweet potatoes (it’s good!)…any nut butter vehicle, really.

  167. Would love to try these slathered all over toast! Yum!

  168. Yes! This is amazing! Trying 16 nut butters is a lot of responsibility, but I think I’m up for it! ;)

  169. Although there are plenty of recipes I love with nut butters — my most common use for them is pretty minimalist…apple with almond butter is pretty much my 3pm desk snack every day!

  170. i’d use them as toppings in my oatmeal/yogurt bowls!

  171. I’d have an overnight oats breakfast party every day of the week by being able to use all these different toppings :)

  172. This is by far my favorite giveaway EVER! To say I am a nut butter fan is an understatement! Great idea!!

  173. This giveaway is the stuff dreams are made of!! I live off nut butter–i go through a jar at least every 2 weeks. I put it everything!!!

  174. OMGGGGG! Getting this will make my YEAR!

  175. I have found that I can eat any nut butter on just about anything. Yes, there was a camping trip where it made its way onto pita bread and salami. Divine ;)

  176. I would make the best cookies on the planet! :)

  177. I’d use them in my oatmeal and on top of my homemade waffles/pancakes :) Drool!

  178. I’d make yummy oatmeal, banana bread, and other fun baked treats. I’d also eat it by the spoon too :)

  179. I need!! All sound so good 😍

  180. So excited for this giveaway! I love your blog and all of your IG posts! #PBobsession

  181. I would make peanut butter dark chocolate chip flourless muffins and of course endless brown rice cakes with various nut butters on top!!

  182. Oh my gosh, this would be the BEST! I’d make cookies, bars, put it on everything & just eat them straight out of the jars with a spoon :)

  183. This would be so AWESOME! If I were on lost on an island, my first request for anything would be a jar of any kind of nut butter!

  184. I love nut butters. I eat it (most often) directly from the jar (or in oatmeal)…so having all of these jars to choose from would be wonderful. Or terrible. Or terribly wonderful. Yeah, probably that last one. :)

  185. Love the idea of this giveaway! I make overnight oats almost every night to take to school, so each one would definitely work it’s way into the nut butter rotation!! Yum!

  186. I would most likely eat them on their own because I’m a nut butter fanatic

  187. I’ll be eating the nut butter straight out the jar! 😂👌 as well as adding it to smoothies and oatmeal, making cookies and all sorts of yummy treats 🤗😜 xx

  188. I’d make peanut butter energy balls, granola bars, smoothies, peanut butter cups…. everything!

  189. This is amazing!! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  190. I’d make puppy chow :) allowed myself to eat that freely and openly for the first time this weekend, as I conquer my ED with grace and hope! Thanks for all of your insight and advocating!!!

  191. Definitely would make some peanut butter cookies! Or fudge!!

  192. I would love to win these! My husband and I go through so much already!

  193. I would make ALL THE THINGS. But something that came to mind is sweet potato, cacao, nut butter truffles!!! How killer does that sound!

  194. LOVE this! I’d use these for everything from oatmeal toppings to power balls!

  195. All of these look so good! Hope I can get to try the Yum Butters. Love your recipes too!

  196. this is awesome! i am in houston so no glass breakage in the mail :)
    adding the tj’s almond butter to my list– haven’t tried that yet!

  197. On rice cakes- that’s my favorite!

  198. Nut butter by the spoonful. Also, wouldn’t forget to give the last lick to my puppy :)

  199. Probably the best giveaway in quite some time!!!

  200. I would eat them with a spoon!

  201. I’d make all sorts of cookies with these! And also all sorts of stuffed sweet potatoes, because I’m obsessed with nut butter + sweet potato!

  202. There are waaaaay too many good things to make with all this nut butter!!! I would have to say maybe a baked good like bread? or obv on top of some oatmeal!! I would LOOOOOVE to win this!!! Even though I have a cabinet full already haha never can have too many! ;)

  203. Oh. Em. Gee. I would totally just DIE if all those nut butters showed up on my doorstep! SO GOOD!!

  204. I’d make ALL of the smoothies, cookies and pancakes!

  205. Awesome giveaway. I’d totally eat any and all of those!

  206. Before stumbling upon them on your blog, I never really considered trying different nut butters. Choosing crunchy instead of creamy PB was as crazy as it got. But now I just love to try new flavors. Especially Justin’s honey or maple almond butter!
    Thank you so much for expanding my culinary horizon!

  207. I’d smother these on everything and maybe even share 😆

  208. I love this giveaway. I would use all these nut butters to include in my baking especially to spice up regular banana bread!

  209. Just a spoon is all I’d need.

  210. No recipes required… just a spoon and all these yummy looking jars!

  211. Lots of these would make great dairy-free alternatives to add to cookies and treats!

  212. Yummm! Thanks so much! Would love to try a bunch of these that I’ve never tried.

  213. Awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t love nut butter?!

  214. I would first have to have an epic taste test to determine which nut butters would be best on oatmeal, toast, fruit, and any other potential conduit for nut butter <3 Then I would enjoy the nut butter bliss (: Thank you for this giveaway Kylie! Your perspective on nutrition is so refreshing and very much needed to combat the diet driven culture we live in. Your words have helped me through my ed more than you could ever know.

  215. Hard to choose just one thing to make, but I do love making homemade chocolate peanut butter cups.

  216. best.giveaway.ever. definitely so much nut butter topped oatmeal and nut butter date bites!

  217. This is awesome! There’s so many things I could do with 16 nut butters. First I’d probably take a few spoonfuls of each because that is the best way to eat but butter. I could make some pretty awesome smoothies and toast with all of these!!

  218. Recipe: nut butter + spoon :)

  219. Ahhh! I love this giveaway! I would make freezer fudge and granola and oatmeal and banana bread and too everything with the rest!

  220. Almond butter is my favorite but would love to try the cashew butter!

  221. These would be so fun to bake with! Or to eat on bananas, Pretzels or just a spoon!

  222. Almond butter banana bread with chocolate chunks! So yummy. 

  223. I would make BLONDIES GALORE! I’m also currently obsessed with mixing nut butters into my overnight oats for easy breakfast on the go! Xoxo

  224. Um… YUM! All of them look awesome but I also noticed the neat yumbutter packaging and would love to try!

  225. I <3 nut butter!!

  226. Bonus points!

  227. How would I not use these nut butters is the better question! On pancakes, in cookies, in bars, on toast… I could go on and on!

  228. I would just eat all of these plain!!

  229. I would love to try these! My favorite nut butter is by far Trader Joe’s peanut butter, so simple and so creamy. But these all sound delicious!

  230. I would literally just eat them all by the spoonful, but if I had to make something, I would probably to a Nutella-swirled brownie!

  231. I’d make some sort of granola balls/granola bars wth some of those nut butters.  

  232. This is the dream giveaway!

  233. so many awesome options! trader joes chocolate cookie butter swirl is choice.

  234. I can’t get enough of your blog! <3

  235. Mostly I think I would just put these on a spoon haha… but also on top of my oatmeal every morning, and I’d do a taste test with different kinds of nut butter cookies!

  236. I can’t get enough of your blog!! <3

  237. I LOOOOOVE making energy it’s with it butters! They are so incredibly versatile! I make them for my husband to take to work and even my 2 year old nephew! Throw in some oats, flax seed, maple syrup or honey, chocolate chips or dried fruit and you’re good to go!!

  238. Omg the amount of nut butter I go through each week is insane and puts a nut butter whole in my wallet because I put it On everything!!! This would be an amazing giveaway to win!

  239. Best giveaway ever! I would make the most epic nut butter toast with banana:)

  240. These all look amazing!!

  241. I’d totally make some apple almond butter pancakes, and muffins, and probably dip apples in them for snacks … the possibilities are endless!

  242. Aside from putting them on all the things (bananas, oatmeal, toast, a spoon…) I would make monster cookies!!

  243. Okay, this is the best giveaway EVER. I hope and pray that I win. . . which isn’t selfish at all. ;)

  244. omg I would for sure make some awesome PB cookies! my fav!

  245. What a fantastic giveaway! I love adding nut butters to everything; sauces, smoothies, oatmeal, and of course straight from the jar! Thank you for putting this together :)

  246. Would definitely have to make all the peanut butter cookies with these

  247. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!

  248. Yum! Best giveaway !

    I would layer my super cocoa protein pancakes with a mixture of pb and/or cb with greek yogurt and maple syrup and top it with bananas and a sprinkle of cocoa powder :) Okay on weekends lol

  249. I have nut butter on different “vehicles” at least three times a day! Apples, celery, crackers, ice cream, toast, carrots!

  250. Best giveaway EVER!

  251. I would totally just eat it straight out of the jar, but also on apples, bananas, cucumbers, toast. . . and EVERYTHING.

  252. Yum!! All these nut butters look so delicious! Great giveaway :)

  253. Literally drooling.. so many options to make and dip into hahaha! banana bread, sweet potato yogurt bowls… by the spoonful 😬

  254. Hmm I would make so many things, first I would try them all in oatmeal. PB + Oatmeal is my fav. Then try them mixed with yogurt for a dip for anything – pretzels, fruit, etc. Then obvs, I would make cookies.

  255. These would all be soooooo yummy with apples, bananas, fro yo…or just straight out of the jar! :)

  256. Thank you for having this giveaway!

  257. My husband would have the same reaction as yours, but to me this is the dreamiest creamiest giveaway! xxoo

  258. I eat nut butter about everyday! I have a bread recipe that calls for nut butter that I love. I also like to have protein bites in my freezer, and of course those have nut butter in them. I’d just eat it out of the jar mostly! lol!

  259. This is so exciting! There are several butters I have not yet tried and this is a great opportunity to do so! Thanks!

  260. OH MY GOSH! Straight out of the jar, on pretzels, on toast, on oatmeal, muffins, etc.

  261. nut butter on EVERYTHING!

  262. So much yummy in this giveaway!!! I would probably use many of these as toast or pancake toppings, but would also try some cookies or breads with nut butter fillings!

  263. Yummy!!  I’ve thought so many of these looked good.  Even though I’m allergic to most of them, I think my sibs would die of happiness if they got the chance to taste/have all these.  Thanks Kylie!! 💚💖

  264. Oh My Gosh, this is perfect.

  265. Um, YES! So many yummy nut butters and several I haven’t tried!! Would love this! 

  266. I’ve been doing research online lately and so have just recently discovered how important healthy eating is for a healthy body and mind! I didn’t even know half of these existed but i’m so excited to begin my journey into nut butter bonanzas!

  267. I would definitely make some cookies (like some variation of peanut butter chocolate chip!) and/or some type of no-bake energy balls. YUM!

  268. Spoon to the face! And of course on my oatmeal, baked into cookies, etc!

  269. What’s not to like?! But if I had to choose, it has the texture of the gods. Crunch or creamy.

  270. So many nut butters to melt onto all of my foods!! I’d be in heaven :)

  271. I would make ALL The breads and ALL the cookies!!!! :D

  272. I would make protein pancakes every day and slather them with this goodness!

  273. I would make so much yummy oatmeal with these gems!

  274. This is amazing, and I am in love! I would start with p.b. cookies (obviously) and then make my way to brownies and then maybe just start eating out of the jar?

  275. Mixed in oatmeal, spread on a raisin bagel, spread on kodiak cake waffles, dip for apple or celery slices. Soooo many delicious choices :)

  276. I’m kind of obsessed with your thick and chewy almond butter granola bars, so I’d probably start with a batch (or two) of those, and then I’d transition to cookies or eating the nut butters with fruit or on toast, or just out of the jar…so many options!

  277. This is the most amazing giveaway I have ever seen! Total awesomeness and lots of no bake cookies! Thank you!

  278. My kiddos love homemade granola bars with nut butter and putting nut butter on oatmeal. No lie – some of it will just be spooned into our mouths.

  279. I will definitely try spreading lots of these onto hot sweet potatoes!

  280. Oh my word, I would be in heaven if I won this contest. I adore PB! I put PB on literally everything. But would for sure make cookies, brownies/bars, bread, granola bars, and then there’s just eating it straight from the jar, which would be a must.

  281. Umm, this is the best giveaway ever! I would just keep it simple – nut butter and banana on an Ezekiel English muffin or waffles!

  282. I am not sure what I will make… but I will definitely PUT the PB/Nut B on everything (oatmeal, toast, carrots, vanilla ice cream, spoons….) Thank you! :)

  283. These look delicious!

  284. I would just eat them all from the jar!!

  285. I would make banana bread slathered in one of these amazing nut butters, toast with fresh jam and nut butter, oatmeal with a huge drizzle of melted nut butter…the list goes on and on! Great giveaway!!

  286. I would put these nut/cookie butters on anything and everything! :)

  287. OMG! What an amazing giveaway!! I’d love to try baking some yummy cookies with these! And probably just eat it straight out of the jar!

  288. Yay for nut butters!! My favorite way to eat them is right off of the spoon but I also enjoy making treats to take to my work office every now and then. So I might make some peanut butter cookies or rice krispie treats.

  289. Would love to try some of these new to me nut butter flavors! YUM!!!

  290. I would devour these while studying for all my history exams!

  291. To be honest, I’d probably just grab a spoon and go crazy for a few minutes. After that, it would be toast, oatmeal, apples, cookies, energy balls. . .you name it, it’s better with nut butter.

  292. i love all of these nut butters! My favorite way to eat nut butter is on top of plantains!

  293. So many amazing nut butter flavors that I am dying to try like the chocolate coconut peanut butter! I’d definitely whip up some nut butter protein balls, add them pancake/waffle batter or add some to my morning smoothie. What a great giveaway!

  294. “slutty” brownies with the white chocolate peanut butter!

  295. A whole lot of nut-butter & jelly!

  296. Lately, I’ve been making mug cakes! A huge tablespoon of nut butter makes the mug cake sooo good. Try it with chocolate and peanut butter, but also other nut butters are great, too, like cashew butter with lemon! almond butter, too and on and on!

  297. I would make pb and banana toast and would def add a dollop to my oats and smoothies!

  298. I eat nut/seed butter EVERYDAY! I use it in overnight oats, on pancakes, in cookies, on fruit, basically any excuse to eat it! :) #pbaddict

  299. Best giveaway ever!

  300. I would make either but butter cookies or just put some on a spoon and eat it!

  301. I would start off using them in savory curry recipes (except for the cookie/chocolate ones- those will be straight spoon to mouth or mixed in with oatmeal!)

  302. I would use them to make amazing oatmeal and toasts!!!!! P.S. I love your blog!

  303. This giveaway is the best one I’ve ever seen. For the people that know me, they know that I basically live off of nut butters and have then with every single meal. My favorites are Justin’s and a Wild Friend because I love all the diverse flavors and fun things you can do with them. If I win, I plan to use all of these in oatmeal, on smoothie bowls, and I want to dip pretzels straight into the cookie butter and vanilla espresso almond butter. I also want to make no bake bites with all of these. Ugh my mouth is watering already

  304. Oh my goodness. So much wouldn’t even make it into recipes since I am a notorious eat-it-right-outta-the-jar kinda lady, but I would definitely use these for baked goods, African peanut stew, as well as eating them with my oatmeal, waffles, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

  305. HOLY MOLY! I’d expect this to be the most popular giveaway on the internet!!! My husband found a crunchy version of that Biscoff spread once when we were visiting Boston. It was unreal.

  306. Omgomg wow this is the best giveaway ever I am a geeeeeek about nut butter 🙈

  307. I would make:
    my granola bar recipe (oats+nut butter+honey)
    add any and all of these to ice cream
    put it on pancakes, fruits, waffles, pretzels

    or just eat them with a spoon.

  308. Not sure exactly what I’d make, but I’d make a night of it taste testing all of them!

  309. Well, I’m a college student so cooking is still pretty simple for me – so lots and lots of nut-buttered toast! Or just a spoonful for a late night snack :P

  310. oh my gooooooodness. this is amazing!! i would probably make some peanut butter cookies and also a million spoonfuls straight from the jar.

  311. I could eat nut butter ALL day. Such a great idea! My favorite is a spoonful covered in chocolate chips & a glass of milk :) :)

  312. I love making PB&J oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast! These flavors would definitely jazz it up!

  313. I would make like, sooooo many cookies. Maybe a cake too? And overnight oats…

  314. Ohmigosh nut butter is my favorite food group!!! I have some pretty much at every meal. This giveaway is epic, thank you so much!!

  315. By the spoonful, cookie butter + animal crackers (the one’s from Costco), almond butter smashed into caramel-y medjool dates, Kristin Cavallari’s almond butter sugar cookie recipe and on top/mixed into smoothies and oatmeal! But usually I finish off 3/4 of any nut butter jar just with a spoon–no recipe required. Not sorry 🙊

  316. Yes pleezzzz!!! I eat the nut-butts with apples mostly every day <3

  317. I’d love to say I’d MAKE something, but more than likely I’d open all of them up and go one by one with a spoon…just keeping it real! Love, Nut Butter’s #1 fan!

  318. Total lurker, but love your blog AND nut butter! Fingers crossed!

  319. These would be delicious in oatmeal or baked into muffins! Yum!

  320. Holy cow! I’m in love with almond butter but have also wanted to try the dark chocolate dreams & white chocolate peanut butter

  321. I just want to say how generous you are for hosting this giveaway! I LOVE all types of nut butters- they are perfect as a snack, in recipes and everything else 😍 I have to know- what’s your favorite?!

  322. Some sort of no-bake protein bites!

  323. OMG 16 nut butters! I would probably share a few jars with a friend or two, but the rest I would use in oats, in greek yogurt, or with fruit!

  324. Mmmm this is my kind of giveaway. What would I do with the winnings? OH goodness. Probably drizzle some on top of oatmeal because I just decided it was cold enough to start enjoying a bowl a few times a week again, definitely put some on toast, and also on top of fruit. Looks delicious. Thank you!

  325. Honestly, I will probably just eat these glorious nut-filled beacons of hope with a straight up spoon 😍😛

  326. Best Giveaway Ever! I’d make tons of energy bites with all the different flavors.

  327. Oh man, this is the best giveaway ever! :D 

  328. I would make ALL THE THINGS omfg this makes me so happy i could cry

  329. this looks beautiful i would try everything in my oatmeal and smoothies and bake and make puppy chow w every different kind

  330. I forgot to say what I would make! I would put these nut butters on toast with banana, on pancakes, in my smoothies, and list goes on. I would also make nut butter balls or cookies! 

  331. I’d make epic granola muffins!!

  332. I’m pretty excited by this, even if I’m not sure I can win! There are a lot of nut butters there that I haven’t seen yet in Australia. I’m going through a phase of making slices, and I’m thinking a chocolate nut butter slice might be the first thing I try to make!

  333. I’d make so many bowls with this goodness… oatmeal bowls, smoothie bowls, popcorn bowls with nut butter drizzled over it, anything 😍🙌

  334. French toast and overnight oats, for sure! Yum!

  335. Hi!!! I have to say that for starters, I have been following your account since basically the beginning of time and I absolutely LOVE everything about it. Your words and posts continue to inspire me and uplift me anytime I am feeling down….OK now to the good stuff….NUT BUTTERS!!!! I am truly 100% obsessed with every and all nut butters. Whether it is peanut butter (my absolute go-to, I mean seriously can anyone live without it?) or almond butter, honey roasted pecan butter or cashew butter, peanut butter with coconut and chocolate or plain ol’ lovin nutella…I. Love. It. ALL!! (as you can obviously see). If I won this giveaway (which would probably make my life 100x more complete just to be honest), I would probably make some insanely massive cookie using the multiple nut butters to make a gigantic-magical-nut butter lovin cookie creation!!!!! Yum I can taste it already.

  336. This is so amazing! I love mixing it into oatmeal! 

  337. This is more or less the BEST thing I have ever seen in the blog world! Thank you for thinking of such an amazing giveaway! I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to PB desserts and would love to use these to make some bars, cookies, and more!

  338. I would have to eat the nut butters with a spoon!!! Most of them are new to me! You are the best, Kylie!! :)

  339. Oh my goodness, best giveaway ever.

  340. P.S. I’m eating peanut butter as I type this!


  342. YUm!! I’m off to find a spoon……

  343. Man, this would be such a fun and adventurous thing for someone in recovery from an ED! I would sample these buttas on toast, bananas, ice cream, brownies… fold them into banana breads, swirl them into oatmeal – wining this giveaway would bring a smile to my face every time I opened a new jar.

  344. Does “make nut butter sandwiches” and “make nut butter smoothies” and “make nut butter oatmeal” count?  Oh, and “make nut butter cookies” too :)

  345. I’d eat them with a banana on toast and in at bowl of oatmeal!

  346. I would make cookies! Seriously awesome giveaway!

  347. Nut butter on oatmeal is the way to go!

  348. energy bites!

  349. I would make a nut butter day!

    Breakfast on pancakes smothered with that vanilla espresso nut butter. A snack of cookies made with one of the peanut butters followed by a salad with an almond butter and sirarcha dressing. Finally a dinner of roasted sweet potatoes with Justin’s maple butter melted in, and a bedtime snack of my peanut butter cookies crumbled yoghurt with the cookie cocoa swirled in. I may have a nut butter problem.

  350. Peanut butter is literally life. I eat peanut butter every. single. day. Apple and PB is my go to pre workout snack. Smoothie bowls, energy balls, sandwiches, sweet potato toast. Endless possibilities. 

  351. Oh my gosh, brilliant! I’m a nut butter addict, much like yourself. I lived with an ED for years that deprived me of the joy of nut butters. I’ve been in recovery for nearly a decade and can’t imagine life without peanut butter! 😊

  352. All hail the nut butter. Besides putting a different scoop on my breakfast every single morning (how amazing) I would probably make some energy balls, and cookies, because cookies are always a good idea. 

  353. this is my heaven. i’d make banana bread, pb&j sandwiches, all the things!

  354. I’m thinking a coconut/cashew banana bread and/or some sort of savory dressing using the cashew butter. I once ate these really good fried cashews with lemongrass and chiles once and I would love to recreate something with similar flavors.

  355. I would make chocolate covered nut butter balls out of EVERY FLAVOR. And of course put big globs on my oatmeal, pancakes, banana bread, and straight into ma mouth:)

  356. I think the real question is: What woudn’t I make?? And to be honest I’d likely eat a fair amount straight from the jars!


  358. Oatmeal, Yogurt, Muffins, on top of all the bars or just out of the jar!!!!

  359. With the nut butters I want to make overnight overnight oats and muffins mmmm!! Thanks for doing this!!

  360. I would just stick a spoon into those jars😛

  361. I think I would have to make some peanut butter blossom cookies if I won this give away. I would also have to eat a lot of toast with nut butter!!

  362. My jaw completely dropped when I saw this post on instagram!!! Other than eating is straight outta the jar with a shovel, I lovvvveee using nut butters to make granola, breads, and peanut butter cups…my latest addiction:)

  363. I would too my sweet potato waffles with any of these yummy nut butters!! YUMM! Instagram: @foodieluvs2munch

  364. I LOVE nut butter.  I put it on everything!! Oatmeal and protein pancakes are my favorite :)

  365. I would love to win all the to make some healthy snacks!

  366. I love nut butters with apples! Yummy snack :)

  367. I want!!!!

  368. I would use all this nut butter to make THE world’s greatest nut butter cookies. Or i would do deeply quantitative experiments to find the combos of nut butters that lead to the dopest oatmeal. xo!!!!

  369. I would delicately carve a spoon (maybe out of chocolate) and eat the nut butters with it. Or just be really boring and make oats as an excuse to have a bowl of peanut butter (nut butter sampling platter!!!!!Imagine the accompaniments, like a cheeseboards) for breakfast :>

  370. YAS! my favorite thing ever! I would use it for overnight oats (busy college student ya know?), and these:


  371. I’d be using all these nut butters in all kinds of oatmeal. And cookies!

  372. seriously the BESSSSSSST giveaway ever. 
    I’d make fudge, granola, and lots of baked oatmeal with puddles of melty pb.

  373. I’d say that I would plan on doing some creative baking (imagine– vanilla espresso almond butter thumbprints!) but let’s be real, I’d just eat them straight out of the jar ;)

  374. I would cry real tears if I got this in the mail! I’d make ALL the oatmeal with these nut butters. Oats + fruit + granola + puddles of nut butter or one of your delicious baked oatmeals!

  375. Yum! I would probably just eat out of the jars ;)

  376. All of these look soooooo good! I think I’m going to head to the store and pick up my own little nut butter variety pack. 😁😁

  377. PB oat energy bites. ALL THE NOMS. You are an incredible woman! Need more of you in the world

  378. So kind of you to give away a 1 week supply of nut butter! ;) I would have friends over for a Toast Bar for brunch!!

  379. You are so inspiring and kind hearted! I literally eat peanut butter everyday 😍

  380. Gosh darn it Australia needs to get its act together and get these nut butters happening here asap!

  381. I put nut butter in my oatmeal every day!

  382. What would I make with all these nut butters… Probably eat them straight out the jar ;-) ! Hope I win

  383. Oh my gosh I am literally PR AYING I win this giveaway!!! I would try it in my oatmeal, try it baking cookies and DEFINITELY try it by the spoonful :)

  384. Wow! This is such a cool idea! I would have a blast trying out new recepies from different blogs including yours!

  385. Woohoo this is awesome!!! So are you Kylie you are my most favorite ❤❤

  386. Ohmygosh ohmygosh this is everything anyone could ever want in life.🤗

  387. Will probably eat this stuff on oatmeal, toast, fruit, smoothies, and straight out of the jar when the urge strikes 💃🏼

  388. PB is on anything my weakness but lately pretzels dipped and carrots in peanut butter (weird but delicious) have been my go-to snacks!

  389. Hello! I don’t think I’ve ever entered a raffle online before and could not be more giddy to enter this one. Nut butters are my favorite foods ever. Ever ever ever EVERRRRR. And I really want to win and I promise to share the 16 but butters with friends. Thank you for hosting. you’re awesome.

  390. I would make… myself real happy by eating them alllll. But also probably some PB&J muffins and baked oatmeal.

  391. I love adding nut butter to my oatmeal mug cake every morning! 

  392. i think I’d need a supply of extra spoons if 16 jars of nut butter showed up on my doorstep…straight off the spoon is the best way to eat it! :)

  393. Lots of peanut butter on bananas!

  394. OMG best giveaway ever!!! I’d make my favorite peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread.

  395. I would make some grain free cookies.

  396. Spread on graham crackers or straight from the jar!

  397. If eat it with a spoon, on oatmeal, peanut butter balls….alll the peanut butter things 😄

  398. Yum! So much delicious in one giveaway! 🥜

  399. This looks amazing! I would slather them on everything. ..oatmeal, toast, apples, ice cream!

  400. This would be a dream come true. Gotta dream big!

  401. Lots and lots of oatmeal toppings!

  402. Yum! I would make so much toast with all these nut butters!

  403. Soo I’m not going to lie I add peanut butter to just about everything! Lately I’ve been on a kick of having an apple with pb for a night snack :) I’d love to try any of the Trader Joe’s because we don’t have one around my neck of the woods! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  404. This is UHMAZING. I would use these to make granola bars, muffins, and overnight oats! Plus my ever-favorite snack of spoon + nut butter + choco chips

  405. Oh my gosh this is my dream giveaway! Oatmeal + nut butter = PERFECTION.

  406. Thanks for such a fun giveaway! I would probably just eat a lot of these with a big spoon! :) but I’d also add to sandwiches, smoothies, and oatmeal.

  407. I would make peanut butter brownies because-YUM! and I love putting all of the fun flavored nut butters and almond butters in my oatmeal. There’s nothing like hot oats and melty nut butter :)

  408. Toast, oatmeal, or baking! Love your blog – it helps me so much in recovery. Thank you thank you thank you.

  409. Love the variety!

  410. I would spread them on literally everything–toast, oatmeal, etc.

    But more often than not, I’d just be eating them with a spoon straight from the jar! ;)

  411. I love nut butters and finding new ways to use them (especially in savory recipes)! Thanks for putting this giveaway together!

  412. Yum!!! As a toast aficionado I think these would necessitate a few loaves of bread! My 8 month old loves peanut butter in his oatmeal. It would be fun to introduce him to all these fun flavors

  413. I would use the nut butters on my oatmeal and sweet potatoes or to make some sort of peanut butter cookies! This is an amazing giveaway!

  414. I would make baked oatmeal or use them to top my oatmeal.. or a fruit and nut butter snack <3

  415. Oh my goodness! I have been really into making nut butter and date balls and all these different flavors would mix it up in the best way possible!

  416. The real question is what would I not make with all these nut buttters! I am into making smoothies lately with bananas and almond butter so I would be excited to taste the different types of flavors of nut butters. I also like making energy balls with oatmeal and nut butters, there a great snack to have on the go! Lastly, I would make the best oatmeal ever with nut butters, oatmeal, almond milk, and maybe a scoop of chocolate protein powder. Also a spoonful or two of these nut butters would be just as good 😊

  417. Oh my goodness.
    Best.giveaway. Everrrrr!

  418. On clinical I have to go hours without food (which is no bueno), but I can sometimes grab little snacks between patients! So, I would use these nut butters to make some energy bites to help get me through the day!

  419. I’d make cookies, and overnight oats, and dip all the things!

  420. I would make so many freaking toasts with these incredible nut butters. YUM. The possibilities are endless! Or….. just eat a billion bananas dipped in the yummy goodness of each one!

  421. I would love to puree them with frozen fruit to make a tasty after-dinner treat. Fig and hazelnut butter sounds great to me!

  422. I would definitely experiment with spreading those on my pancakes! Also would definitely make some frostings for cupcakes out of them. Oooh and maybe make some nut butter and strawberry or banana sandwiches 😍 Yum. I think with the ones with chia seeds I would just use as a spread for fruit or dark chocolate for a quick snack at work

  423. I would slather these on a banana or toast as a part of my breakfast or snack!

  424. I LOVEEEE nut butters!!! its the perfect snack or dessert to satisfy me

  425. Can I just tell you I love how you are going to make this an annual thing. Spreading the nut butter love (no pun intended :P)

  426. I LOVE nut butter! And have two crazy boys, who love it as much as I do. We love it on our hot cereal, sandwiches, apple slices, spoons ;) and more. We haven’t tried a few of theses… Which makes me super excited to possibly win!

  427. I would definitely be eating a different nut butter every day ><

  428. I would definitely be eating a nut butter every day ><

  429. I would definitely make some yummy overnight oats and protein balls with these nut butters if I got ’em!

  430. I use nut butters for so many things. I put it on fruit, make smoothies, use it for frozen treats, etc etc.

  431. I would definitely make some healthy banana bread and sweets with my nut butter. I also love making Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread toast with nut butter and apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon and coconut. So delish!

  432. Oh wow…drooling! These would be amazing on french toast, or regular toast, or pancakes! Recently I’ve been spreading peanut butter on a tortilla, topping it with banana slices and blueberries, and toasting it like a quesadilla. Delicious!

  433. Ugh love nut butter on basically everything! I eat it my oats, on my pancakes, even on my eggs. The other day I made a banana and nut butter quesadilla (wrap, nut butter, banana toasted in a pan) AMAZING. I’d love to try it with some of these flavors!

  434. I will promise to share with my family. We all LOVE nut butters and I’ll have to make peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses if I win! 😋

  435. This is the best giveaway ever! I would put the stuff on everything :)

  436. I would make some cupcakes

  437. These all look amazing! Can’t go a day without eating nut butter 😋

  438. THIS IS MY DREAM GIVEAWAY. I love putting nut butters in my yogurt and oats…or just on a spoon. ;)

  439. I’d love to top oatmeal, toast, yogurt, some fruit or anything else with this yummy nut butter or even just dive in with a spoon!

  440. Ive always shied away from natural nut butters b/c oily experiences but ive heard theres so many new options. Love to try some :)

  441. Hmm… i might take the plain almond butter in the savory route and use for a salad dressing or in a curry!

  442. I’d definitely just stand in the kitchen dipping my finger, a spoon, pretzels… pretty much anything… into each one of these jars! And I am a fan of YumButter, made in Madison, WI my college town!

  443. I’d definitely just stand in my kitchen dipping my finger, a spoon, pretzels…pretty much anything…into each one of these jars! And I’m a big fan of YumButter- made in Madison, WI, my college town!

  444. All the nut (and other) butters!!!
    You sure know how to make a Monday start off well, Kylie! 😋

  445. The espresso kind.. omg. ❤

  446. nut butter cups!!!

  447. I usually spend WAAAY too long browsing in the nut butter section with no intention of purchasing any because that’s one of the many perks of living the broke student life :P Soo needless to say winning these would make my YEAR.

  448. Nut buttah lovveeee! I literally started drooling after reading & looking at all these nut butters. Such a great idea! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  449. I’d make a ton of goodies, including nut butter and berry topped toast for my family and myself, oatmeal cakes and mug muffins galore! Of course I’d also eat lots of spoonfuls of delicious nut butters on their own if I were to win! FYI–Tried using the tool but got a blank page after several tries of “logging in” to enter so I’m not sure if my entry was accepted. Commenting here to be safe 😊

  450. I would find recipes for baking like different types of cookies 🍪 To make! Also definitely would have to try each of them with oatmeal to find a new favorite combo!

  451. Oatmeal topping :)

  452. I’ve always wanted to try these nut butters! As a broke college student I’d certainly enjoy receiving a package like this and getting an occasional break from the same cafeteria food everyday!

  453. a lot of peanut/nut butter and banana sandwiches

  454. I was on an overnight oats kick, but I’m currently in Japan on a business trip and I miss my oatmeal and almond butter. I’d love to come back home to these ♥️

  455. Oh man I would make so many yummy smoothies and oatmeal bowls with this! I also love to smear but butter on my Japanese sweet potatoes and top with fruit–best snack EVER!! Let’s be honest though I would eat 70% of these plain straight with a spoon

  456. All I need is a spoon! This may be the best giveaway I’ve ever seen!!!

  457. I’d probably just eat them!

  458. i would make homemade cereal with these items . i love to make my own and think this would be a nice addittion to cereal.

  459. It might be better if I told you what I wouldn’t make! This is an awesome prize for someone like me, I love nut butters…But then again, who doesn’t! As a distance runner I look at nut butters for fuel throughout the day. I like using them in cooking, baking and just about every kind of dessert!

  460. I’d top every smoothie bowl/regular smoothie with ALLLLLLLL the nut butters! 👌🙌😍💣

  461. 1. spoon 2. fudge pops 3. toast 4. oats 5. apples

    thanks Kylie!

  462. All giveaways should include peanut butter.  My spoon and bag of chocolate chips can’t wait to get in on this!! 

  463. I love to put nut butter in my smoothies and my oatmeal!

  464. I love topping my oats and pancakes with peanut butter. So many nut butters included in this giveaway I have yet to try so I would love to win this! Time to broaden my nut butter horizons!

  465. I can’t imagine winning all that nut butter. Talk about a dream come true! I’d add to my waffles, oats or warm toast so it gets all melty…yum!

  466. ALL. THE. THINGS. But first, energy bites! I can’t even handle this giveaway.

  467. Oh gosh.  The list is endless.  Probably some sort of no-bake bite.  Or maybe I’d invent my own!

  468. This is hands down the greatest giveaway I have ever seen. I’m from Toronto, Canada and I really hope I still qualify!!

    I would make sooooo many cookies with these. Single serve ones as big as my face.


  469. I think my “what would I NOT” spread all this pb on list would be much shorter than the list of what I would. :) AND it’s national peanut butter day!!

  470. Boring, but oatmeal! I eat oatmeal with some kind of nut butter almost every day.

  471. I would make your blueberry oatmeal bars with almond butter! And the rest I would probably pair with bananas, apples, pretzels, toast, etc.

  472. any of these nut butters + roasted sweet potato = best combination!

  473. i’d make cookies

  474. So many energy bites!

  475. since the weather in LA has been chillier than usual, i’ve been swapping my smoothies and yogurt bowls for warm oatmeal!! i refuse to eat it without peanut or almond butter on top, so winning this would be a dream!! *insert heart-eye emoji* :)

  476. I’m in college, and this would make my whole semester!! I need new ammo for my late-night snack sessions <3

  477. There are about a million (give or take) recipes floating through my head right now that I’d love to make with these beginning with some kind of puppy chow mix (or muddy buddies I’ve seen some people call it) and ending with a triple nut butter cheesecake (nut butter in the crust, filling and topping). Let’s be honest though some of these will just be eaten out of the jar to help me recover from a day of teaching hormonal middle school students.

    Thanks for the give away! From one introvert to another I love your blog!

  478. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! You know you are a nut butter addict when there are only 3 of 16 you have not tried.


    I make everything with nut butter! haha Energy Balls, muffins, desserts, snacks, and I also put it on everything, even chicken stir fry! WOULD LOVE TO WIN!! Thanks for the chance! Have a great day! 

  480. I’d slather it on sweet potato, apples, celery, bananas. Or no bake granola bars. Or just eat it By the spoonfuls. Because life’s too
    Short not to enjoy that deliciousness! What a fantastic giveaway!

  481. lately my favorite thing to do with nut butter is to make “energy balls” with nut butter, oats, honey, flax/chia seeds, honey, and chocolate chips! or just eating it straight from the jar is always a good move too :)

  482. Nut butter with banana and apples, or really just straight out of the container!!

  483. Oatmeal, apples, bananas and out of the container!

  484. Oh my gosh, PICK ME!!! This stash would literally make my year – gahhhh! I can’t imagine enjoying them any other way than straight up with a spoon! Although my husband tells me I’d eat less of them if I actually put them on something – but whose got time for that?!

  485. Yum! Entered. I sometimes eat nut butter three or four times a day. #sorrynotsorry

  486. Seriously would be a dream come true.

  487. Entered!  And if I win, I’m hosting a wine and nut butter night for friends (everyone brings snacks to dip)!

  488. You’re kidding! This is the best giveaway EVER!!! What I won’t do with them… I guess my snacks will become even more delicious :)

  489. ohhhh man! I would use these nut butters for cookies or granola bars or energy bites or on top of oatmeal and yogurt and bananas and celery and apples and literally on anything. nut butter = life

  490. Long time lurker, but I love your blog and nut butter! These flavors all look amazing… So I’d probably just eat it straight up. I’d take the pouches on long runs for fuel! 

  491. Best giveaway ever!!

  492. Oh goodness so much awesome recipes to make with nut butter, but I love the classic nut butter in my oatmeal! YUM

  493. I would make so many things. Like the most epic PB&J sandwich ever;) But seriously winning this giveaway would honestly make my day (and just possibly my whole year!)

  494. Cookies, oatmeal, with a spoon??! :)

  495. Oh boy. There would be a lot of peanut butter and banana pancakes made with all these.

  496. I would introduce my 15-month-old son to the wonderful diversity of nut butter flavors and put a couple heaping spoonfuls on my oatmeal every day! Thanks, Kylie!

  497. This is an amazing giveaway and I would be in nut butter HEAVEN if I won!! All the heart eyes! :-)

  498. I’d try to make some new granola recipes with the different nut butters (and then inevitably end up also stirring some nut butter combination swirls into my yogurt… and oatmeal..and toast)!

  499. My go-to bedtime snack is dates stuffed with nut butter!  So delicious!

  500. I would make maple almond butter dark chocolate chip cookies first, and then I would host a nut butter sampling for all of my nut butter loving pals!

  501. My dream giveaway! I use nut butter on everything – almond butter in oatmeal, peanut butter with apples, cashew butter and dates, any nut butter on toast or a banana :) endless opportunities!

  502. Toasts with yummy toppings!

  503. I’d make a loaded smoothie bowl!

  504. I would be in heaven! I use nut butter every day in smoothies and on oatmeal (or lets be honest..straight out of the jar). This giveaway is awesome :)

  505. omg, I live by myself but have no doubt I could demolish this amount of nut butter!

  506. I would use it in oatmeal, on toast, in smoothies, on bananas (possibly in bread form), and, I’m sure, by the spoonful. 

  507. id make \cookies and smoothies and pancakes and snacks

  508. This giveaway sounds heavenly😍😍 I would use the nut butters on toast, pancakes and in baking recipes!!!

  509. Oatmeal and kids sandwiches!

  510. I’d put it in alllll of the oats and smoothies!

  511. cookies! and oatmeal! and granola bars! and sandwiches! and smoothies! and spoonfuls of nut butter! and nut butter on apples and bananas!

  512. Ahhh! I would love to win so I could:
    A) try all of these fabulous nut-butters I haven’t tried before
    B) make pb cookies, add it to overnight oats, incorporate into smoothies, use to make a fun Thai-peanut dressing, use for classic pb crackers or on toast, use as a fun dip for fruit or celery, just eat it with a spoon and the list continues! <3

  513. You are incredible! Such an awesome giveaway!!

  514. I would add these too my caulioats to give then some new found oomph! #teampbforlife
    And after trying each one, it’s be pb&j time!

  515. I would put it on my oatmeal! And make cookies :)

  516. I want to make ALL of the nut butter stuffed cookies!!

  517. Cookies, no doubt. Also, a 16 nut butter cookie is sounding really good to me right now. So maybe using a bit of each nut butter in the batch, as well. This could turn out either really good or absolutely amazing, we shall see. But, nut butter has never been known to ruin anything, so I’m staying optimistic.

  518. Mmm… I LOVE the idea of this giveaway! I use an almond butter/ garbanzo bean base to make blondies and also love a dollop of peanut butter or Nutella on my oatmeal (white chocolate wonderful is the best!)

  519. I’d make some really good toast!

  520. This is possibly the BEST GIVE AWAY EVER! I’m going to make every recipe I have printed from your blog that involves PB LOL :)

  521. Best giveaway ever. I’d make so many cookies.

  522. I would make soooo much oatmeal!

  523. I’d use them in my overnight oats!

  524. Love nut butter. Eat them with everything or just spoonful out of the jar

  525. Looks delicious!

  526. I would make peanut butter baked oatmeal or peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Maybe even both!!

  527. I would dip, dip and spread these butters on everything! Apples, pretzels, celery, bread, etc..

  528. would LOVE to make some nut butter cups with these spreads! :)

  529. I’d love to try these with bananas or apples!

  530. I would love to make oatmeal bites!

  531. I would make a big bowl of oats with fruit and a big ole spoon full of nut butter every morning! And/or night:)

  532. I cannot believe this give-away!!! SO fun.. I would definitely enjoy some morning toast, pb muffins and cookie butter.. thats enough by itself! 

  533. OMGOODNESS! I would first have a blind taste test with my friends to find out our favorites (<-yes, I would open all of them at once). And then probably eat some every day on top of…well…anything. Pancakes, oatmeal, fruit…could I make some sort of pb lasagna…probably.

  534. I’d make some super snazzy PB cookies…maybe try 16 diff recipes to find out which is the yummiest pb cookie recipe!

  535. I think of you as the nut butter queen so I definitely need to try some of these new to me brands and flavors!

  536. Oh my goodness this is the giveaway of my dreams ;) I would probably try every flavor straight from the jar…. and then go crazy with PB cookies, fun toast combos, yogurt parfaits… omg have you tried nut butters on  sweet potatos??? so good. So pumped right now.

  537. To be honest, I would just eat nut butter off a spoon. Or slather it on a piece of chocolate!

  538. I don’t understand the question… What would I make with the nut butters? I’d just eat them out of the jar using my finger obviously, because that’s what always ends up happening.

    (plus the daily dollop on my oatmeal :) )

  539. I think if I had to pick an all time favorite food it would have to be peanut butter. So this giveaway is pure magic! I would put my peanut butter on oatmeal, make granola out of it, and probably just eat some straight out of the jar with a spoon because I like nut butters so much :)

  540. You mean, besides just spooning them??!! :) We’d spread any one of these on pancakes for “pancake tacos”.

    PERFECT giveaway!

  541. What I’d do? Get even more addicted to nut butter ;) and eat it all day every day. By the spoonful. And maybe – just maybe – share with my family.

  542. Omg this is the dream. Thank you for doing this, Kylie!!

  543. This is like the dream of a lifetime giveaway!!! Nut butters would get my creative-ish brain going! Maybe some granola bars (or those amazing energy bites), muffins, cookies or ganache would suit them well? But i think straight from the jar with my little spoon might be practical too. (:

  544. The possibilities are endless! Cookies, toast, sandwiches, oatmeal, swirl it in ice cream, eat it by the spoonful.. What an awesome giveaway. Just reading the descriptions of each got me excited!!

  545. There are so many treats I would love to make, but let’s be honest, I’d enjoy these all straight from the jar with a spoon! This is so amazing! Okay…maybe some no-bake protein bites could be feasible ;)

  546. I would make peanut butter and banana smoothies

  547. I’ve been loving making ice cream lately so I’d probably create a fun new ice cream flavor! And devour the rest!

  548. The possibilities are endless but peanut butter + banana is one of my all time favorites. Peanut butter chocolate banana bread is soooo good too!

  549. So many of my favorites are included!

  550. Looks good, hope I win!

  551. I’m not one to cook with nut butters… I’m more of the jar-to-mouth type. Occasionally I’ll top a ‘nanner or warm it up do dribble on oats.

  552. I would make cheesecake cookie butter bites! 

  553. This is amazing!  Some of my favorites are on there, and I would love to try all the others!

  554. I would eat it straight, make PB and choc chip cookies, and tons of PB and J sandwhiches!!

  555. WHATTT! this giveaway is crazy! I just started following your blog and i love it. I would use these nut butters in so many recipes and just right out of the jar. SO YUM.

  556. I would love to use some of these in smoothies and other fun things.:)

  557. Would love to jazz up my breakfasts with these! What an amazing variety!

  558. Would love to try any of the Wild Friends ones! Also, glad to hear you were able to set your husband straight on what a great mail day this would be to receive!

  559. OH MY GOODNESS. WHAT A DREAM!!! #allthenutbutters #nutbutter4life #nutbutteraholic #idratherbeeatingnutbutter #everythingisbetterwithnutbutter #literallydroolingrn

  560. Nut butter cookies of all types (a la PB Criss Cross-like recipe of my childhood)…which nut butter makes the tastiest cookie?!?!

  561. Yum! This is my dream!

  562. OMG okay I am very excited that this is now an annual thing!

  563. Whaaaa for real?! I would pretty much almost quite literally eat them on every single bite that enters my mouth.

  564. I’d make french toast!

  565. Literally anything, I love peanut butter.

  566. Oatmeal and with bananas.

  567. I spread nut butter on toast, baked oatmeal, banana bread, fruit, and graham crackers, and sometimes eat it straight from the jar. This selection of nut butters and spreads made me drool!

  568. If I won this giveaway I would totally make some awesome pancakes and spread all the nutbutters on top of them!

  569. Give me all the butters! Going to need to try that cookie butter.

  570. Awesome giveaway! What a great way to fuel my peanut/almond butter obsession!

  571. I’d make sandwiches, cookies, no bake protein bites, and MUCH more :)

  572. I have an ever-growing list of recipes I’d love to make with various nut butters. First thing would be peanut butter cups out of the Justin’s Honey PB!

  573. First things first…pancakes!

  574. The butters all looked amazing! The only thing I have tried myself is the Nutella and cookie butter! (TJs version though)

  575. I’d spread it on toast!

  576. The question should be, what wouldn’t I do with these babes ! I used to be so scared of anything butter because of its “fat” content. In the last months I’ve become more openminded to food and started enjoying the treats I would deem as the devil before haha. I love peanut butter/almond butter in ERRRRTHANG seriously. I also love using chocolateyyy butter in banana bread because why not. I love reading up on your blog, it has helped me so much with overcoming my fear of ‘getting fat’ and I have genuinely developed a much healthier relationship with food. so THANK YOU GIRL! for the positivity and love you put out there. 

  577. I would love to win this giveaway just as much as I would love for someone else to win ! these nut butters are to DIE FOR, so incredibly good and made with natural ingredients. MY FAVES are Justin’s because they’re AMAZEEEEBALLS like seriously cannot live without them, and my kids would definitely agree hahaha :) 

  578. Wow, they all look delicious!

  579. Cookies! Or toast!

  580. Considering I live in a dorm room, I would put it on pretty much anything and everything that is dorm friendly. Toast, oatmeal, dark chocolate, with a spoon… So many kinds I’m dying to try!!!

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