Just popping in!

Hi guys!

I have a more thought out post for tomorrow, but today’s blog post is just some randomness due to me being a bit busier than usual with last night’s seminar + some fun meal dates today.

I am also guest posting over on Rachael’s blog today! If you want to pop over and read it and give Rachael some love, I’d love that :)

For breakfast I met a friend to talk about…birthing a child! We had a fabulous conversation enjoyed over crepes and lattes.  I’m grateful for people who are open and willing to answer all my questions.  And don’t feel awkward when I ask super personal questions.

Afterwards my dad came to my office and helped me with some office things.  My dad is going to start helping me with some office admin stuff.  Then we went and grabbed a quick taco lunch nearby.  We are going to start having lunch every Thursday to try all the restaurants around my office, so I’m excited for that. 

I just got back to my office and have clients + my support group for the rest of the afternoon/evening.  I’m really craving an orange and all the water, so I’m happy I packed an orange in my bag today.  Yay citrus!

See you back here tomorrow to share some new thoughts I’ve had on movement<3


  1. Can’t wait for the movement post. That’s something I’d like to work on the most right now. Hope the seminar went well!

  2. the quote/picture you have posted at the beginning of this is FACBULOUS
    the days where i get to the end of it and realize i havent been focused on my body or food feel like the most wonderful kind of freedom

  3. Yay for Dads! Your restaurant exploration dates sound like so much fun! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on movement. I have definitely been re-thinking my relationship with movement/exercise recently and I think I’m coming to a gentler, kinder understanding and practice for my body. Hope the rest of your day was awesome!

  4. Kylie I really enjoyed reading your positive affirmations! We all need those- especially in the throes of an ED or while recovering. Keep doing your awesome work! You’re an inspiration for those of us who’ve struggled.

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