Friday Favorites: a dress, a meal, how to make the world’s juiciest watermelon, AND a podcast!

An insta follower recommended Pink Blush to me and I’m in LOVE with this dress.   I feel like it would be great pregnant or not pregnant.  I haven’t bought the dress yet, but I love pom poms and will likely go ahead and purchase it today :)

One of my favorite meals of this week was yesterday’s breakfast.  Oatmeal made with 2% milk and a banana whipped in.  Then I topped it with cinnamon-sugar, granola and peanut butter.

On the side I had a La Colombe, which I was sent samples of.  I’ve always really like La Colombe’s branding and was excited to try their vanilla latte.  I thought it was delicious and makes for something fun to keep in the fridge.

One of the things that has stuck around for my entire pregnancy is a lack of appetite.  It’s lame, but I’m okay with whatever my body needs to do to grow this baby.  Eating is less exciting when nothing sounds good! It’s such an interesting experience to eat just to take away hunger.  Eating satisfying and pleasurable foods can be such a self care act for me, so it’s weird to be experiencing this appetite shift.  I’ve found eating out more is helpful, since (for me) cooking with no appetite isn’t enjoyable. 

Last weekend my mom served a salad with what was the juiciest watermelon OF MY LIFE! I asked where the watermelon was from and she said just the local grocery store, but this is what she did to make it epicly juicy.

First you cut up half of the watermelon and blend it into a juice.  

Then you cut up the rest of the watermelon and pour the watermelon juice over the pieces.  

Let soak in the fridge for a couple hours and there ya go! Super juice watermelon! 

I was on another podcast!  It’s episode #21.  I really enjoyed our conversation and opened up about some pregnancy thoughts that has been on my mind.  I’m grateful to Kristin for giving me a platform to talk about all this stuff when I definitely don’t have it all figured out. 

Happy Friday guys! I hope you’ve all got something fun planned for the weekend :) We’re keeping it pretty low key.


  1. I love these posts! That dress is super cute. I love dresses that have a shelf (I think that’s how it would be described), and the pom poms make it really fun. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. One final thought: I downloaded the podcast (love it!), and I have to mirror your sentiments on the dietetic internship, program, clinical setting. I have worked in long-term care and now renal. Perhaps given my vulnerability with disordered eating in my past and other tendencies, I have known that clinical is not the fit for me. However, I, unfortuantely, couldn’t be picky because I simply needed a job. It pays quite well, but it really gets to me. I have developed lovely white coat syndrome when I go to the doctor because I’ve allowed myself to fear given all the disease I see. This isn’t an excuse because I know countless people work in the medical field, but it just gets in my head. I’m torn on looking for a different job right now with Mason ill, and Matt just started his new job. One day I will, though. I want to experience the fulfillment that you have in your work. You make such a positive impact!

  3. As usual, enjoyed listening to you on the podcast :)

  4. Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Hi Kylie! That dress is so cute! I’m excited to listen to the new podcast and try that juicy watermelon :)

    I’m going to be a high school camp counselor for a week at the end of June. I won’t have any control over the meals served. As someone in recovery, I want to make sure I’m eating well (I figure bringing snacks is key!), but I also want to prevent/limit anxiety about foods that are out of my comfort zone. Any tips? Would love to see a blog post on eating well and beating anxiety when your choices are limited!

    • dont focus on the meals hun.when your served up or getting those @anxiety foods’ there is nothing that fearing them will bring to the situation. get involved with your surroundings.dont stare at the plate of unknown.look up and around you at where you are,what your achieving,the conversation,the beautiful sights,sounds,people. what is different really to the foods you would give yourself.its the CHANGE that is the fear. these foods can still be as safe if you think these are thoughts not facts.and its just the changing and something new that bring food to the plate. but they are food not fearful things. also watch your friends and fellow campmates.what do there plates look like,if your feeling out of control get what they are.then you can say to the innr screamer “listen I’m ok,they are all having the same you can get to me on this thanks!”
      keep remembering what are you actually anxous over right now.the food or the new,different situation,dont bring it to the plate.breathe deeply smile right from the corner of your eyes all thrugh your body and think,”hell I’m doing amazing and I can,and I wikk because look at this beautiful workd I’m able to live in by carrying on and being brave”

    • I found some greathe deep breathing exercises are great in axiety situations. it just put a gap between the fight or flight mode going in your mind.
      have thebest timexx

  6. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast while I make super juicy watermelon! haha..have a great weekend!

  7. Just FYI. The experience that I had with Pink Blush, while I was pregnant they ran a little small. Also, they run a lot of PinkBlush sales on Zulily, where you can get them for super cheap!

  8. Hi Kylie! I’m not sure if you have done this in previous posts, but can you recommend a list of podcasts and books that you love for intuitive eating/body positive/health at every size? I listen to food psych which I LOVE but I’m out of episodes. Thanks :)

  9. I was genuinely sad when you went to buy that pom pom dress and it was sold out :( I hope they get it back in your size soon, if they haven’t already! Also, that watermelon trick sounds so cool and a must try!

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