Laguna Beach Eats.

My favorite thing I ate on our trip was a vegan coffee cake from Zinc.  Like 5 years ago when I was interning for Robin she told me about Zinc and I’ve been a fan ever since!

I’ve learned that if a baked good is vegan that pretty much guarantees it’s gonna be super moist.  I imagine because it doesn’t have eggs to help it set.


Zinc’s vanilla latte was also super delicious and I enjoyed a few on the trip.  The coffee cake was slightly spiced with something.  I’m not sure what…maybe cardamom? Or clove? Not sure but there was only a hint of it, which was perfect and not overpowering! 

One morning I had the above for breakfast alone.  Another morning I had the above and then some of my dad’s breakfast tacos back at our timeshare.  Soft scrambled eggs + crisp bacon + cheese + flour tortilla…perrrrfect.

Or a coffee cake appetizer followed up with a delicious quiche Quinn + Derek whipped us up.  Jojo was unsure about it lol…

One morning we walked down to our favorite hole-in-the-wall bakery to find this on the door…

That has to be so sad for a baker to not be able to bake!


Lunches were usually just leftovers at the timeshare, simple sandwiches, or tacos/burrito-type bowls.

The below taco was a tofu taco topped with a citrus slaw (SO GOOD.) and aioli.  Eaten with a nice pile of chips + guac.

One of the best sandwiches was sourdough bread + a rosemary asiago + turkey + spread of spinach-artichoke dip.  So good.

One day for a snack Andrew and I split an Acai Bowl.


Most of our dinners were eaten back at the timeshare.

salmon + bread with butter + sautéed snap peas + wine.

salad + white wine (not sweet.  I hate sweet white wine.  Tastes like fermented apple juice to me. Ew.) + my dad’s homemade clam chowder.

steak + broccoli + twice-baked potatoes.

blue cheese burgers.

Some nights I’d have dessert before dinner so I didn’t miss out.  After dinner was always hectic with getting Jo to sleep, so pre-dinner desserts included coffee ice cream and Joe-joes.  See what I did there… :)


  1. That last picture – adorable!! And I did see what you did. ;) Epic vacation noms! Love them all. That coffee cake sounds deeelicious!

  2. Looks like you had a delicious time! Coffee cake has always been a favorite of mine. I didn’t like donuts when I was younger, so when I went out for special breakfasts to Dunkin Donuts with my mom I’d always get a warm coffee cake muffin with my hot chocolate. They taste like memories to me :) . I love seeing how you mixed up meals and everything depending on the day. Flexibility and freedom with food is the best!


  3. Haha Jo holding the box of Joe Joe’s is the cutest! And great tip on the vegan baked goods… never thought of that! Your trip sounds wonderful :)

  4. That vanilla latte makes me wish I liked coffee! It looks so good. I’ve been meaning to make breakfast tacos- those look delicious!

  5. Oh she is SO not impressed with the quiche! LOL adorable

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