Week in the Life VIDEO!

Hey guys! Today I’m doing something different and sharing a WEEK in my life in video format!

I thought this would be a fun week to share, since typically I am in the office Tuesday-Friday, but this week I was out of the office for a sponsored media trip with Unilever.

Here’s a photo/day of my week and you can find the video below.



Wednesday (me + Robyn!)


I hope you enjoy the video :)  Let me know what ya think! I’d be happy to do more videos in the future if you guys enjoy them!


  1. I really enjoyed this video! It’s nice to see a change of pace, even though I love anything and everything you post! Excited to see what’s to come :) Have a lovely day.

  2. Loved the video! Totally agree with exercise is not an option after seeing a full day of ED clients! I just want to go home and watch Netflix! lol

  3. Loved this!! Keep ‘me coming!!

  4. Loved the video!! So much fun!! It’s also refreshing to see a week in the life of like minded non-disordered eating people :)

  5. I loved the video as well :) It’s a fun peek into your life. You handled that long flight delay better than I would have! Maggie is so cute!

    Can I also say, it’s so nice to listen to your voice because many young ladies develop a babyish speech pattern that lifts up at the end of each sentence. It drives me crazy and I find I can’t listen to most bloggers that I enjoy reading. I love how you and Robyn have grown-up, women’s voices! :)

  6. I love everything about you! It is hard to pull of both wise and adorable – well done! Praying you are feeling good!

  7. Love the joy you radiate Kylie!  And Maggie is just too darn cute in the tub (washing her feet?) Loved this :)

  8. Loved this! You are probably my favourite person on the internet. So true to your message – you are a rare breed in that you truly to practice what you preach :-)

  9. Loved the video! I was interested the whole way through and I think you did a great job with editing and piecing it all together (I’d have no idea where to begin with that stuff!)

    Also, I feel your pain on the delayed flight out of NY. I was delayed to & from NY this past weekend and it was a pain and a half.

    Great post :)

  10. So thrilled that someone else tells their pets to “Have a good day!” LOL! Great video, though- I hope you do more even though I love all of your posts.

  11. Love the video (and always love your day/weekend in the life posts)!

  12. Getting to actually hear you say something about the turmeric supplements out loud killed me: “and I’m like just cook with it sometimes!” 

    love it, so hilarious. 

  13. this was so awesome. so when houston becomes chelsea we’ll be neighbors…right? <3

  14. Hi Kylie!
    As someone who’s spent years coming to terms with eating intuitively and listening to my body instead of thinking i had to stairmaster-off every calorie I was consuming I just wanted to say I love this video and the balance you portray in it and on the blog :)
    Long time reader, but first time commenter and your blog has been such a safe and informative space for me throughout my food journey, so I just wanted to say thank you.

  15. I really enjoyed this! I love that you try to share parts of your life that aren’t necessarily related to food or being a RD. Thank you for putting yourself out there and for showing your readers so much love!

  16. Hi Kylie, I loved the video! Thanks for bringing something new to the blog, I really enjoyed it! Your outlook on food/exercise/life in general is really an inspiration to me. Thanks for everything :)

  17. This is wonderful and just makes me like you more haha and also Maggie might be the cutest thing ever, I say the same thing to my dog “have a good day!” With a nose kiss every morning. Dogs are the best.  I love how real you are and willing to admit struggles, hard days, and with such a good sense of humor. 👍🏻 Loved it! 

  18. Love the video post!!!! It was fun to see a behind the scenes! :) 

  19. YES to more videos like this! I love day in the life posts, but week in the life VIDEOS are ~that~ much more fun. I might just have to do one myself :)

  20. Wow that was really cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

  21. I loved this video! The music was so cheerful and much needed for me. Thank you for this fun post! <3

  22. please more videos!! loved this! and you should totally do hair tutorials, that was the best part (I use this hairspray because I like it haha LOVED it)

  23. LOVED this video! It was so fun to watch but also… weirdly therapeutic/inspiring to see how comfortable you are in your own skin. I would love to see more!!! Thank you, Kylie.

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