Where I found my recipe inspiration this week!

This week I was feeling cookbooks for my meal inspiration.  While sometimes I get meal inspiration from my brain, other blogs, the internet, or magazines.  This week I was feeling cookbooks.

The cookbooks I cooked from this week were:

The Savvy Cook.  Top With Cinnamon’s new cookbook!  Izy sent me a copy last week and when thumbing through it this weekend everything just looked so delicious, so I tagged a bunch of recipes and made some this week.

I also got some inspiration from this Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook, which isn’t a resource I’d recommend to those with eating disorders due to calorie counts and the title of the book..since I think all food is good for you.  Katie does have some tasty recipes though and has always been SOO kind to me in the blogging world.

One tasty breakfast were these chocolate chip pancakes from Katie’s book.  This recipe called for a bunch of different flours and sweeteners (which I didn’t have), so I just used oat flour and sugar.

And added a bunch of bananas.

The rest of the recipes I’ve cooked so far this week came from Izy’s book!

She has these cookie dough bites that are DELICIOUS! I made them Sunday and snacked on them at the beginning of the week.

Another meal from Izy was actually a side dish…miso-garlic broccoli.  SO GOOD.  Paired with salmon and farro.

Last night for dinner I made another of Izy’s recipes and my sister came over to eat with us.  I made dinner and she brought cake for dessert.

I made vermicelli bowls! Vermicelli + marinated carrot-scallion salad + cashews + pickled red onions + cilantro + corn + tofu.

For the tofu I just pressed it, marinated it in teriyaki sauce for an hour, and then sautéed until crisp! Turned out great.

What’s the most satisfying thing you’ve eaten this week?!

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  1. I think I inherited my mama’s love for cookbooks. Pinterest and websites are great, but it’s so much nicer to be able to have a real book in front of you in the kitchen, and even just to browse through for inspo is nice!

  2. All of these look DELISH Kylie, and I always always swoon over your kitchen! This has been a weird week in the kitchen for me, but I made tuna cakes and topped them Bolthouse Farms cilantro avocado dressing and crumbled feta, paired with some simple steamed broccoli. This was a little out of the norm for me (my husband hates tuna) but it sounded good so I ate it. Happy almost weekend! :)

  3. I read your site religiously and have found some amazing resources through your blog (50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, Robyn’s blog, Food Psych podcast, HAES movement etc) and truly believe you are doing amazing things to combat the diet mentality and are culture’s messed up messages it sends about food and bodies.

    That being said, I’m disappointed you would recommend her cookbook. Just because someone is kind doesn’t mean they don’t promote some serious toxic EDB even if it’s unintentional on their part (diet culture is all some people really know). I’m sorry if this sounded unkind, I know it’s extremely easy to come across as a “troll” or a “hater” on the internet, I’m just wondering why you would recommend this particular cookbook. (WTF does “healthy desserts” even mean?!”

    • Hi Yael, agreed! 100% agreed! Which is why I said in this post that her book “isn’t a resource I’d recommend to those with eating disorders due to calorie counts and the title of the book.”

  4. The savvy cook book looks right up my alley. Love budget friendly recipes. Where can I purchase? Thanks! :)

  5. I always go back and forth with cookbooks- I LOVE reading them, but don’t have the shelfspace to actually buy and keep all the ones I want. One I always go back to is Yotam Ottolenghi’s “Plenty More”- SO earthy and beautiful.

    I’m kinda with Yael- I have been reading CCK’s site off and on for years but always, always get put off by the strong message of food fear, calorie counting, etc. Katie seems very sweet and well-intentioned, but I think her readers perpetuate diet culture in a big way. Every few months I head over, quickly scroll through, and only click a recipe that really stands out to me.

    Lately I’ve been crazy about sandwiches. Put it between 2 thick slices of bread and I’m in. Also loving herbed goat cheese as a sandwich spread, too.

    • Yeah her approach is different than my approach for sure. It’s not a helpful place for those with eating disorders. I’m more intrigued by the business side of her blog and watching it’s success, than I am by her content and recipes.

      Thick slices of bread + herbed goat cheese as a spread = YES!

  6. Hey Kylie,

    I read your blog daily during my lunch time at work. Gives me a nice break from charting on patients :)

  7. My suuuper satisfying foods this week have been all the avocados (mostly with salt and a little red pepper) and Cashew Butter Brownies from Fit Foodie Finds. They were too cakey for me, so I stuck them in the freezer and they’re perfectly cold and fudgy now :)

    And my few cents on CCK: She seems super sweet. I don’t always read her blog anymore because I don’t have a million flours and stuff (and I like using eggs). However, when I was trying to gain weight, I was always thankful for a blogger to relate to because I wasn’t coming from a place of ED (and she at least said she wasn’t either). Her recipes do all have higher and lower calorie options, which I get isn’t ideal for someone coming from an ED, but as a beginning baker/cook, I always appreciated having the knowledge to make a meal/food right for me. It might not be something everyone is equipped to handle, but it worked for me – and she usually steers people away from lower-fat options because they don’t taste as good. She also opened my mind to trying vegan things even though I’m not vegan. Again, not for everybody, but not objectively bad, I don’t think.

    • Katie let me post on her blog ages ago and I mentioned “salmon” in the post and got attacked in the comments section lol. Those vegans can be a wee bit scary sometimes. Katie was good at laughing about it and not taking it personally/being upset with me for accidentally mentioning salmon on her blog.

      For those recovering from EDs, all the flour, egg and sweetener alternatives CCK’s recipes calls for doesn’t make it a good resource for them. For someone who can be flexible with food, I think her recipes can be a fine inspiration source (like in the pancake recipe of hers I made, I added eggs, flour, and sugar…when it called for stevia, 2 kinds of flours and no-egg).

  8. My most satisfying meal this week was from central market- a pulled smoked chicken sandwich with collard, carrot and raisin slaw (vineagar based) with watermelon! Finished the meal with a handful of dark chocolate chips & nuts.

  9. I have a really big issue with chocolate covered Katie. When I was at my worst in my ED hers was one of the only things I would eat because of the calorie counts, sugar subs, and general diet type ingredients. Now I actually don’t use her recipes at all, mostly because it drives me nuts and doesn’t feel like real food anymore. If imma have a brownie, Imma have a real brownie with all the good traditional ingredients and enjoy it. Her recipes have never actually satisfied my tastebuds because they’re full of not real stuff to me.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it’s too diet mentality for me… often I feel the same about The Big Man’s World, but that’s more for his abundance of protein powder… I’ve yet to find one that has a nice consistency because everything I try has a powdery texture and makes things super runny.

    My two cents, take it or leave it. I LOVE Izy’s stuff! I’ve used her first cookbook a ton of times (have you tried her basil chocolate chip cookies?! SO GOOD!), and I actually didn’t know she came out with a new one… really wanting to try those cookie dough balls!

    • I always like your two cents and I agree with your critique of both of those blogs. It is fascinating to me to see the success and incredible growth of diet mentality blogs/IG accounts.

      Izy’s recipes are a warm, safe, ED-free place :)

  10. Can I just say that I have this super extreme obsession with cinnamon, so I am so happy you showed me a blog called Topped with Cinnamon?? I am not in a cooking phase in my life right now, but I loooove your eats. That stack of pancakes is a dream!! Most satisfying thing I ate this week..this bread that came for free with my meal yesterday. Doughy on the inside with a crunchy crust omg so heavenly.

  11. That salmon though! Love all your meal ideas and totally love perusing beautiful cookbooks. Most satisfying thing I’ve eaten this week- grilled hamburger on a delicious bun with homemade pickles! Eaten outside, of course :)

  12. Thanks for the reminder to go back to my cookbooks! It sounds so relaxing and great way to not get distracted by the interwebs :)

  13. I love cookbooks so much.  I think it’s nostalgic since my mom and I would always cook recipes from them when I was little:)  The miso broccoli and the pancakes both sound SO good.  Loved the post! (as always) 

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