Are you in a daily routine of body bashing?

Only one post today :)

Blog posts for the rest of the week will be a bit more light & fun.  Hope you enjoy! 


  1. I love this! Since reading your blog, I’ve noticed that I really do turn to shaming my body or myself in general when I’m having anxiety or there’s something I don’t want to deal with. Since I’ve started intuitive eating, I usually switch my mind to food now though which probably isn’t he best coping mechanism but it only happens when I’m hungry so there’s that. Thanks for another wonderful post! God bless!

    • Sounds like you’re diversifying your coping mechanisms, Sarah! Love that! You used to cope with strong emotions by shaming your body, now food is a way to cope (which is normal because food is pleasurable)…now it’s like what other coping mechanisms are out there for you!

  2. I think this is so true and kind of funny because I just did exactly this yesterday. I had a super long day at my internship, came home and didn’t feel up to the run I had planned so proceeded to body bash and then also put on my cozy pair of sweatpants to try to make myself feel better after everything. :P Really made no sense whatsoever.

  3. I’m really thankful by God’s grace not to be in that daily ‘comfortable’ routine of bashing my body or weighing myself or having strict food rules.   <3  So thankful that you help us draw those distinctions.  

  4. This is so great. Just FYI, on mobile there is an ad covering most of the words in the painting and every time I tried to close the ad to see them I ended up clicking on the ad instead and being taken to the ad website. (Maybe I’m the only one with that problem? 😂) I had to look at the post on my laptop to see the whole painting.

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