The weather finally cooled off this weekend in Houston and it’s been beautiful with mornings sunny and around 65ºF.  So gorgeous.  Some neighborhoods of Houston are still flooded with water that isn’t draining, but the city if feeling more and more back to normal (for us at least).  Many are still in destroyed homes and I’m sure their life doesn’t feel normal.  My thoughts are with all my readers in Florida + any affected by Irma.  Hope you are safe.

Saturday morning I woke up and was craving kolaches.  I told Andrew I was heading to the local donut shop, Shipley’s…so he got out of bed to come with me.

And I was wearing my donut shirt…

sausage and cheese kolache + cake donut + vanilla latte.

That morning Andrew and I cleaned out the nursery together and then I organized our pantry.

And later I headed to a bridal shower brunch.  Complete with fun games.

After the shower I picked up one of my favorite salads from a BBQ restaurant out in the suburbs.  It’s a super simple salad – really good grilled chicken, avocado, tortilla strips, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, blue cheese dressing AND they have EPIC honey wheat rolls that I had a couple of.

Eaten in my favorite room in the house.  I’ll be sharing a nursery / pregnancy update likely later this week, so stay tuned for that if you like those posts :)

I spent the afternoon reading some about labor and writing thank you notes for the gifts baby girl has received. 

Later that afternoon I went to the gym, but I was having a weird sensation in my lower belly area…so I ended up leaving pretty quick.

I made a smoothie + granola for dinner.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t have a stomach of steel.  Smoothies in the morning don’t work for my GI system, so if I want a smoothie I typically have them for a snack, lunch or dinner.  A smoothie just can’t be the first thing I put in my stomach for the day.  

I went with my favorite kale smoothie recipe = 2 FROZEN bananas, couple handfuls kale, scoop vanilla protein powder, spoonful almond butter, couple squeezes honey, dash cinnamon, enough milk to blend.  Perfect.  Served with granola on the side.

Sunday started per usual with church + breakfast tacos + lattes.  Then grocery shopping.

For lunch I made avocado toast + cottage cheese + peaches.  Then spent some time watercoloring.

Later I went to a prenatal yoga class that I didn’t enjoy.  I’ve never been a fan of this yoga studio, but my usual studio (YogaOne) doesn’t offer prenatal yoga.  The instructor was 8 minutes late to the class, there was zero flow to the pose sequences, some of the poses she was cueing one couldn’t physically do with a prego belly (I kept looking around at the other pregnant mom’s and was like, “where are they putting their bellies?”, the instructor had us doing reps of certain movements (this is my biggest pet peeve with yoga classes.  THIS ISN’T A GROUP FITNESS CLASS.  This is yoga! There should be zero reps of things IMO), she ended the class 6 minutes early.  The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way.  

And. I think all prenatal yoga classes should have a 5 minute intermission to let everyone go pee real quick lol

And.  It just didn’t feel good to move my pregnant body in the class.  I know I just mentioned how I’d been taking a break from yoga due to my knee and lower back pain…but I decided to go for a few reasons related to how I want to labor come baby delivery time.  The last half of the class we did do a lot of restorative poses, which I enjoyed because I got to practice some of my labor relaxations Andrew and I are planning on using.  

And. I really love ujjayi breathing and it wasn’t once mentioned in this class…whereas at my fav yoga studio it is pretty much the foundation of every class.  I mean, I could still do the breathing…I just like when the instructor is reminding us to breathe in that way.

Clearly this class just wasn’t for me.  So I’ll stop my complaining there :)

yoga snacks = 

Sunday evening Andrew worked in our yard, so I sat outside in the grass and hung out.

Then I came across the below photo on IG and was like, “oh yum I wanna make something like that for dinner.”

So I threw together some celery, broccoli, carrots, rotisserie chicken, chicken broth and cornstarch.  Then I whipped up a biscuit recipe.

It came out tasty.  Served with an Izze’s.  I liked this blackberry flavor better than the clementine.  

Sunday night we started Ozark on Netflix.  Have you watched? I’m liking it so far.

Today I’m meeting a friend for a crepe breakfast, working on blog content, getting some private practice admin stuff done, and this evening I’m attending a Newborn Care class at our hospital.  The class is freaking 3 hours long so I better be a genius on all things baby by the end of it.  I hated school.  I don’t do well sitting and listening, but I imagine I will find the class content interesting ;)

How was your weekend? Any highlights you wanna share??


  1. Oh I feel so bad about your bad yoga class – that’s SO disappointing! Especially the teacher being late – that would start me off in a really really bad mood.

    On the bright side, I like your donut shirt!

  2. Mother of a 4 year old here. I hated how long the newborn class was too, but it really helped. Only thing I didn’t like was they were heavily focused on breastfeeding, which I wanted to do, but it didn’t work out. Some attention to bottle feeding and possible issues that go with that (like constipation from formula) would have been helpful. Also, try not to get too focused on a birth plan, so you’re not disappointed if it doesn’t work out. I wanted a vaginal birth, but was told at 37 weeks my baby never turned and I would have to have a c-section. Wasn’t my plan, and I mourned for a few days, but it all worked out in the end with a healthy baby :)

    • Thanks for the advice, Jen! We’ll see how the class goes…fingers crossed they don’t bombard me with “breast is best” messages, bc I’m a fan of “fed is best.”

      I’ve been listening to The Birth Hour Podcast, which I think is helpful because women share all kinds of birth stories…those who want vaginal birth and end up with c-sections, those who schedule c-sections, those who want epidurals but end up not being able to get one, etc. It’s been good for reminding me that you can plan and plan, but things may not happen how you want them to :)

  3. I’ve had a yoga class before that felt so lackluster and the instructor never stopped talking. It’s hard to relax when someone is running their mouth non-stop for an hour. You look really cute! I love when your belly pops in photos taken from up above. :) My fiance and I went to the Vols football game with his parents on Saturday ( Go Big Orange!), & on Sunday, my fiance and I designed and rebuilt our closet (2 shelves & rods) so that felt pretty successful! We had the most amazing fall weather but sadly have rain for the next few days thanks to Irma. Hope you have a great class tonight!

  4. We bought a house!!! And then had the most delicious meal to celebrate (best salmon and steak of my life!). And then worked our butts off sanding the floors…it’s gonna be a lot of work, but we’re SO excited for the finished product and about the fact that it’s OURS!!!!

  5. I love that you mentioned the group fitness thing, because I had a gym coach once that taught a “yoga class” and she did so many reps of moves that made no sense and there was no flow to it either… one of the reasons I left that gym. Also those pants with the lace bottom look super comfortable and I’d love to know where you got them :) 

  6. Also, what kind of pan is that on the stove? Looks like its great for stovetop and in the oven :)

  7. You always seem to eat out once a day. I eat out maybe once or twice a week. How do you budget for this working at a private practice? If you aren’t comfortable talking about this, I totally understand, I’m just interested (and thinking I’m doing something wrong… hahaha).

    • Hi Brie! I’m just gonna dump a lot of thoughts here and maybe that’ll be helpful!

      I work at my own private practice. So no one is taking a cut of my income. I did work at a group practice for a couple years under a great mentor. I learned a ton, but I was making a lot less bc I was only keeping a percentage of what I made…but it was 100% worth it because I was learning SOOO much.

      Being in private practice for myself + being in network with BCBS insurance (awesome for being able to see clients consistently and longterm) + the blog provide enough financially to make eating out an option. Also, having a fun food life is part of my brand, so the majority of my food is a business expense.

      Other factors I feel like should be addressed –> my husband’s company provides my health insurance, so I’m not having to pay for that…which is huge for sure. I know not everyone has this luxury and I’m super grateful for it. I also stayed in state for college and went to a more affordable university for undergrad + grad school, so fortunately I don’t have any student debt. Also, my husband and I are currently DINK (dual income, no kids) and we don’t really like traveling to foreign countries or having fancy cars…so that leaves space for the simple pleasures like eating out.

      So I guess my answer here is: having multiple sources of income from the private practice + blog, fortunately not having student debt and Houston is an affordable place to live.

      That’s what works for me. Not sure if that helps you, but I hope it does in some way!

  8. What a fun weekend! And I was literally dying during your Yoga Soapbox. “Clearly” it wasn’t for you, lol! And I also love that donut shirt!

    • lol. The studio called this morning to see how I enjoyed the class, since it was my first time at their studio. So I got to explain that I don’t think the studio was right for me. The lady recommended some other teachers who’s approach is different…so I may give those a shot in the future!

  9. I’m so sorry that yoga class was irritating! I would’ve been very upset too. Yoga should flow, not feel regimented like a fitness class, and the instructor should be on time and teach the full class. Other than that, everything looks amazing! I love that your wore your donut tee to get donuts. I so would do that. :) Matt and I had a lovely weekend. We enjoyed a movie night in (watched Gifted and loved it!), went to a game night at a friend’s house on Saturday, and then we leisurely enjoyed brunch on Sunday. Such a treat!

  10. The newborn class we went to was kind of like “a million ways you can accidentally kill your baby,” not the most helpful. Hopefully your class isn’t like that but just remember babies are very durable and you don’t need to be afraid of everything! You guys got this!

  11. So happy things are starting to feel somewhat back to normal for you guys. Your smoothie sounds awesome- frozen bananas are key! I have been doing so many smoothie bowls + granola lately. My weekend highlight was meeting my in-laws for dinner and catching up with them!

  12. Ha- I teach prenatal classes, including infant care. Ours is also 3 hrs. I hope I’m not boring!

  13. I spy the Bradley book!! 😉😉
    You are going to have an amazing birth–not because any plans can be guaranteed, but because you’re owning the process already!

    I found some of the Bradley info to be extremely helpful–such as labor signposts(which ended up being really definable to me during labor! It was very orienting in a sea of very unfamiliar sensations), different portraits of different labors, the relaxation poses and exercises– and some ended up being 100% thrown out the window! (And that is okay.) I found I wanted ZERO touch and ZERO noises, ZERO talking. We had prepped for husband-coached birth, but once things were in swing I couldn’t even look at my husband much less have him assist me. Poor guy😊

  14. Your meals always look so fantastic, especially that smoothie. Sorry about that yoga class; that sucks :( But I’m super excited to read your nursery update! :)
    My weekend involved a beautiful Shabbat service at my school, the National Portrait Gallery, and ice cream for breakfast. Feel free to read more ;)

  15. Glad things are starting to feel more back to normal in your neck of the woods. Enough for donut breakfasts and yoga, at least. :) Even if the prenatal yoga class does sound pretty frustrating. I’m with you–not the kind of person who enjoys yoga simply because it’s yoga. I find it works best for me with instructors who have a particular style.
    After seeing your posts on IG about how much you’ve been enjoying floating at the pool, I’ve really been craving pool time. So I finally persuaded my boyfriend to take me to the pool at his apartment complex this weekend. Win!

  16. Hi Kylie! Glad you’re doing well and you’re safe! I was honestly worried about ya when I heard about the hurricane.

    After I had little man, I began to get very stressed, anxious, and depressed so my husband really wanted me to try out our local yoga class. So I went and the first time was ok and I was semi relaxed but as I kept going, I just stararted hating it more and more. It wasn’t relaxing at all anymore and just started feeling like a workout I was forcing myself to go to. Nevertheless, I quit going to the gym all together after a while because it all became far too triggering for me while I’m recovering. Yoga and my Zumba class talked about weight goals and diets so that is a big no no right now as I struggle with going back and forth with feel quit uncomfortable in my body at times and feel I’m doing something wrong with my eating/exercise. BUT I’m pushing through because I haven’t felt this happy in years!

    Thanks for your inspiration! It was very healing to come back and read your blog after being out of it for a bit!

  17. Prenatal yoga has been such a relaxing and positive experience for me. I hope you find a class/studio/teacher that’s better! It’s especially nice in the 3rd trimester to do some of the pregnancy-friendly movements (yesss Goddess pose) when nothing else feels good. I do laugh out loud sometimes in my class because I’m just too pregnant to do some of the poses, but I feel like the teacher and other moms are laughing with me :)

    • lol I feel you on the laughing out loud in class! Everyone in my class was in their 3rd trimester except for one mama at 11 weeks…and the things being cued were just comical to try to do with a baby belly. Glad to hear prenatal yoga brought some joy & relaxation to your pregnancy, Lee<3

  18. Try Yogaleena! The owner, Carolina, is a new mom and she teaches the prenatal class. I loved going but it aggravated some hip pain I have been having so I had to stop.

  19. Hi!

    I’m a yoga teacher, and I’m curious about your comment regarding not doing “repeaters” in a class. The style of yoga that I fell in love with is power vinyasa, and there are lots of repeated movements there– (“from downward facing dog, inhale as you send your right leg high to the sky, then exhale and curl your knee into your nose, inhale and reach the leg high behind you, exhale and curl your knee into your nose, inhale and reach the leg long, exhale curl it in,” or something like shifting from high lunge to warrior 3 and back to high lunge a few times etc)– is this what you don’t like? I consider that to be sort of a flowing/dance-like/meditative, but does it seem like step aerobics or a barre class to you?

    Thanks for your thoughts! Always looking to be a better teacher :)

    • Hi Hannah! I LOVE flow style classes like I think you’re talking about. I don’t like when the class is started with, “let’s do 20 reps of abs” or when we go into a warrior pose and the teacher goes, “let’s squeeze in 10 lunges real quick.” When teachers say that (IMO) it always feels like they are focusing on changing body size…not helping someone feel peace + meditative.

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