Surprise Visit.

Saturday morning started with donuts + eggs + a latte.  I’m really liking breakfasts of eggs paired with a baked good.  Oatmeal hasn’t sounded good in weeks, which is usually one of my go-tos.  I think I may swing by my fav scone place and pick up a few scones for the rest of this week.

I wish I would’ve prepped some more frozen breakfast options before Jo was born.  I prepped dinners and didn’t realize that mornings are really when I need the most help with food because Jo wakes up hungry and needs to be fed asap or she cries and that ends up with me not eating for an hour…which doesn’t work bc I wake up hungry too ha.  Soooo moral of the story I need to prep / pick-up some easy breakfast options for me.

Back to the weekend…

Late Saturday morning my parents stopped by our house to drop off some food.  We were talking and THENNNNN Layne (my big sister) walked in! I freaked out!

Her and Marco live in DC and they weren’t supposed to get to meet Joanna until Christmas, but she got a flight this weekend to surprise me.  I realized I’d never been surprised before (like a surprise party surprise) and IT WAS AWESOME.  I love having sisters.  It was so great and surreal having her meet my baby.  My baby! haha.  Still sounds crazy to me.

We spent the weekend together.  On Sunday, Quinn (my little sister) came in from college and we all went to church + brunch together.

Sunday marked our first restaurant outing with Jo.  And it was my first day nursing in public.  I’m not ready to start giving her bottles yet.  I like being the only one who can feed baby girl and I’m not ready to give that up. 

I joked that we were going to take the meal in stages.  Stage one: make it into the restaurant.  Stage two: make it through ordering.  Stage three: Make it through the meal…and so on.  I fed Jo in the restaurant and was pretty nervous about making other (non-family) people uncomfortable.  I wore a nursing cover, but I was kinda surprised how nervous I was about feeding her in public.  But we did it! I’m glad Andrew and my sisters were there to support & encourage me.

Sunday evening our little family dropped Layne at the airport and went to the grocery store.  We didn’t order curbside pickup in time, so we went inside the store.  Still loving our Solly wrap.

For dinner I made us sandwiches on slider-sized 3 cheese buns (that were awesome) with smoked turkey + a slaw (just one of those salad kits I pretended was a slaw).  Came out super delish.

Then I had some fun ice cream I picked up from the store.  It was pretty tasty, but I wish the cookie crumbles that were in it were actually cookie dough.  Then it really would’ve been magical.

Today for lunch I prepped a massive batch of croutons and had some store-bought kale salad with smoked turkey and blue cheese.

Joanna has cried anytime I put her down today.  She usually naps pretty well by herself, but today that’s not the case.  No complaints… :)


  1. I love that Layne surprised you like that! Sisters really are the best! What a wonderful weekend with your little family. Enjoy your snuggly day with Jo :)

  2. Such a nice weekend for you guys! I’m planning to make like 10 batches of pumpkin scones and a variety of cookies to have on hand. :)

  3. Nursing in public gets easier!  I’m 12 months in with my second baby and don’t think twice about it now.  Baby has to eat too.  :)

    • I’m excited for when I get to that place where I don’t think twice about it! When I realize she needs to eat I’m trying to not make it a big deal about it since I have a tendency to overthink the logistics of it all

  4. Nursing in public will get easier! You’ll get more brace and after whipping out your boob all day to feed her anyway it’ll be like 2nd nature haha I have a 2 year old and my most recent was born the same day as your little one :)

    Pinterest has great breakfast ideas. My favorite is getting English muffins/bagels and you can fill them with scrambled eggs/tofu, add some sausage/bacon/turkey, cheese etc and then wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them. When you’re ready to eat I wet a paper towel to wrap around it when I microwave it so it’s nice and soft and not dry. Or waffles, muffins or breakfast burritos freeze well too!

    Btw, it’s been awesome to follow along your postpartum time! Being along the same time line it’s so neat to hear your honesty on emotions/feelings/life during this season.

  5. OMG what a lovely surprise! Hope you had a really great weekend with your sissies :)
    Also that donut at the very beginning is the most perfect lil donut I’ve ever seen lol

  6. Aw this is such a nice post, I’ve got 2 girls Alice and Zara-2.5 years and 6 months and really hope they have a relationship like you have with your sisters. I breastfed my first til 13 months and still feeding my 6 month old now and your confidence feeding in public will go up! Zaras at the stage where she likes to pull off and stare at everybody else leaving me fully exposed with milk squirting everywhere-it soon becomes normal to you and I’ve never had a bad comment despite feeding pretty much everywhere you can think of (I’m UK based though). Good luck and enjoy, I love reading about your little family.

  7. Haha like pp have said, nursingin public gets so much easier.  I found around 4 months I had to even ditch the cover as my lo loved to be distracted by it.  I’m sure more people, than I care to think about, saw everything haha.  But you get pretty efficient :).

  8. Sisters are the very best! What an amazing surprise!

  9. Awww, that’s so cute that both your sisters came down to visit; how sweet!! Also a breakfast option that I just thought of for you…if you have Trader Joe’s in the vicinity, get their packaged muffins. They’re full of fiber and fruit and actually fill you up but don’t taste like “fake” baked goods. You might enjoy!

  10. Thank you for being so willing to share what this time is like for you! I think for some people pregnancy/postpartum is too intimate to share with the public, and I love that you are willing to open up this part of you to people you don’t really know. I also love that you share your experiences and talk about what you really feel/think about things instead of putting a rosy hue on everything. 

  11. What a special time this is for your little family! So exciting! I’m also thankful we live in a time when nursing in public has very much become an advocacy debate. I think women not being allowed to nurse in public (with or without a nursing cover) is simply ridiculous! I think this speaks to your nervousness, as well, because if it had always been a normal thing, you probably wouldn’t think twice about it. When you think about it, the individuals that would most likely have a problem with it are also the one’s that objectify women. I can’t imagine another mother would have an issue with it if a different mother were to decide she wanted to. I hope one day, it really is a non-issue and something not even worth mentioning when someone decides to nurse in public.

  12. What a fun surprise!!! I love stuff like that. And baby snuggles… she is so precious!

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