Cooking from your pantry.

This week when thinking about what we were gonna eat I decided to use up some things we had hanging around in our pantry! The below 3 things had been in the pantry for months (years? lol), so I decided to put them to use.

First up, I used the lentils to make this lentil chili.  It was delicious and we have a bunch of leftovers that I’m freezing for later meals.

Next up, we used the mac n’ cheese to make…mac n’ cheese lol.  Paired with a side salad and smoked salmon on crackers.

Lastly, I used the Asian noodles to make a noodle dish.  Just added a bunch of veggies and chicken to the mix.

Hope this can provide some meal inspiration for you! Happy weekend, guys! 


  1. The noodles look great! 

  2. These are some good ideas! We’re in the process of buying our first home and thinking about moving in ~1 month has made me want to do the same thing. Time to dig up everything in the pantry and freezer and get creative!

  3. I love pulling together meals from items we already have on hand! I did this with two meals this week. I made a pesto of sorts (I don’t know if I can call it a pesto, per se, because it didn’t have cheese or nuts. Lol. I pureed a jar of marinated artichoke hearts with greens and spices), and I tossed it with black bean penne, olives, and sautéed butternut squash “noodles”. The next night I made gumbo with a frozen veg gumbo mix, frozen greens I cooked a few months ago, shrimp, canned tomatoes, spices, and 90-rice pouch. Your meals look so awesome, Kylie! They have provided inspiration to me!

  4. I love how you turn mac and cheese from a box into a full-on glamorous meal! These types of posts have definitely inspired me to be more creative… actually, to be more RESOURCEFUL, which I love. I recently used a can of chicken that had been hanging around forever, some romaine lettuce, and my favorite Caesar dressing to make chicken caesar wraps. Turned out to be way more satisfying than I would have expected!

  5. I love cooking meals from the pantry! I always feel so creative when I’ve come up with something that actually WORKS. These options look so good. I love the idea of the mac and cheese and the smoked salmon on crackers. Simple, yet very delicious!

  6. We did some upgrades in kitchen the week of January 1st: redoing the back splash, painting, under cabinet lights, and ripping out the over the sink fluorescent monstrosity. Not having much prep space or time to grocery shop, forced me to get creative and dig deep in the pantry and my freezer. And yes, Annie’s mac and cheese was consumed once or twice ;)

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