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I thought I’d end the week with some meal and snack inspiration for you! Is there any meal you’ve been enjoying lately? Let me know! 


For breakfast I’ve pretty much eaten the same thing every day this week.  

pita + scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese + homemade iced vanilla latte


pita + hummus + olive oil

this ice cream!

trail mix with almonds, peanuts, dried mango, chocolate chunks


roasted sweet potatoes + chicken + goat cheese + olives + tea

a lunch that I grabbed to bring to the office with me was leftover roasted sweet potato + chicken + Taylor Farms salad.  Enjoyed while pumping.

chick-fil-a! sandwich + fries + BBQ sauce + arnold palmer to drink


salmon + roasted sweet potatoes + slab of goat cheese (yummm)

pizza + wings + salad kit

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that sweet kale salad kit! I buy 2 every time they go on sale. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This blog is the reason why I’m hooked on Chik Fil A sandwiched with BBQ sauce! Amazing!

  3. 2 of my favorite combos: eggs + parmesan and salmon + goat cheese!!! also that stumptown ice cream is blowing my mind right now. i need to get my hands on that!!!

  4. Loving the dried mango in your trail mix idea!

  5. That ice cream sounds incredible! I love love coffee ice cream. Lately I have been enjoying coconut curry, but I think I’m going to have to find some new and not-hot meals to put into rotation now that spring is finally here!

  6. everything looks good but OMG COFFEE ICE CREAM!!

  7. I’m in need of some snack inspiration! Hummus+Pita & the dried mango trailmix look perfect :) I’ve been enjoying yoghurt + fresh blueberries, iced coffee with a scoop of caramel ice cream, fresh grapes + coffee and something sweet and weetbix with peanutbutter and chocolate chips as snacks these past weeks!

  8. These all look so good! It’s finally starting to warm up here (maybe for good? who knows with New England weather) so I definitely need more not-super-warm-and-cozy meals.

  9. I’ve been eating the Tillamook Toasted Coconut ice cream. It is SO GOOD. I put some caramel sauce on last night. A++

  10. How have I never thought of putting eggs on a pita?! Lately I’ve been SUPER monotonous in everything I’m eating and I hate it. Have to get back to being creative with my colours and flavours! (PS that pizza and wings looks amazing!)

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