A meal and a snack I’ve been liking lately.

We’ve had a morning over here. Jo has transitioned to her big girl bed after climbing out of her crib, so we’ve been navigating that and haven’t been getting a ton of sleep. Locking her in her room for sleep works really well, so I think we’re just going to have to keep her door locked all night, instead of just locking it while she falls asleep at bedtime. Then this morning, after being up since 4am with Jo, Ella knocked over a floor lamp on top of herself (it wasn’t heavy and she’s perfectly fine…although no one enjoys seeing something falling towards them with no way to stop it so she was rattled) and while I ran to help her Maggie ate my breakfast off the kitchen table that I had just made. While annoyed with Maggie I hear Andrew say, “oh no!” (in a way more distressed tone than usual)…to which I run over to Jo’s room and see that we’d left a snow globe Jo has (and loves) within Ella’s reach and she’d grabbed it and shattered it into huge glass shards and I have no idea how she didn’t cut herself badly. This all coming days after friends asked us, “did y’all babyproof your house?” And we nonchalantly said, “no it’s been fine.” Phew. All of this happened within 2 1/2 minutes.

Today is an at home day with the girls for me so I’m looking forward to getting out in the sun with this, playing whole house hot lava with Jo during Ella’s naps (I saw it mentioned on this blog’s comment section and it sounds awesome), and I just chopped all my hair off so I’m hoping to get a pocket of time to play around with styling it…TBD.

I wanted the meat of this blog post to be a few foods I’ve been finding satisfying lately. I like focusing on satisfaction, for as I said in this blog post, satisfaction, rather than fullness alone, is a more pleasurable indicator to search for when deciding when your body is ready to stop eating. For the past couple of weeks I’ve found a certain meal and snack particularly satisfying so I wanted to share! First up…greek burgers!

Chicken patties topped with tzatziki and served on pretzel buns paired with sweet potato fries on the side.

As for a snack option, I’ve been enjoying a spoonful of Justin’s almond-hazelnut butter sprinkled (sprinkled because the texture is more crumbly than nutella and it will sprinkle) in a vanilla noosa.

Oh and if you’re craving a fresh tasting dessert, a friend made us these lemon blueberry bars (she used raspberries) and they’re great.

That’s all for today. Hope you have a nice Wednesday!

Greek Burgers


ground chicken
greek seasoning
tzatziki sauce
feta cheese (I like getting a block so I can slice it so it stays on the burger better)
pretzel buns
sweet potato fries


Mix your ground chicken with greek seasoning. Form into patties and grill/bake/pan-sear patties until cooked through. Serve as you would a burger topped with tzatziki, lettuce, tomatoes and feta. We like this best with a side of sweet potato fries and ketchup.


  1. Those burgers sound great. I will have to add them to our meal rotation soon! I kind of forgot about Noosa. Thanks for the meal inspo!

  2. I also hope your day got better! :(

  3. Yay for miracles that no girls (or dogs) were injured this morning! I’m on a key lime pie Noosa kick :)

  4. can’t wait to see your hair!!!👍🏼

  5. What a day!  Thankful everyone is ok.

    Show us your hair (please)!  I’m getting ready to cut mine shorter, too!  

  6. Oooof…that sounds like A DAY. Glad you made it through. Those greek burgers sound AMAZING (I love love LOVE tatziki sauce) and also…can’t wait to see your hair!!!

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  9. Love cake bars as a snack. It’s great being able to control your own portion sizes!

  10. Just made these for dinner tonight! My husband, 2yo, and I all loved them! I ended up making sliders bc slider pretzel buns are all I could find at the store. They will be part of our rotation for sure! Thank you! I would have never thought to put all of those ingredients together!

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