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1. Dress-up

I’ve started a dress up collection for my girls and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Last week I ordered them some Super Hero capes with their initials and they’ve loved them. We have a book called “Super Dad” so Jo has been really into the superhero theme lately. I also want to order them some dresses from Taylor Joelle because how awesome are those character dresses?! But I put myself on a spending freeze for non-essential things for the rest of the month because I was getting a little too purchase happy (this is what happens when you try to buy stuff to fix the mundane-ness of Covid).

2. Skincare Routine

Speaking of being online purchase happy, for about a year I’ve been reading the odd post on skincare routines and skincare products…just gathering information and thinking about if that’s something I’d enjoy. Then I read this post from Kath and felt like it really simplified the skincare process, so I have a skincare routine of sorts now and it’s fun. It’s been a nice thing to look forward to in the evenings. I know BeautyCounter has a big push for clean beauty, which is a fine thing, but it’s not something I obsess over or choose to prioritize.

My line-up is…

Cleanser: Cetaphil

Toner: BeautyCounter Instant Matte Toner – I think I would re-buy, may look for a cheaper option from the grocery store or Target.

Serum + Moisturizer:

Eminence Skin Brightening Serum – I don’t think I’d buy this again. I don’t know if skin brightening is what I want. I’d be up for looking into some other serums.

BeautyCounter Matte Effect Gel Cream – I have oily skin, so I’ve read a gel moisturizer is better than a heavy cream and so far so good. I would re-buy.

Under Eye Cream: BeautyCounter Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream – The reviews on this eye cream were really good and I was skeptical, but this stuff is impressive and makes a noticeable difference to dark circles…I really like it and will re-buy for sure.

(None of the links in this post are affiliate and I’m not becoming a Beautycounter consultant, I’m just sharing some things I’ve liked.)

Other stuff I use periodically include my favorite mask, Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask. I love that mask and how you can see it dry up around each individual pore. Also, good ol’ Clean & Clear Acne spot treatment, which Andrew and I have decided brings back memories of the early teen years more than pretty much anything else hah. Another find is this tinted sunscreen that I now use as a foundation of sorts paired with using normal foundation as a spot concealer for blemishes/acne and then a matte setting powder for oil/redness.

3. Homemade Bed Frame

I mentioned somewhere that Andrew was building us a bed frame and some of you asked to see it. Here it is! I’m very happy with how it came out. I love how the cane webbing adds texture. The bed frame ended up being significantly cheaper than the one I had been eyeing…coming in at around $350. Over the next few years I’d like to add some scones, drapes, a Rebecca and Genevieve vintage rug to layer with the jute one, and have Andrew build us some floating bedside tables, but I don’t really feel rushed to make any of those changes right away. I think it’s kinda fun to upgrade slowly and get to enjoy each upgrade one at a time. I also am really slow at making home decor decisions and would hate having to make 10 decisions at once, as I like to mull over each decision for a substantial amount of time.

4. Current bible study + a question

I’m currently doing this Priscilla Shirer Study and have been enjoying it. Bible studies like this always seem to have so much content planned for one day. Like you’re supposed to go through 5-6 pages/day and that is just way too much for me, so I typically just do 1 or 2 pages/day and that gives me plenty to reflect on for the day.

My girls are *mostly* sleeping past 6:30am now (for the moment lol) so that gives me a window of time in the morning to get up before them and do something centering/calming/sanity saving before the day begins…bible study, worship, practice piano for 10 mins (we have a keyboard so it’s not loud), or move (if it’s a morning I’m craving movement).

What I’d really love is a podcast that is a weekly bible study, does anyone know anything like this?

5. Tofu recipes?

Anyone have a go-to crispy tofu recipe they LOVE? A restaurant in Houston, Rice Box, makes the best crispy tofu, but I’d like a good go-to recipe when we’re eating tofu at home. I’m making a fried rice this week and going to try out this recipe for a protein source to top it with.

I hope you’re having a good week!


  1. Those Taylor Joelle dresses are so sweet! Can’t wait til my little one gets into dress up. For tofu, check out Minimalist Baker. All of her recipes have been amazing, and I know she cooks a lot of plant-based food. For skincare, look into The Ordinary. I emailed them asking for help, and they designed a skin routine for me (for free!). The products are super affordable too, so I’m more okay using 3-4 products at a time when they’re all less than $10.

  2. Podcast: Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study by Jen Wilkin

  3. I like how you phrased that “clean beauty is not something I choose to prioritize”… as someone who reads a lot of blogs, I found myself caught up in the beauty counter craze, purchased a bunch of products then felt really uncomfortable with the cost and regretted it! I ended up returning most of it (unopened). I’m a doctor so its no secret I have a substantial income – but “clean beauty” is just not something I feel passionate enough about to be comfortable spending  that much money on, when I could get a face wash for 10 dollars from the drugstore … but of course, to each their own and no judgement to people who do choose to prioritize spending in that area. 

    • Hey Andrea, yeah I hear that! I’m hoping the Beautycounter products I really love will last 6 months so I’d be rebuying at Christmas time and then my birthday (June)…but if I can’t make them last that long I’ll probably look into some other options. The toner seemed to go really fast so that’s a big reason to not repurchase that. And, yeah, clean beauty can become something people easily obsess about and since those with EDs are more likely to have obsessive personalities it’s not something I’d ever encourage as a necessary thing. I do think a skincare routine can be a good thing for those with low self-esteem or self-hate as, if done with the right intentions, it can be a kind and caring thing a person does for themselves and fight any mentality of “I don’t deserve to do nice things for myself” that one may operate from. This isn’t necessarily directed at you, but rather just anyone who has or has had an eating disorder.

  4. This crispy tofu recipe is amazing!!

    Some of the commenters say to put the cornstarch and tofu together in a Ziplock bag and shake it all together. I definitely recommend that as it sound a lot easier than carefully dusting each piece of tofu.

    • Lol “now gently dust each piece of tofu”…that made me laugh. I’ll go with the Ziplock idea when I try this recipe. Thanks, Lindsay!

    • I’ve really been enjoying the new Gospel Coalition podcast called Let’s Talk. It’s not really a bible study, but I enjoy it so much. 

  5. This is my go-to:

    I make it at least once a week, adjusting seasonings based on the dish I’m making. If I’m making an Asian dish like stir-fry I use toasted sesame oil instead of olive oil for even better flavor!

  6. I really like Thayers Witch Hazel toner. I get it online from target. It’s cheap, lasts a long time and works well. 

  7. I’ve been listening to the Bema podcast for more than a year and I love it! He posts weekly (with some breaks throughout the year) and it’s culture- focused. Has been completely changed how I read the Bible! He’s a Christian but went to rabbinical school so he is super knowledgeable about the context of Jesus’ life.

  8. Loved your post! I actually just made tofu last night, and I so need to find a recipe that makes it crispy. Great timing as I will try again soon! I love tofu.

    • Tofu cooked well is one of my favorite proteins! I love the texture of it and how there are no tough parts as there are with other meats.

  9. My husband is a pastor and he writes a blog with a daily focus. It is not a podcast but it includes sacred reading, meditations and other elements, including a weekly sermon. I find it very useful every week!

  10. Cookie & Kate (the food blog) has a fantastic crispy tofu recipe. I have a hard time with tofu but I liked this recipe. She recommends baking it. I’m also a Caudalie fan and I use their moisturizing mask and their Vinosource SOS serum. You might like their serums I’d you like their masks. 

  11. This is my favorite tofu recipe! I’ll have to try that fried rice recipe. Sounds delish!

  12. Hi Kylie-
    My vegetarian sister told me she always cubes the tofu then bakes it in the oven for about 20 mins at 180 degrees. It gets crispy without needing anything added. Then you can toss it into a stir fry with whatever sauce or curry with rice. It is soooooo easy.

  13. Try the Ordinary for serums! I use the Buffet one and the Lactic Acid 5%. They are around $10 each at Sephora and Ulta. Super affordable and really works!

  14. Check out Jennie Allen’s podcast – it’s weekly and definitely teaching-Esque
    But not a sermon. Beth Moore also releases a weekly podcast! 

  15. We only use our airfryer to get crispy tofu now – just press, cube, and throw in for about 15 minutes. When we take it out, we toss it in teryaki (or whatever sauce we want). It’s the least labor intensive and best texture we’ve gotten!

  16. Hi, I am a little late in commenting but I wanted to add one more recommendation for tofu recipes. I use her vegan tofu crumbles in tacos all the time. You can’t tell it is tofu at all.

    PS- I really appreciate your blog so much. As someone who is recovering from disordered eating, I find your entries so helpful to me. Thank you for posting such thoughtful posts.

  17. I just did the Armor of God study, too! I did it by myself, and I loved it but I couldn’t do as much content as she has planned for each day. I went through the book at a much slower pace haha. If you check out that Jen Wilkin podcast, let us know! Something like that sounds great, especially with kiddos.

    Thanks for another great post!

  18. Kylie- I’m unsure if you know this, but Beauty Counter is an MLM (multi level marketing) which has really harmful practices, especially against women. They tend to target women in vulnerable positions and around 94-99% of participants LOSE money, according to the FTC. Glad to hear you aren’t a distributor but just so you know, they aren’t a great company to support! I personally love cocokind, they’re a great woman-owned brand with no shady practices :)

  19. I love the tofu stir fry from budget bytes! Super easy. I also add steamed carrots because I like them, but you could follow as is.

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