Meal Inspiration from lately

Today I’m sharing meals I’ve been enjoying lately.  I hope you’ll get inspired to try something new…

breakfast 1

cheese-eggs-salsa breakfast burrito + an iced latte.

meal inspiration |

soaked oats (~2/3 cup oats + milk + ~2 tablespoons greek yogurt + cashews/pepitas/dried cherries…all mixed together and soaked overnight in the fridge.  I LOVE how the cashews get soft!)

meal inspiration |

breakfast out at The Dunlavy with a friend.  This place is pretty!

meal inspiration | immaEATthat.commeal inspiration 6-30-17

blueberry lemon yogurt cake + a latte.

meal inspiration | 

baked oatmeal topped with walnuts + chocolate chips.  i used this baked oatmeal recipe as a base.

meal inspiration |

lunch ideas |

my favorite spring rolls!

meal inspiration |

kale salad from the grocery store + a leftover pupusa.

meal inspiration |

spring rolls + apple + yogurt.

meal inspiration |

onions, radishes, red bell peppers, black beans, arugula all sautéed together.  On the side a cheesy pupusa + an egg.  To drink I had limeade + sparkling water.

meal inspiration |

dinner ideas |

split a chocolate milkshake with Andrew + a burger + fries

meal inspiration |

homemade crepes filled with cheese and arugula.  I used this recipe for the crepe batter and made a romesco sauce to top them with.

meal inspiration |

another night we had trout (that Andrew cooked perfectly! He bakes it and then sautes it.) with some black bean soup + a salad that had: cilantro, parmesan, red bell pepper, radishes & balsamic dressing.

meal inspiration |

This was probably my fave dinner of the week.  Wine + lemon parmesan risotto + butter sautéed scallops + sautéed zucchini.

meal inspiration |

What was your favorite thing you ate this week?!


  1. My favorite meal of the week even though it’s not a meal are my iced lattes with breakfast in the morning. I’m totally obsessed with them!!!!

  2. This was definitely helpful. It’s funny how much I love breakfast but tend to eat the same one for a week at a time. I need to switch it up more often! Dinner can be tricky for me since sometimes I can only remember the foods that I’ve made and not all the wonderful things I haven’t. I am going to try to replicate the crepe dinner you had! Yum,
    Last night I sauteed ground turkey with thinly sliced cabbage, peppers, onions, salsa, and spices and then added mozzarella at the end. I served it with refried beans.It had a ton of flavor! That was probably my favorite meal.

  3. How do you make your iced lattes at home? They always look amazing :)

    • I don’t make them ‘right’ BUT they are good. I just do cooled coffee + milk + a pour of cream/vanilla creamer :) I hear you’re supposed to make them with a shot of espresso…but I don’t have an espresso maker sooooo plain ol’ coffee it is.

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