day of eats.

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday’s post.  I haven’t responded to everyone’s comment, but I hope to work on that today.  If you guys like that post format, let me know and I’m happy to do that again in the future.

Yesterday was a particularly delicious day of eating so I wanted to share! I woke up that morning, quickly did my ‘6-minute miracle morning‘ routine, and then started thinking about what I wanted for breakfast.  My body gave me resounding, “we should go out for a breakfast biscuit and latte.”  So I headed to Morningstar.  Gosh I love their biscuits!

This one came with egg + bacon + cheese.  Served with an iced vanilla latte.  

For lunch I threw together what was in our fridge before heading to the office.  Spinach salad with bacon, feta, leftover roasted asparagus, a radish, tomatoes, teeny bit bell pepper, Tessemae’s Ranch Vinagrette.  A word on that dressing…I think it’s tasty, but that company’s marketing is so aggressively geared towards ‘clean eating’ and ‘whole30’ that it leaves a figurative bad taste in my mouth…the actual taste is pretty delish though.  But their IG says they are a “brutally honest band of clean eating evangelists”…what?! Talk about connecting what we eat to our morality lol.  Not a fan of the marketing approach. 

Served with Simply7 chips.  I wasn’t feeling these chips too much.  The company sent me a big box of them to try and I don’t love them so far.  There are a lot of other flavors in the box that I’m excited to try though.  BUT I’m not really a chip person unless they are tortilla chips or sunchips.  So maybe I’m not the right person to be test tasting :)

And I brought a goodnessknows bar to snack on for later.  I liked this chocolate + cranberry + almond flavor a lot! 

After work I snacked on some chocolate covered raisins before dinner.  I said in a recent blog post that I don’t find chocolate covered raisins very satisfying due to some past memories of them, but right after I wrote that post I bought some from Kroger to have at the house and they are really good.  Go figure.  I’ve really been enjoying them.

For dinner we met some friends at a local brewery, Karbach.

I got a flight of 3 cute, lil beers…

Then the burger + fries.

What is the most satisfying thing you’ve eaten this week? 



  1. That how to eat an egg biscuit without getting the yolk everywhere video yesterday had me drooling!! Right now I’m drinking a canned draft vanilla latte from La Colombe and it’s amazing- I definitely think you would like it too since you are the vanilla latte queen ;) PS that sucks to hear about Tessamaes marketing- I absolutely love their dressings but only because they taste good not because they are whole 30, lol.

    • They’re really are yummy! Andrew was like, “dang this is good.” I’m gonna keep buying them…it’s just hard for me to promote them!

      And, ummm, yes times a million to anything vanilla latte-esque!

  2. This morning I woke up a little earlier than usual and ended up making myself a delightful breakfast of avocado toast topped with a drippy egg and some sausage dipped in that yolk. I enjoyed it solo at my dining room table, no phone, no distractions. It was a wonderful start to my day – should definitely do that more often!

  3. Homemade pancakes with maple syrup!

  4. We’ve eaten some pretty amazing food this week! I loved our dinner last night of spaghetti squash boats stuffed with chicken, spinach, mozzarella, and bacon thanks to Erin of WellPlated. I made a lunch today that included steamed spinach and a sweet potato stuffed with lima beans, aged sharp white cheddar, scallions, Love Beets smoky shredded beets, avocado, jalapeno Greek yogurt dip, roasted pepper spread, and a navel orange on the side. Delicious!

  5. Biscuits aren’t really a Canadian thing and for that I am sad, because that breakfast biscuit sounds delicious.

    I tried the Simply 7 kale chips and didn’t love them. I wanted to, but didn’t.

  6. You and I need to switch Kylie (also this is like the first thing I can think of you’ve mentioned that we are very dissimilar)!  I LOVE chips…almost any kind!  I love posts like you did yesterday and have been wanting to comment, but I want to take some to write it out exactly how I want it and I’m really busy this week.  But loved the post and I enjoy participating!! 💚

    • haha that’s funny! Yeah I don’t get too excited for chips unless it’s the two kinds I mentioned. (p.s. Would you want any of the Simply7 chips I got? Seriously! I’m happy to mail them to you if you email your shipping address to )


  7. A ham and cheese criossant from Starbucks – i like that question of what was the most satisfying thing you’ve ate this week. Something to think about…

    • One of my favorite questions ever! Occasionally I’ll ask it to myself in the evenings before heading to bed:) And I think it’s a great dinner conversation because we tend to be told in our society that being satisfied by food sound induce guilt. I strongly disagree. A large goal in my life is to be satisfied by food!

  8. I made frosting with heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and instant chocolate pudding mix and I feel like I will never make another frosting again. That was the most satisfying thing I had!

    However, I would absolutely love to wake up and have that biscuit + latte. And I’m more of a bagel person vs biscuits. But that biscuit looks crazy good.

  9. I had a seriously delish turkey, avocado, and goat cheese sandwich on toasty super seedy multigrain bread from a coffee shop I was working at yesterday that just opened up near me! It totally hit the spot and I’m going to have to make that combo on my own ASAP.

  10. Sunchips are so good!  Before reading you liked them I had totally forgotten all about them.  When we lived close to subway, I would always get them with a sandwich mmm.  Most satisfying thing this week would have to be soup with a bunwiche.  It makes me sad to think a couple of years ago I would only have the soup and maybe a teeeeeny tiny peice of bread.  Now soup is not a standalone meal, it needs a substantial turkey and cheese sandwich along side it.  Have a great weekend!

  11. I made a pasta dish with chicken sausage, butternut squash, kale and smoked gruyere cheese this week. It was SO. GOOD.

    I agree with you on the Tessemae’s dressing. I really like it for the taste and quality of ingredients, but I wish they took a different marketing approach.

  12. I have been obsessed with french toast for the past 2 days made from some stale bread. I love it with lots of butter and just the right amount of syrup. Yum. I also love making a baby cheese omelet with the leftover eggs. Ha.

    Also, I read this while nursing my 6 month old daughter and was laughing to myself because she is a SERIOUS eater. She opens her mouth up so wide and looks so SO satisfied while she eats. If only we were all like babies! Makes me want to be a good example of food relationships so that I don’t ruin that!

  13. I appreciate what you say about the marketing of the salad dressing. I’ve heard good things about their products, but as someone recovered from an eating disorder, it’s hard for me to buy things that seem to support disordered thinking. I have friends who love thinkthin bars and skinnypop, but l haven’t let myself try them because of their names. I sometimes wonder though , where’s the line between supporting my ideals and depriving myself of potentially yummy food?

  14. I love your approach to eating! Given you’re RDN, I think I’m brainwashed to expect you’d have a much stricter diet, but in reality, what you eat on the regular is so normal and it’s so refreshing to see! Love your blog!

    • I don’t think it’s worth feeling stressed out and crazy around food. I like vegetables. I like tofu. I like burgers. I like cookies. I don’t overthink eating as 90% of American women do. I listen to my hunger and fullness level. I eat what I’m craving. I’m in tune with my body and when it wants to eat for emotional reasons rather than physical hunger. I move in a way that brings me joy. I practice gentle nutrition and for me that means – having protein + carbs + fat + fiber + dairy at most meals. It’s fabulous. I highly recommend it to all:)

      • I love the healthy relationship you have regarding food. I don’t want food to have power over how I feel about myself. Having an eating disorder in my 20’s and I still carry some of those disordered thoughts about food. This is why I love seeing somebody like you write about what a normal relationship food looks like. I will be reading more of your posts! Thank you!

  15. Hi KYLIE, 

    I follow you on Instagram and I always enjoy your instagram stories ! I never skip through them like I do on some other bloggers instagrams because they don’t bum me out (probably because you are nice and normal and like any of my friends)
    It is wonderful and so interesting to see a normal person doing normal things and talking about important issues.. I am always left craving a milky coffee by the end of those instastories too! I am studying medicine at University and I know just how crucial food is for a healthy and happy life, it is so important to make good choices (whatever that means for you personally) and to nourish yourself so you are full and happy and healthy and equipped to live your best life :D

    This is my first time on your blog and I loved it! You are very inspiring :) Keep up the great work. All the way from Budapest  :) Orla Rose

  16. Your latte + egg breakfasts (biscuits, tacos, etc) always look delish. I love chocolate covered raisins or even the yogurt ones. Gotta remember to pick some up on my next grocery run.

    Had a bunch of good eats over the past week. Off the top of my head: a kale salad with bacon and a mixed nut brittle, an avocado and hummus sandwich that I whipped up, Thai chicken curry and a quesadilla filled with acorn squash.

  17. Marinated chicken kabobs with rice and Greek salad. I had oral surgery last week and this was the first “real” food I got to eat after too many smoothies and mushable stuff. It was so delicious.

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