Weekend Things + Unexpected “blank” on menu

Last week when we were out eating with friends, after looking over the menu our friend said, “I love the unexpected Reuben on the menu.” It got me thinking about what food I will pretty much always order if it’s on the menu.

So this weekend I posed the question to my family while spending time with them. For me it’s chilaquiles. For my dad it’s fish & chips. For my mom it’s calamari. For Andrew it’s gnocchi.  Do you have a food that if you see it on a menu you pretty much always order it?

This weekend we went up to my parent’s lake house.  We went up to spend time with them and to help them start working on landscaping the front of the house.

We started Saturday morning with breakfast tacos + cherries. (these cherry’s were not yum…I’m gonna give cherries another month or so before I buy them again.) 

Then we got started on laying out the landscaping.  My parents want to put in a fire pit + more seating.  Andrew is really good at visualizing spaces and knowing what would look good, so they talked through what they wanted and then Andrew drew it out.  We spent a bit cleaning up the area and marking off where the sidewalk/bench/fire pit is going to go.

Mid morning I had an affogato…vanilla ice cream + coffee.  Delish.

Maggie was as happy as could be and spent the whole morning swimming.  Gosh she’s perfect.  I love her so much.

For lunch I made everyone a kale salad with kiwi + blood oranges + walnuts + an Italian dressing AND a tray of bacon + black bean nachos.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out.  It felt like summer in Texas this weekend, so I put on my bathing suit and paddled down the cove on a paddleboard and then laid down, closed my eyes and just let the board drift back down the cove to my parent’s house.  The lake was pretty empty so it was nice to not have to worry about boat traffic.

At some point I made cookies for snacking on.  Went on a walk to the nature trail.  Played ping pong with Andrew.

That night we had smoked turkey + cheesy smashed potatoes + salad.  Plus ice cream for dessert.  And I made the self care web I shared on IG.

Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and headed home by 9am.

I went to a yoga class and got the grocery shopping done.  I’m trying to make ramen this week.  We had a vegan ramen broth in LA from Ramen Hood that was INSANELY YUM.  So I’m trying to recreate it.  I found a recipe that makes it with blended sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast.  So we’ll see how it turns out!

That afternoon Maggie and I met up with our friends at a dog park.  When we got back from the park, Maggie decided to take herself on a walk and I had to chase her down the street.  I think she thought it was a game, because when I stopped running after her she finally came back.

For dinner we grilled! I was being difficult and wanted to do the grill by myself but the freaking charcoal wouldn’t lite.  So Andrew to the rescue.

We had burger patties + Annie’s mac n’ cheese with broccoli.

After dinner I made Andrew’s lunches.

Folded laundry while watching the Grammy’s.

And made a single-serve brownie to end the night with something sweet.  I did 1 tbsp melted butter + 3 tbsp flour + some chocolate chips + 1 1/2 tbsp packed brown sugar + 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder + pinch salt + pinch baking powder + 1 1/2 tbsp milk.  Microwave just enough to keep it ooey, gooey.  Turned out great!

What are you most excited about this week? Our good friend’s are getting married Saturday and I can’t wait! AND my StitchFix box comes this week! I have requested something velvet…so we’ll see what they send.  Have you ever tried them? I’m a fan! I feel like they know me, they always send such good stuff.


  1. I’d love a velvet skirt! Like a mini one with a chain? No idea where I’d wear it, but I’d feel 90s cool.
    You know I don’t think I have a menu item I always go for. I love trying new things! I will almost always choose the chocolate option for dessert and a bagel for my breakfast sandwich though.

  2. LOBSTER RAVIOLI! If it’s on the menu, it’s happening for sure! This week I’m mostly excited for the weekend because it’s a 3-day weekend and we’re (“we” as in my husband and our 13-month old son) meeting my parents in D.C. for a little getaway. Is it Friday yet?! :)

  3. My go-to item on a menu is fish tacos. I’ve found that I prefer them when the fish is fried, but I still love trying different restaurants’ variations.

  4. I’m obsessed with scallops, so I order those pretty much whenever I see them on the menu. I *can* make them at home, but they’re fairly expensive at the grocery store and sometimes kinda hard to find nice-looking ones. I figure that if I’m already spending more to eat out, I might as well get the expensive thing I love. And I’m SO with Kate on a super-chocolatey dessert. :)

  5. My go to: I love salmon and because my husband hates salmon, it is something I love getting when we go out.

  6. My go-to menu item is Pupusas! I can hardly find them here in NC so when we’re on a trip somewhere and I see them I will ALWAYS order them!

    • Omgsh girlll you are speaking my language. I LOVE pupusas!!!!!! Plan a trip to L.A. and eat the ones at Grand Central Market if you haven’t already!

  7. My go-to order would probably have to be either jerk chicken or a nice cobb salad, can’t go wrong with either of those! Oh how I wish the weather is the northeast is like where you are! I’m craving warmth but all we have is ice, wind and snow haha.

  8. that self care web is GOLD. looks like you had a beautiful weekend – texas is pretty!!!

    i’m excited to cook dinner at home tomorrow night for Valentine’s Day and spending a bit more time working on my blog this week, although monday has me feeling very unmotivated…

  9. My go to at restaurants are nachos! Probably because 90% of the time, we go to Mexican restaurants. Just give me chips with lots of cheese and some salsa and I’m a happy girl!

    • I’m such a nacho fan. Andrew always jokes my go-to dinner idea at home when I don’t have anything planned is cover something with cheese and put it in the oven lol. Umm yum!

  10. I will always order creme brulee when it’s on the menu, and I know if there’s an Eton mess for dessert my Mum will be ordering that. My fiance is a wild card! He always picks the option that I’d least suspect!
    I’m glad you got away from it all for a while on the weekend. I’m going to try out the self-care web too! What an awesome idea!

  11. For the longest time my go-to order was seared ahi tuna- on a salad, as a bowl, whatever- if it was on the menu I had to order it. But, after a couple lackluster experiences I decided I will only and always order the ahi tuna when I’m on the West coast. 

  12. Will ALWAYS order a biscuit if I see one on a menu. Bonus points if it is square shaped!

  13. I have to say I’m with your dad on the fish & chips! Fried chicken sandwiches are way up there too.

  14. I LOVE your self-care web! yes to so much of that. Also, i grew up in Austin (live in CO now) and your blog makes me so homesick for Texas!

  15. Can I just say how much I love your weekend recaps??
    I’ve bee thinking long and hard about your first question but there’s honestly nothing that I will always get when I see it on the menu… I like to try something different all the time.
    Can’t wait to see the outcome of your ramen adventures! And what did you think of the Grammy winners?
    Maggie is too cute and when she’s playing with your parents’ dog. AAACCK 😍 I’ve been loving spying on them through your Instagram story! I’m also a hue fan of this Texas weather! 70 degree winter > 40 degree one! I explored the Dallas arboretum last weekend with my family and it was perfect. ☀️

  16. aww adorable dog! My puppy has yet to go swimming and I’ve been meaning to take her to see how she reacts 

    • She’s a maniac around water! I’ve never had a dog that LOVES water as much as her and it’s been really fun:) You should totally take your dog soon!

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