Day in the Life

Hey guys! This Monday was a different Monday for me, so I thought I’d share:)

I woke up at 3:45AM to get on a plane (oh em gosh so early).  I need to stop booking flights so early lol.

At the airport I grabbed breakfast – breakfast sandwich + an orange.  I didn’t have coffee because I was hoping to sleep on the plane.

AND the seat next to me on the plane was empty so I got to stretch out my legs and I slept for the entire 3 hour flight.  It was glorious.

I had a layover at LaGuardia Airport, so I grabbed an early lunch.  I went with a vanilla latte and a salad that had a bunch of different lettuces + pasta salad + feta + olives + carrots + some hard boiled eggs.

Every seat at the restaurant had this little screen with games to play.  My thought was it would be great for someone struggling with anorexia because it’s helpful in the beginning for them to be distracted while they eat.  But for someone who is able to practice mindful eating and have awareness of hunger/fullness/cravings…I wouldn’t recommend a screen with a bajillion games on it lol.  

Then I flew from LaGuardia to Syracuse.

Snacktime = walnuts + chocolate chips.

Around 2pm I arrived in Syracuse.  I was talking at a meeting for the Syracuse University’s Nutrition Education and Promotion Association.  I was impressed with their nutrition program.  They get a lot of exposure to intuitive eating concepts…which is very different from my undergrad experience.

When I got to the hotel I laid down a towel and did a bit of yoga + my PT exercises for my knees.

Then I got ready for my talk…

For my talk I discussed a bit of my recovery story + what helped me recover and live a better life + the work I do now + a Q&A session.  I really enjoyed it and am grateful they had me!

Me with some of the girls! Hi, Katy, Abby, and Rebecca<3

Afterwards I went out with some of the Syracuse girls + Ophelia’s Place ladies for dinner.

Appetizer was two kinds of nachos.

Then a burrito for dinner that was served with…cornbread? Lol seemed out of place, but I’m always down for cornbread.

Now I’m laying in bed eating a nut butter filled Clif bar and watching TV. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. So fun! I know those students absolutely loved having someone like you there! keep us posted where all you fly to give talks- I would love to make one.
    But what is up with the cornbread? Was it the best cornbread ever? Lol

  2. I am so glad that you had an empty seat on the plane! That is a win…

  3. Wow getting an empty seat on the plane is RARE and a huge win! Smooth traveling, so glad you got to do that!!

  4. I think they serve cornbread with dishes in Mexico?? So maybe with the burrito this is culturally a “thing”??

  5. I so wish I could’ve attended the event and listened to you speak! What an amazing day. <3

  6. You must have eaten at Otro Cinco or Alto Cinco? I went to Syracuse for grad school so I’d recognize those burritos anywhere!

  7. Ahh welcome to NY! come back downstate! :) I had corn bread with my fish tacos last week, which was an odd combo, but it was the best corn bread ever, so ”twas a huge win.

  8. Ugh early morning flights are painful.  When I’ve had an early morning and there is future potential for a nap, I tell myself no coffee but always end up with coffee haha.  Congrats on your talk!  It’s fantastic how you share your story to reach out to others.

  9. What a nice trip! Every time I book the 5 am flight out of IQT I tell myself I’m gunna pay the extra money next time to get the 8 am, but then next time when its $50 more I tell myself eh it won’t be that bad.. haha. 

  10. How cool is that?! I just found your blog last week, and now you’re in Syracuse? I live a couple hours north of there :)

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