Postpartum Capsule Closet

Trying to get dressed from a closet filled with clothes that don’t fit your current body sets you up for a bad body image day/week/month/year.  I’m currently 3 months postpartum and while a few pre-baby clothes fit, none of my pants fit anymore and I’m not sure if they ever will again.

I believe it’s normal for a body to change as we move through life stages (high school, college, seasons of illness/injury, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause), so our closet should change with us.  I really like the idea of a capsule closet because it let’s you be intentional about letting clothes flow in and out each season (or however often) as your body flows one direction or the other.  All of my pre-pregnancy clothes I put up on a shelf in my closet in case they fit again.  I’m sitting back and watching as my body moves where ever it needs to move.

In my closet right now there are ~25 pieces of clothing (not including many of my athleisure type of clothes):
8 shirts
5 pairs of shoes
4 pairs of pants
3 drapy cardigan things
2 jackets
2 rompers
1 dress

I feel like I should add a disclaimer that I know nothing about clothes or how to dress myself lol.  I just pick what I like.

Some of my favorites in my current closet include:

My new Madewell 10″ High-Rise Jeans. I’m in LOVE with these.  They are the highest jeans I’ve ever owned, as they sit right at my belly button, and they’re the most expensive jeans I’ve ever owned.  When I went shopping the Madewell Sales Associate asked what size I am and I said, “i’ve got no clue, I just had a baby.” And she was super helpful. They’re crazy comfortable and stretchy and I’m glad I bought them.  Since I work for myself I wear whatever I’m feeling to work, so these are work pants.

Other pants in the capsule worth mentioning include the BEST sweatpants from Target. They’re supposed to be pajama pants, and while I do wear them to bed I also wear them out all the time. Here’s me in them in an old photo (4 days before Jojo’s birth day<3).

My current favorite shoes are these Soludos Espadrille Sandals, which I shared on IG earlier.  They make me smile every time I look down.

Favorite accessory is this blue tie dye Milk Snob cover, which is a nursing and carseat cover that can also be worn as a scarf when baby isn’t feeding or lounging in her carseat.

Then some other favorites:

My mama bear top my sister-in-law got me.  Probably from Esty!

My grandma’s embroidered dress.  Worked in pregnancy and still works now.

This top I found on sale in Anthro’s sale section (I LOVEEE the anthro sale section!).  Andrew would say the bottom of this shirt looks like the McDonald’s ballpit…and I think that is an awesome thing.

And the last thing worth showing is my favorite romper, also found in the Anthro sale section.

I would love to be a person who wears bandanas/hair wrap type of things.  Have you ever? I have fine hair and think something that could hold the whispy hair pieces in would be awesome.  I have some hats in my closet, but I’m not sure if i’ll ever be a hat person.

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  1. So many adorable pieces! That mcdonalds ball pit shirt is too cute! I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I feel like I hate so many things in my closet right now it sounds tempting to just donate a bunch and start over!

  2. Hair wraps.  I have boy hair but I bought some boho hair wraps for my daughter and she loves them.  They come in half & full sized (basically how wide they are) and lots of cute patterns.  I think the brand was Natural Life but lots of places have them.  Treat yo’ self. 

  3. Love how much you’re embracing your body! All of those pieces look so cute and versatile. Dontcha just love how men don’t understand our fashion? ;) I love the pom-pom shirt! I have a similar pair of sweatpants from Target and love them!! I didn’t know if the style with them tighter around my ankles would look nice, but they’re my fav pair of lounge pants.

  4. I love this. I made the shift to have only comfortable and appropriate sized clothing in my posession a few years ago and it has been great for me. Cleared up closet space and the anxiety that comes from not fitting into “your” clothes. Throughout pregnancy I have been putting clothes that no longer fit into totes to store so I don’t have to worry about them right now. Only need clothes that fit out as options! It’s very freeing and simplifies things a lot. :)

  5. I have a bunch of the silk type hair wraps, and I love them! I started wearing them when I started to grow out my super short hair… it helped for that awkward in between stage.

  6. THIS…” I’m sitting back and watching as my body moves where ever it needs to move.”

    I’m currently living in a body that looks different than it did a few months ago. Nothing has changed for me to cause this except for the passage of time and I am struggling to accept that this is where my body just wants to be. I have recovered from anorexia and given birth to and nourished two beautiful boys. My body is remarkable and I am trying to have some grace with myself.

  7. I love hair wraps! They are my weekend go to! I have a ton from this shop and they are all great! Cute prints, inexpensive, plus she sells bundles!!

  8. Accepting my body after a lifetime of starving and bingeing, two babies, and midlife made a huge difference for me. I finally, finally started buying clothes that fit me right now and gave up having clothes in three or four sizes. It is so lovely to get rid of clothes because they’re worn out or I’ve worn them enough to be tired of them, as opposed to being out of style and still too small.

  9. I love Madewell jeans! The high waist is great and they are always the perfect length (for my height, at least)! The only problem is they are so darn expensive. This was painful for my wallet when I was going through ED recovery and I had to size up every year lol but buying clothes that fit is so important for my sanity. 

    Also I LOVE your winking shoes. They are so fun. I also know absolutely nothing about fashion, but I do love all of these pieces! 

  10. I love the interesting basics in Anthro’s sale section right now:  graphic tees, a surprisingly cool cardi, and a skirt that will look cute now with black tights and OTK boots….

  11. Have you ever been to They’re a small Christian company here in Texas that makes headcoverings, and they have this headwrap called “Katherine’s Twist” that I LOVE. There are, I believe, about 18 different ways to wear it, and it comes in a bunch of different colors as well. I only have one (in “Jade”) but I adore it and plan on buying another one or two someday…it goes with a lot of my stuff! Not trying to sell anything, nor am I an affiliate or whatever, just recommending a product! :D

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