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We woke up today to a Winter Wonderland in Houston.  So rare! It probably snows like once every 5ish years here.

I didn’t blog much this week because Jo and I have been figuring out life together.  I started reading Wonder Weeks on the developmental leaps baby goes through and those leaps come with moodiness, crying and clinginess.  I think we’re in Fussy Phase number one, which has made for some late nights and one extremely hard night where she didn’t want to sleep at all. 

I viewed the first 2 weeks of her life as one giant sleepover and really didn’t try to get a lot of sleep.  I’d watch netflix in between feedings/cuddles and sometimes nap during the day with her…and then I realized I really needed to start focusing on getting more sleep or else I’d hit a breaking point.  Luckily she started giving me 4 hour stretches of sleep around week 3.  We were getting 2 solid 4-hour stretches of sleep each night, which is great.  So when we hit this Fussy Phase and she stopped sleeping and started crying non-stop I was like WHATTTTTT?!!

I’d love to tell you a new posting schedule…but I know right now I can’t stick to any schedule.  Baby girl is just too unpredictable. 

We have gotten out a few times this week.  Tuesday I wanted to get some Christmas shopping done but Jojo was screaming and crying when I took her out of the car and put her in the stroller.  I almost turned around and went back to my car, but I was like, “she’s fed and has a clean diaper…there is nothing more I can do. We’re going shopping!” So we did and it went fine once we got the stroller moving for a few minutes.

Then this morning we went on a coffee date with Morgan at Kraftsman Cafe.

I had been craving their scones so I got one with my taco & latte.

I had no idea what to dress Joanna (or myself lol) in for the snowy weather + warm cafe…so I just bundled her in a bunch of layers.

Other than a few outings we’re spending most of our time cozy at home.  I’m watching a ton Gilmore Girls.  Somedays Andrew gets home and asks, “how was Lorelai today?” lol

As far as food…I’ve rarely cooked a meal from scratch in a month.  We’re still relying on takeout, delicious meals from family/friends, and prepared food from the grocery store, like the below frozen pizza and kale salad…

One exciting random thing is that I bought some new pants ha! I’d been wanting some pants that look like ballerina shoes for awhile. 

I had my one month post delivery appointment with my OB on Thursday and all is well.  She said I can start moving/exercising again, which I would’ve loved if she would’ve added, “if your body feel up to it”…but she didn’t.  I was pretty underwhelmed with the care I received from my OB.  I think I have unrealistic expectations for the care an OB is supposed to provide, but I need more empathy and just an interest in how the birth went.  My OB wasn’t the one who delivered Joanna (which kinda confused me) and she didn’t ask once “how’d the birth go?”  I know not everyone is interested in birth like I ended up being…but if you’re an OB I feel like you should be interested in birth and can at least ask me, “how’d the birth go.”  If we have more kiddos I’ll likely look into a midwife practice that I’ve heard of in the Houston Medical Center or maybe just a different OB.

As far as movement, me and Jo are going on walks, usually when Jojo is fussy and I know putting her in the stroller will help relax her.  Like I mentioned before my body does feel like a limp noodle and the idea of moving and feeling strong again really appeals to me.  I’d love to take a reformer pilates class (LOVE THOSE), but I’m not sure if my knees or pelvic floor would be up to it.  One good thing is my low back pain all disappeared once Joanna was on the outside! YAY! So other than walking my plan is to look into some pelvic floor strengthening exercises and stick with those for a couple weeks.

Our plans for this weekend = figuring out pumping + storing milk.  Wish us luck! I  hope everyone has a good weekend! See y’all next week :)


  1. Love reading these💛 I love how gracious you are with yourself. It is so beautiful and inspiring to me!

    Re finding movement again after birth…It’s been two years since my son’s birth; because of a birth injury, walking/any type of movement was unthinkable for months, almost a year. I started researching the particular issues i was having and cross-referencing w/ my birth story and realized that I’d severely stretched and torn some of my lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. (A badge of honor since my crazy pushing saved my son’s life!) I have a 6-7 finger diastasis recti which has caused really troublesome low back pain too.
    I recently found the MuTu focus program and just a few weeks into it I am feeling so. much. more. normal. Up to this point I had mostly been coping, figuring out how to manage the symptoms.
    I had to wade through a little bit of the ‘get your body back!'(for me, pre-baby body goals means…no more random pee leaks..😉) nonsense, and the 12 week version does have diet spin to it, but the focus program is just the right speed and providing some very effective repair. It’s *very* helpful info for new (or not so new) mom’s who may or may not have been fully informed about postpartum body repair. Throwing this out there in case anyone else can benefit!

    • A friend just told me about MuTu recently…and she gave the same summary of it –>”really great for helping your pelvic floor, but there’s still some diet-y crap.” I looked at their website the other day but didn’t buy it. I may end up with it tho!

  2. It’s so admirable that you pushed through her fussiness and went shopping! I was so nervous about that stuff with my daughter but roll with the unknown much better now! You already have a great sense of confidence as a mama. I’m finishing up training to be a corrective exercise specialist for prenatal and postpartum (ppces) so let me know if you’d like some specific pelvic floor exercises and I’d gladly send them your way.

  3. Wonder Weeks was a game changer for me and my kiddo! (Now 9 months)… I remember those fussy fussy nights/mornings/afternoons (they all blur together!). It gets better, I promise!!

  4. I just need to say – when my doctor said at 6 weeks that it was ok to start exercising again, I recall taking out a set of free weights, lifting them once and putting them down – for the next like two years lol. I wasn’t ready and really wasn’t interested/prepared at the time to get back into my exercise routine. and it was ok! my exercise became stroller walking and raising my baby. it may not be right for everyone but the gym/exercise/running was waiting for me when I was up for it and had the strength, mentally and physically, just a short few years later. wishing you the best (especially with the pump, that thing scared me at first until I figured it out lol) xoxox

    • Thanks for sharing this, Meredith! Great perspective and lol about “put the weights down for the next 2 years” hahaha. I’m interested to see what movement looks like for me in this new stage of life.

  5. GIRL! Don’t worry about having a “regular posting schedule”, I’m impressed you’re finding time to blog at all right now! Love reading your updates.
    Those ballerina-shoe-pants are soooo nice, where’d you get them?

  6. You continue to really amaze me! I would’ve been so nervous to shop if she were crying, but you did the right thing. Life/plans go on, & you continue to grow stronger as a mom. That snow looks pretty! You got it before we did in TN. No worries on a posting schedule. Just enjoy life & all these wonderful & new experiences!

  7. Wonder weeks was great!  That being said, I also highly, highly, highly, recommended “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, by Dr. Harvey Karpp.  That books was so great at explaining how to soothe a cranky infant in the 4th trimester.  It’s a short quick read, designed for sleep deprived parents haha

    • I’ve heard great things about that book! He’s the 5 S’s guy I think: swaddle, shush, sway, suck…That alone has been helpful for calming her down!

  8. I’m learning so much through these posts! I love that Fussy chart, because I think I would be one of my infant was super fussy I would be worried about it all the time, when it’s probably totally normal. I also really love your attitude about shopping with her when she’s fussy. Taking care of all her needs and realizing that sometimes that’s all you can do and they’re just going to be fussy for reasons you can’t solve sometimes. Awesome! P.S. That is THEY cutest photo with her little nose and eyes peeping out of the stroller. Adorable!

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