Easter Weekend.

Hi, guys! I hope you had a great Easter weekend.  I saw a lot of you made this recipe and this recipe this weekend and tagged me! I always love seeing the recipes you make :)

Friday after I saw some clients, Andrew and I headed to see his parents in the country.  We stopped on the way for Snocones at Bahama Bucks.  Cherry Colada for me! Houston is already getting hot…hello, ice cream + froyo + snocone season!

We hung out with Andrew’s parents for the afternoon.  Then dinner was chicken + twice baked potatoes + asparagus.  The twice baked potatoes were awesome and I had seconds.

We were also celebrating Andrew’s birthday this Easter weekend! His mom got an epic cake from Take the Cake (<–they have the best cakes!).  It was a Hummingbird Cake and it was dreamy.  We all had some.

Saturday morning started with a couple breakfast tacos for breakfast.  After breakfast we visited Andrew’s grandma for a bit and then headed home.

Then we did Chick-fila for lunch.  I was starving and didn’t snap a photo.

For the rest of the afternoon Andrew and I tag teamed the yard work – I mow and Andrew edges.

Then we watched 13 Reasons Why.  We ended up finishing it this weekend.  I don’t recommend the show.  A therapist friend of mine who I respect a lot mentioned that she felt it glamorized suicide and it poorly portrayed mental health and suicide.  Really early in my career working with EDs I had a client pass away from suicide.  Suicide has also changed our family forever.  I wouldn’t recommend the show.  It was painful for us to watch.  I’m glad the show addressed bullying.  I had a really hard time watching it though.  

Later that evening we went to a crawfish boil at my Uncle Lonnie’s house (not my real Uncle! He’s my dad’s childhood best friend).  A lot of our childhood family friends were there and it was really fun.  I hadn’t been in the same place with all those people in ages.

From left to right.  My faux sister, Brittany (a good family friend<3), my big sister-Layne, my little sister-Quinn, me!

They served the crawfish on these big platters.  Here’s Q modeling one.

I ate corn and crawfish until my lips were burning hehe.  I don’t LOVE crawfish taste-wise, but I think the experience of cooking and eating them is super fun.  It was a fun evening :)

Finished off with Brittany’s famous M&M cookies.

Sunday morning we woke up EARLY.  Hello, 6am.  And headed to our church for an early service.  

They bribed us to come to the 7am service with free breakfast and mimosas.  Easter services at church are rather packed so they wanted as many people to come early as possible.

French toast + eggs + juice.

Later we headed to my parent’s house for lunch + puppy cuddles.

Followed by some of Andrew’s leftover birthday cake and cuddles with Fletcher.  I mean OHMYGOSH look at him!

Later in the day I went to yoga.  I’m back at Yoga One, the studio where I feel in love with yoga, and I’m happy about it.  I tried another studio for a while and it wasn’t a good fit.

Then I knocked out the grocery shopping for the week.  

I came home and whipped together a soup.  It ended up being way too spicy and Andrew couldn’t even eat it.  Wife fail lol.  Andrew is the least picky eater ever, but spicy is a no-go.  And that one time I made cauliflower soup and we both couldn’t even swallow a second bite…that stuff was nasty haha.

I served them with a margarita, except we didn’t have tequila…so they were tequila-less margaritas lol.  Still delicious!

And here’s to another week!

What was your weekend highlight?!


  1. a) THAT PUPPY!!! omg, what a cutie.
    b) I haven’t watched any of 13 Reasons Why, but one of my good friends has already warned me. I kind of want to watch, to see what all the hype is about, but if you and her are both saying its upsetting/triggering, I think I’ll stay away…

  2. Re: 13 reasons why… I thought the same that it romanticized suicide and turned it into a revenge fantasy. The dialogue and acting were really well done and the story had the same gripping nature as Serial, but overall it was unsettling.

    My husband is the same way with.spicy. Sometimes there is not enough sour cream in the world to tame the spice!

    • Agreed. I thought it was an incredible TV show from a cinematic perspective!

      And lol about “not enough sour cream in the world” haha;)

  3. I just finished watching 13 reasons why as well and actually (very respectfully disagree) and would recommend it. I lost my sister to suicide and although she didn’t die until she was 24, her feelings of being an outsider were strongest in high school and I thought the show did a really good job of portraying how easy it is to feel like an outsider, how one terrible rumor can stick with a kid (and snowball), and how just one caring individual be it friend or school staff member can have the power to stop someone from taking their own life. Hope that makes sense am typing with a baby in one hand! Granted I’m not a teenager watching but that’s just my two cents. I appreciate your point of view though!

    • Makes sense! Glad to know people found it helpful! Especially given your experience with suicide. I’m a pretty highly sensitive person so a lot of times shows like this aren’t a good fit for me!

  4. Looks like a great weekend! All the food looks delicious.  Also SLEEPY PUPPP.. SO CUTE !  I had an awesome weekend as well, we went out on this cool boat into the Amazon river for the day yesterday, I will post about it later today! 

  5. Your weekend looks like it was awesome! Andrew’s cake looks so good. My weekend highlights were kitten yoga (of course 😉) & all of Easter Sunday with our family. Tons of laughs & great food.

  6. Love your weekend full of good company! Connections are the best, especially when friends become family.

  7. The American School Counselor Association did a whole webinar on 13 Reasons Why and its risk factors, especially for youth ( I don’t think I’ll be watching.

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