Inner Mentor Visualization

About a year ago I came across Tara Mohr on this podcast.  I don’t remember exactly what was said in that podcast, but I remember thinking, “I love a lot of what this girl has to say, I’m gonna read her book.” I ended up listening to her book, Playing Big, on Audible.  I hate reading and am in love with Audible.  It reads one book to me a month and it reminds me of when my mom would take us to the public library for story time.  Love it.

One thing Tara encourages you to do in her book and on the podcast is the Inner Mentor Visualization.  I’d done other visualization in the past, but this was/is one of the few I really find helpful.  From time to time -whenever I feel like I need a bit of a reset- I lay down, hit play and repeat this inner mentor meditation.  Tara offers this visualization for free on her website, which is how I first found it.  You just have to join her email list (here) and you’ll receive an email with the inner mentor visualization.

The idea of this visualization is that you’re visiting yourself 20 years in the future and seeing who that person is.  

  • Who would she be friends with?
  • What would she do for self care?
  • What does she do for a living?
  • How does she think about her body?
  • What would her house look like?
  • How do you feel when you’re around her?
  • How does she handle stress and feelings of overwhelm?
  • What would she do for joyful movement?  

Once you visualize/journal on who your inner mentor is, your inner mentor is supposed to feel like a north star guiding you in the thought patterns you’re stuck in and/or the behaviors you are choosing to engage in.

I recently came across the following advice: “Go towards what feels like relief.”  After this meditation I always feel like I am moving towards relief.  It feels like the right direction.  I highly recommend having the above meditation sent to your inbox if you enjoy meditation exercises<3


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Wow, the effort it takes to really connect with your true inner self. I have a meditation practice and I have truly found that the more I connect with my true inner self, the easier it is to move towards ‘relief’. What a great way to think about it…moving to what feels like relief. I really appreciate your blog. Well wishes.

  2. Thanks for this! I really struggle with meditation and calming my monkey mind, but this might be helpful; I’m gonna give it a try!

    • I’m with you, Emily! I actually have a name for my mind when it feels like it’s exploding and jumping from place to place. It’s been helpful in helping me identify when my mind is not being helpful. I have one other meditation that’s been good! Gonna share that one soon too! I hope you enjoy this one<3

  3. Thanks for sharing I’m going to check this out! I’m at a big crossroads in my life, deciding what type of job I want, where I’m going to live, etc. as I just finished grad school and have nothing tying me to any place yet.  

  4. So glad you enjoyed the podcast I did with Tara! She’s an incredible woman.

  5. Needed this today! Thank you!

    Side note/question – Have you written any blog posts (I’ve only been reading your blog a few months now) in the past on dealing with negative family members or any naysayers when starting Intuitive Eating? Or do you have any advice about this? I am confident that I am above my natural weight, so when I’ve talked about the Intuitive Eating process to a few of my really close family members, I often even get some ridicule about the whole idea of it. Aside from no longer talking to them about Intuitive Eating (keeping that for my therapist) I’m at a loss of how to handle this.

  6. I love that phrase…”Go towards what feels like relief.” Because I feel SUCH a relief since adopting a body positivity, HAES approach. I have not felt this much comfort and less stress in my entire younger and adult life. It feels SO GOOD to do what feels right for my body. To think back at how much stress I was putting myself under by torturing and tormenting my body with restriction and exercise just makes me ask WHY now. What was the point? Great post!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love finding new meditation techniques and this one looks so great. I’m excited to try it.

  8. I love this so much. Thinking about the person I wanted to be in 20+ years, both for myself and for other people, helped me so much in my eating disorder recovery. And “go towards what feels like relief” is such a good life mantra. I think it relates to something one of my fave authors, Emily P. Freeman talks about, which is “paying attention to your tears.” For example, if reading about rest makes me want to cry, it probably means I need to slow down. Signing up for Tara’s email list now! <3

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