Hi guys!! Thank you for all the sweet comments on the news! We are so excited. I ended my first trimester on Saturday.  Still feeling tired and nauseous (umm I thought that was supposed to go away now lol) and our weekend reflected that.

Friday afternoon I took myself on a froyo date after work.  Cake batter froyo + cookies n’ creme froyo + strawberries + cookie dough + whipped cream.

For cinco de mayo dinner we kept it simple with eggs and sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar and butter while watching The Prestige on Netflix.

Saturday started with a nut butter filled smoothie bowl and a breakfast taco.

I didn’t take a lot of photos Saturday, but I attended a bridal shower with my mom (had lunch there).

Later I hung out with my sister while she babysat her friend’s 2 month old.  So cute!

And spent a lot of time cuddling my parents new puppy, Fletcher.

Since it’s frappuccino happy hour at Starbucks through May 15th I swung by Starbucks for a half-priced decaf caramel frappucccino.  It’s been fun figuring out what sweetness level of these most aligns with my tastebuds.  Asking for ‘half sweet’ (aka half the amount of caramel) or saying ‘can you make it just a little less sweet’ seems to work perfectly for my cravings! 

That night Andrew grilled up some burgers and we had some of our favorite friends over.  Our friends are moving 5 hours north and I’m so sad about it.  We had a great night together.  We have few couples friends where Andrew likes the guy and I like the girl! We will be staying in touch and visiting them often.  

For dinner I made my Aunt Ali’s famous mandarin orange salad to have on the side with chips.


We also had some epic sandwich cookies for dessert that you can see later in this post.

Sunday I felt like there were sandbags hanging from every part of my body pulling me to the ground.  So beyond tired.  We went to church and had breakfast tacos for breakfast.

Then we got grocery shopping done for the week.  I’m still not feeling like cooking, so I’m planning to eat all my lunches out this week.  We did get some dinner stuff though, since I get tired of eating out lol.

Then I laid on the couch for an hour until I was hungry for lunch.

Lunch = leftover burger + sweet potato chips + some dark cherry beet juice.

Then I watched an equestrian competition.  I love horses.  The coolest animals.

Afternoon snack 1 = sandwich cookie I made for our dinner date the night before.  They were so good.  I made store-bought chocolate cookies and sugar cookies and smooshed them together with store-bought cream cheese frosting.

And then I took a 3 hour nap.  Yep.  3 hours.  And was still so tired when I woke up.  Andrew and I went on a bike ride after my nap because I thought the sunshine would help wake me up.  It didn’t.  SO TIRED.

Afternoon snack 2 = watermelon! 

For dinner last night I met my friend Donika at Rise.  I had been to Rise once when my first blogging mentor, Robin, took me out for a fun dinner in Dallas.  I really like Rise.  It’s all soufflés!

I’ve really been trying to do my hair more since pregnancy has me feeling so blah so much of the time and having my hair done makes me feel less blah :)

Bread + butter to start!

We split everything.  First we got the marshmallow soup, where the marshmallows are mini soufflés.  So cute.

We got their speciality soufflé, filled with crab and cheeses.

For dessert we went with the key lime pie soufflé.

Our entire meal just felt so summery! Loved it.  I also got a fresh-squeezed lemonade, which played in nicely to our summery theme.

And a yogurt before bed to keep the 4 am hunger away :)

Today I’m working on blog stuff all day, craving some sort of movement, and have a fun lunch date out.  I was planning on going into the office but woke up more nausea than usual so I’m working at home this morning with a heating pad on my knees.  I would struggle with being pregnant if I worked a 9-5 type of job.  I’m impressed by those of you who have done it!

Happy Monday, everyone! 


  1. That looks like a weekend of good eats! Where did you find your floral maxi dress? It’s the perfect summer dress!

  2. Here’s hoping the nausea goes away. :) Watermelon is my absolute favorite snack in the summer! Sent you an email on Thursday too! :)

    • Watermelon is epic! I haven’t picked out a perfect watermelon yet, they’re all a bit mealy right now…but I’m excited as we get closer and closer to summer that I’ll be finding some perfect ones!

      I’ll get back to you via email today or tomorrow :)

  3. I tried the midnight mint frappe during happy hour and really liked it. It was more of a dessert, but so yummy. I’ve always loved the plain coffee frappes so I hope I can get one before the happy hour special is over.
    Watermelon is my favorite food and I’m so happy it’s coming back in season. I’ll start my one/week soon ;)
    Also- your hair looks great!

    • I’m so not a mint person, but if I was I would be down to try the mint frappe. I’m plain frappe and caramel frappe person all the way :) Thank you for the hair recognition lol <3

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I think it wasn’t until about 16 weeks when I REALLY started to feel like I was escaping some of the nausea. So you are REALLY close to that mark, and hopefully it will only be getting better from here on out!

  5. i hope you feel better…also, ginger chews from world market have helped my friends in the past.

  6. Where did you get the dress you’re wearing in the photo with the (adorable) baby? It’s so beautiful, as are you!

  7. I hope you get to feeling better soon, but you still look super adorable! I love your maxi dress, and your hair looked pretty. :)

  8. It’s so nice to have a place like this blog that I can come to when I’m feeling a bit confused, a place that encourages such healthy, normal eating! I wish everybody could spread the same positive message you do, instead of the harmful “facts” found elsewhere. I was reading an article on Women’s Health just now, and while the subject of the article was good (it was discussing the benefits of full-fat dairy over low-fat fake stuff), I was shocked when the author mentioned “eating over X calories before noon” as if it was a terrible thing! For a minute it made me question my X-calorie (healthy!) breakfast, but then I quickly realized that the ignorance in this situation was not on my side. It’s unfortunate that people still believe our bodies can run on no fuel!

    Anyhow, thanks for being so encouraging!

    • I’m so glad the blog has been helpful for you, Katie! Keep going towards what feels like relief (the intuitive eating + HAES message) and getting rid of what doesn’t (i.e. Women’s Health)! A huge issue I’d have with that article is even the mention of calorie counting. There is no form of intuitive eating that involves calorie counting!

  9. I was wondering how you eat out vs. cook at home without going over your “food budget?”  Sometimes it stresses me out more to go out to eat, knowing that I’m spending more money, even though I don’t feel like cooking.  I always bring my lunch to work because I don’t have time to leave, so I have to go grocery shopping anyways.  Any tips for this?

    • Honestly. I don’t have a food budget. Food is part of my business and my food life needs to be fun and engaging. So I don’t have a lot of insight to offer here. I know eating out is more expensive, but for me it’s been important in my recovery from disordered eating to eat out often AND now it’s important to show that there is nothing wrong with eating out. But a post on intuitive eating + food budgeting would be interesting!

  10. your weekend involved an adorable baby AND a precious puppydawg!

  11. Mmm, I love souffle, yum! I’m going to be in Houston a lot this month, I need to try that place!

  12. What were the cookies? That little snack looks great!

  13. I’ve been meaning to try the Rise here in Dallas so I’m excited to hear it’s delish!! Look at those little balls of fluff in the soup.
    Speaking of balls of fluff, Fletcher!!!!! 😍 😍 😍 He looks like a trouble-maker.
    Naps often leave me feeling more tired than I did coming into the nap. But yeah sunshine does this weird thing of energizing and draining me simultaneously… 😕

  14. I love that your weekends are always a balance of social time and rest, and I’m always jealous of all your meals (I work every other weekend, so having fun meals is sometimes a challenge when I’m at the hospital). Happy Monday!

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  16. That unicorn mug is the best!

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