Hey guys! How was your weekend?! If you have a blog with a weekend recap, feel free to link to it in the comments section:)

This weekend I felt like getting outdoors.  In summers past, I used to wake up early and that would let me get outside in the morning hours before the heat got unbearable.  Since being pregnant I’ve never felt so tired IN MY LIFE and on the weekends I haven’t been waking up until between 8-9am (when it’s already too hot to go outside).  I don’t enjoy being stuck indoors all day.

So this weekend I was intentional about making getting outside work.  My parents mentioned they were going up to the lake, so Saturday morning Andrew and I headed up there for the day.  I was craving a good float.

We picked up Chick-fil-a breakfast on the way.  Breakfast biscuits…

and iced coffees…

As soon as we got to the lake, Maggie ran and launched in.  She loves the jump & splash.

Then we put on our suits + sunscreen and went swimming & floating.  At 22 weeks pregnant I’m feeling very buoyant and being in the water feels INCREDIBLE.  By the end of August the lake will heat up, but right now the lake is still cool.

If you ever struggle with seeing yourself in photos, I think this podcast episode does an excellent job of explaining seeing yourself in photos / mirrors is an opportunity to practice being kind to yourself.  Mirrors and photos should be used as tools of acceptance, not tools of change. <3

Snacks + lunch.

We napped in the afternoon and Maggie swam some more.  Then, much to Maggie’s disappointment, we headed home around 4pm.

Snack on the way home!

Once home I spent most of the evening in our backyard doodling with watercolors and finishing listening to Big Magic on Audible.

For dinner, both of us just wanted something easy, so I made us some oatmeal and set out a mini toppings bar.

Then sleep!

Sunday I set an alarm for 7am.  I got up and went for a walk around Rice University before the heat intensified.  All the while listening to Season 4 of the Start Up podcast…it’s a fun one if you like business-y / entrepreneur stuff.  Season 4 (starting with episode 4 and on) is all about the craziness that is the ex-American Apparel CEO.

I needed to get the grocery shopping done, but first needed breakfast.  So…

I tried out a new crepe place + coffee shop.  I wasn’t impressed.  Won’t be back on my own.  If I’m sitting down to eat at a restaurant I’d prefer actual silverware and seating available inside…it was teeny inside.  The coffee was fab.  But the atmosphere + crepe was meh.

After breakfast I sat for a bit, listened to another podcast and stared at my belly haha.  You can see baby girl kicking on the outside of my belly now.  It’s a lot of fun…but mostly just insane and so cool.

Then grocery shopping! Post grocery shopping snack…

After grocery shopping I made a lunch and worked on a recipe for this week.


Later I napped (a must lately), we went to evening church and then grabbed some dinner at a noodle house.  Udon for me!


We’re watching our friend’s pup for a couple days, so that’s gonna make for a fun beginning of the week.  Maggie can act like a grumpy old woman sometimes, but so far she’s being nice.

Our friend’s brought one of my fave cookies to say, ‘thanks for watching our pup!’ So I enjoyed ’em before bed with a glass of milk.

And they brought us super cute onesies for baby girl.  Look how cute?!!

I’m in love with this boho baby line my sis-in-law told me about and I’ve registered for so many things from this shop!

And that was our weekend! Super grateful for time spent outside.  On to Monday! 


  1. Whoa, what are those cookies and how do I get the recipe? Also, super hope that pink cone is the recipe you’ll be sharing; very intrigued.

    • We get them at an ice cream place in Houston called Fat Cat Creamery…I think they actually come from Fluff Bake Bar! They’re sugar cookies with white chocolate (i think) chips. Really delicious! If I ever get my hands on the recipe I’ll be sure to share!

  2. a) we definitely don’t have the same issue with it getting too hot where i live…we have to wait until later in the day so that it warms up enough to go (and stay) out! lol im kinda jealous
    b) the picture of maggie running and jumping into the lake is great
    c) mmmm noodles, i want that udon.

  3. Looks like such a nice weekend! Something about being by the water is so relaxing/recharging. I can shut my brain off by a body of water much more easily than anywhere else.

    We spent some time outside this weekend too – trying to make the most of summer before it gets too humid/hot out. Recap is on my blog!

  4. I have been itching to get outside lately too but it gets sooo hot + humid in NC as well. Sometimes we will go for a shady hike or I will get in the pool! So fun that you can bop over to the lake for the day. Also Chick-Fil-A has the best iced coffee and soft serve everrr. Love that little watermelon suit, too! So sweet.

    We had a fun weekend celebrating my hubby’s bday! Here’s the link to my recap:

  5. What an awesome weekend! I love the Chick-fil-a breakfast and ice cream cone. Mmm. We went to our lake house this weekend too!

  6. Those onsies are ADORABLE!!! <3 I am totally craving a breakfast biscuit now. Chick-fil-a is the best! I am glad you all had such a good weekend! I went to Chick-fil-a too in my weekend recap. They gave me 2 free medium fries!! It was wonderful, haha.

  7. Kylie, I am 19 weeks and still trying to figure out registry stuff. Would you post about what you’ve chosen? I love seeing that.

    • I have a pregnancy post coming up this week or next and I will include my registry thoughts! Thanks for letting me know you wanted to hear about registry stuff!

  8. Maggie looks so happy! I am still trying to convince my dog Charlie to get in the water. He is very suspicious of it lol. Here’s my recap:

  9. This weekend looks so full! I have a problem getting up early, too, and absolutely hate the heat. Love the idea of being intentional about making time to get outdoors. I love those photos of Maggie and her friend. :)

  10. The watermelon onesy reminds me of a little dress I used to have when I was like three. My godmother collected watermelon things. So cute! How do you spell onesy, by the way? That’s so amazing that you can actually see the baby kicking! Sounds weird but wonderful. My weekend was wisdom teeth surgery recovery: here’s my review:

  11. Awwww, that’s a bummer about Retrospect! It’s right by my house and I saw it when I was at Axelrad the other day. Maybe now I won’t be trying it out. :( Womp womp.

    • I mean, in their defense, when I was there I was feeling emotional because one of my good friends and sister just moved and I was there alone feeling a bit woe-is-me! So I should go back when my mood is a bit more positive hehe. I just feel Axelrad is SO cool, so I had high hopes for a place that would open right around the corner from it.

  12. I looooove the onesies!! The breakfast sandwich looks awesome as well. I had some kitchen fun with farmer’s market inspiration! Also, I need that cookie!

  13. Where did you get your overalls?? I absolutely love them and you look so cute wearing them, especially with your pregnant belly :))

  14. What a fun weekend! I totally felt like having adventures this weekend too so on Saturday I went to breakfast with one friend and then the ballet with another, and on Sunday I went to breakfast and yoga down by the bay where I live and bushwalking with my sister. Adventures achieved!
    I love all the gorgeous baby things you keep showing us! Everything is adorable and just a little different to most of the baby wear I see :)

  15. That picture of Maggie jumping in the lake is awesome! Also, love the watermelon onesie and all your weekend eats looked so good!

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