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1. Ads on my site.  

Sorry for crap like this…

I do my best to work with my ad company to filter out crap like the above, but some diet crap still gets through.  I know ads are annoying.  I get it.  And I feel the same.  But having ads on the site generates money, which allows me to spend more time here with you guys.  That said, I’m still working to prevent diet ads from popping up on immaEATthat.  

It’s important when you see diet ads anywhere to notice the sensational nature of them, be able to recognize them as something harmful to you, and label them as a way your eating disorder is trying to ruin your life.  On instagram when they pop up I always mark them as “inappropriate.”

2. I’m loving this fab floral dress.

I found this dress at H&M, however the sleeves didn’t fit my arms…they were way too tight!  So I bought the dress, took it home, and just cut the sleeves.  Problem solved.  You can see the full dress in this post


3. Hummusapien was on The Healthy Maven podcast, HERE.

I thought it was excellent, especially the second half where there’s a discussion on health and wellness bloggers.  WORTH A LISTEN!

4. Pregnancy is weird.  

Last night for dinner I ate a sleeve of saltines + chicken broth + a diet dr. pepper + noodles.  I’m just going with it.

5. A question to get you thinking…

  • #1 How are you teaching your mind to respect your body?
    • In the past, it was so easy for my brain to blame my body when I was stressed/overwhelmed/insecure.  After years of not allowing myself to blame my body, my brain really doesn’t go there anymore.  How I taught my mind to respect my body was anytime my brain said, “your body is the problem and it needs to change,” I would say, “nope, we don’t take the easy way out anymore.” The easy was out is blaming your body.  Get to the root of your discomfort and stop blaming your body.
    • I’d love to hear how you’re teaching your mind to respect your body :)


  1. Diet ads make me rage!! If only there were a way to filter what type of ads pop up – normal advertisements for crap hardly bother me lol

    Also, cute dress!

  2. I always wondered if you/bloggers were able to have input on the types of ads on their site- I think you’re one of the few who actually tries to make sure the ads ads congruous with your message!

  3. I love love that quote! Thank you, made my day:)

  4. I feel like lately I have been extra harsh on myself and my body. I am working to be more positive with my thoughts and mindspace. It isn’t always easy but I am learning to go with it.

  5. I agree those ads are annoying, thank you for putting it out there that you do your best to not have those. What’s even more annoying- and I haven’t seen you do it but I have seen plenty of other non-diet mentality bloggers do it- partnering with/having a sponsored post by a diet mentality company, ie Skinny Fries, Skinny Pop. That really gets me irate. I mean like I-don’t-want-to-follow-you-anymore- irate. Thanks for your daily little reminders about how to retrain our brains and accept our bodies for the wonderful jobs they do!

    • Those would be weird brand collabs for someone who says they are a non-diet blogger. I know I’ve had sponsored post opportunities with many of those brands and also Beach Body and Shakeology…and I’m like NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i absolutely adore that dress! i am going to listen to that podcast today – all my fav people :)

  7. Love that dress Kylie!!
    When I begin to compare my body to other people I repeat, “people will love you no matter your size, you are more than a body, you a whole being.”
    It also really helps me to remember that I want to help people w eating disorders in the future. So, I want to align what I preach wth what I think!
    Lastly, one day I want to have children. I don’t want to emulate negativity and self hatred. I don’t want to tell my children the years I spent obsessing over my weight/body… it helps me stop the negative self talk. :)
    Thank you for your posts as always!!

  8. I really resonated with what you said that “blaming your body is the easy way out” I am on the last day of a 2 week school trip out of the country. We weren’t allowed any time at all to be on our own which meant I couldn’t exercise the entire 14 days (and I’m used to exercising everyday of the week). Whenever I’m feeling anxious or mad or sad I exercise and feel better. I struggled a lot with anxiety on this trip and I keep blaming it on my inability to attempt exercising in the midst of these restrictions and in turn how I feel in my body. This really sparked some thought in me that maybe a lot of my anxiety and frustration on this trip could have been lessened by looking at the root of the problem, rather than intensified by placing EXTRA stress/blame on myself for taking a break from exercise. It’s definitely something I’m going to think about more when I’m at home so thanks!! Love love your posts always.

  9. LOVE that graphic, so grace-giving. And I was 5 seconds away from buying that dress the other day, makes me wanna go back and get it! :)

  10. During the beginning of my recovery I use to just accept that I was having what I termed a “bad body day” and just try to get through the day. Now that I am so much farther along in recovery I instead sit with these feelings and make myself figure out what is truly bothering me, because I know it does not have ANYTHING to do with my body. Like you said, no more taking the easy way out!

  11. I haven’t commented for a while which means I haven’t yet said CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. Such wonderful and exciting news <3 Is it weird that I thought you may be pregnant soon? Ha. 

    For me, with teaching my mind to respect my body, it is really similar to what you did… When I have a "bad body image thought", I immediately look inside and think deeper about what is going on and I don't give the time of day to thoughts that say changing my body would solve it all. It is always a sign for me that I am not dealing with or facing something emotionally e.g. anxiety, self-doubt, insecurities etc. There is always some kind of emotion under there that needs to be expressed, healed or worked on. And changing my body will NEVER help these things. Journalling is an awesome way for me to discover what really needs dealing with, and not changing my body :) 

    P.S. the dress is so pretty. 

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