My favorite coffee mugs.

I have at least 15 coffee mugs, but I only ever use a few.  I wanted to share my 3 current fav mugs.  I’ll link to the ones I can, but some aren’t sold anymore since they’re older mugs.

My first favorite mug I found in the Urban Outfitters sale section for $6.  As I’m typing up this post I realize that my favorite mugs are all two-toned, in earthy tones, and have a clay-like look.

My next favorite mug comes from Health Ceramics.  I could happily stock my entire kitchen with Health Ceramics midcentury, handcrafted pottery.  I got it on our San Fran trip last June.  This mug is smaller than the others and was more pricey at $30/mug.  I ended up splurging and bought two of these mugs.  One white and one brown.

My third (and current favorite mug) is from World Market.  It has a clay-like bottom and a colorful glazed top.  I usually don’t love weird shaped handles, but I’ll make an exception for this mug.  I love the pop of color with an earthy bottom.

Do you have a favorite mug? Or do you just grab whichever mug is available?


  1. I buy a mug from every new country I travel to and it’s my favorite kind of souvenir!

  2. I like the white and brown one!
    Too tiny for me though, all my favorite mugs are like drinking a bucket of coffee or tea!

  3. This is such a cute post! I’m a mugaholoc, & Matt knows it. We have a vintage coffee cart that I display many of my fav mugs on, & I love seeing them daily. Some of my favorites are my ‘I Love Lucy’, Lil Bub, a few local coffee shop mugs, & I have two that my sister found at Mast General Store. They’re ceramic with really fun colors – some earthy & some bright. I love these three!

  4. A white mug with a teddy bear holding a flower (both with smiles) and then it says “smile.” I’ve had it since my 5th birthday.
    A thick pink mug that has a heart and says “Love what you do. Do what you love.”
    An orangey rustic, funky shaped mug from arches national park (favorite vacation so far).

  5. My mug from a store called altered state that is simple but says “have strenth” on it!

  6. I totally have favorites. I definitely have a bowl and mug thing and have to resist buying more!!! My favorite are the shorter but deeper ones that can double as oatmeal or hot chocolate bowls :) I’m leaving for France today and hoping to find some new ones there!!

  7. I LOVE mugs (I definitely have too many!) I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I love the ones that you posted…. I may have to go purchase one haha! 

  8. I usually get a mug from every new city I visit! However, my favorite mug is a white one from Cal that says “Good Morning Beautiful!” :)

  9. I have one favorite that I usually use. I got it for my dad when I was really young and my mom gave it back to me after he died. It has two Labrador retrievers with a background of a lake/woods scene. I really love your curret favorites though, especially the one from World Market.

  10. My favorite mug says REDRUM and I got it at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park! My other favorite mug is an “Official City of St. Louis Mug” that looks like the different municipal department trucks in St. Louis. That mug was a gift from a friend.

  11. Yes! I love coffee mugs. And I get a little grumpy if someone in my house uses one of my favorites! lol! (Just a little possessive! lol!)

  12. Oh man, I have so many mugs… One of my favorites is a mug I got in Colorado that’s all bright and stripe-y and on the inside bottom it says “Cover me I’m naked!”

  13. This is such a wonderful post. My two comments are: somebody in your family of among your friends has to read this and gift you a pottery class! Those are exactly the kind of mugs you could make yourself and you might love them even more of you make it!
    And I have a mug addiction too, my favorite ones are from Dunoon (the one full of watercolor) and from Propaganda Thailand Mugs (with a funny littler character on it) I believe that pretty cup, with the right content improves any day :D

  14. I actually started collecting coffee mugs a few years ago! :)

  15. What a fun post! My favorite mug is a Wonder Woman cup that a former roommate gave me. I’m not a Marvel or a superhero fan, but Wonder Woman was her nickname for me, so I think of her every time I use the cup. Plus, the mug is large enough for soup or oatmeal, which I love, since I’m a big fan of piping hot food.

  16. I love mugs and use every one of them in my cabinet. Usually use the one that matches my mood for that day but my favorite mug is one I got from a friend when I directed her wedding. It’s a Rae Dunn cup that says “Calm” on the front. I use it ALL the time. Love the post!

  17. It’s a lovely slip of the tongue, but it’s Heath Ceramics: you’ve got an extra “L” in there making it “Health”! (I love their stuff too.)

  18. What a cute post! Thanks for sharing 😊

  19. Gorgeous mugs and what a cute post! I have a few favourites, depending on my mood. I have a large mug with The Nutcracker painted on the outside that my Mum bought for me because it is my favourite ballet and Christmas story. My other favourites are a clay mug with Amy etched on the side, which I bought while on holidays in Tasmania with my fiance, and a large tea cup and saucer with Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer ii” painted on it as it is one of my favourite pieces of art :)

  20. Loved this post, very cute! Isn’t it funny how even your favourite mug can make you happy! My favourite coffee mug is one from “Blond Amsterdam” a Dutch brand that reminds me of home, I always use it at work and love my coffee moment. My favourite tea mug is from T2, it’s a beautiful orange on the outside with colourful stripes on the inside.

  21. I do have favourites, but I’ll usually grab whatever I can provided its 16 oz. It’s the perfect amount haha! My current faves though are a white one with oranges on the outside and a bright yellow inside, and a cranberry colored one with white geese all over it. I love bird themed things and really bright colors :)

  22. I have a huge oversized mug that’s brown and has Scooby Doo’s face on it ;) Found it for $1 at a thrift store and it always reminds me of my childhood. My sis and I watched wayyyyy too many Scooby Doo movies/tv shows/etc to count, especially on long road trips!

  23. they make too many cute mugs. so tempting to buy. and i each one like reminds me of someone! My favorite mug at home is from Paris, its the perfect size for some coffee and is different than all the others. When i’m at school, my mug is from Mt rushmore. It has like the american flag and presidents on it and has to be handwashed. weird how i get attached to random mugs!

  24. Wow!! So nice mugs. Looking so pretty.

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