Summer Nights

Hey guys :) Thanks for all the nice “hope you feel less nauseous” comments on yesterday’s post!<3<3<3

We had such a nice summer night last night.  Our friends invited us over for a cookout and it was such a fabulous evening.  Houston tends to be stiflingly hot July thru October, so anytime where it feels pleasant to be outside…SIGN ME UP! Well.  The temperature wasn’t pleasant, but the company was :)

I had clients until 5:45pm and before I left my office I had an Ensure for a snack.  My snack drawer at the office was empty and I forgot to get more snacks at the store this week.  I keep some Ensures on hand for clients…so Ensure snack it was.

After work I headed to Steel City Pops to pick up some popsicles for dessert.  Do you have a Steel City Pops where you live? Gosh they’re good popsicles.

I went home, said “hi” to Maggie, picked up Andrew, and we headed to our friend’s house.

This is their chocolate lab, Cooper.  He’s the best.  We get to keep him this weekend and I can’t wait.

Dinner was kabobs!

Plus sides: Caesar salad, grilled peaches + ice cream, chips & guac.

Blood orange popsicle to end the night! 

After a few days of feeling more nauseous than I have in awhile, it was nice to have someone to cook for us :) It’s good to have great friends.  I’m a quality over quantity person when it comes to friendships.

Happy Thursday, all! 


  1. Oooh, those kebobs look yum.
    And me too, I’m quality over quantity when it comes to friends; I have maybe two people I’d consider close friends, but they are absolutely the best.

  2. we have steel city pops and i love it.

    we need a meetup when im in houston next time.

  3. What a fun evening! I love that you drank the Ensure – sometimes you just gotta make do with what you have available! Here’s to hoping for a better day for you!

  4. Sometimes I think there’s just something about Summer and the heat that makes cooking and food less appealing. I made Grilled Chicken Salad last night only to have it made and then decide that cold cereal sounded better. Those kabobs DO look good though!

  5. Cookouts with friends make me sooo happy! Also that chocolate lab is adorable :)

  6. After getting used to Ensures in recovery, I grew to like them & now have them not infrequently as a morning snack poured over iced coffee. It’s like a fab iced vanilla latte, but with a little more staying power! At first my friends thought I was a bit odd, but some of them have actually joined the bandwagon haha.

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