Indicators of health throughout last 10 years…


  1. Oh, I love this. I am still in the “circa 2006” era, but am moving towards “The Working Phase.”

    As always, thank you for your blog. You are a great source of hope and inspiration for me.

  2. I love Watercolour Wednesday! This post is another great reminder of how far we can all come in our relationships with ourselves/food/body/movement whe we focus on letting go and bringing forth our true selves. I might need to draw my own flowchart tonight! Definitely not as talented as you so mine won’t be a gorgeous watercolour!

  3. I love this idea. It is something I am going to try for myself just as a visual representation of how much I have in my life since working through my ED. Lately the (much needed) weight gain my body has gone through has been bumming me out a little. I like the idea of reminding myself about the time I now have to sleep-in, the nights I have free to go out with friends and my Sunday morning ritual of pancakes with my husband. That’s what the real gain is.

  4. Love this. Your 2006 self is also my 2006 self. Add to that list: how many miles (or hours) I ran today, and how many pounds I lost on my run (no joke). I can remember hopping on the scale and seeing a certain number, running in the hot-hot-heat for 2 hours, and then seeing that certain number go down by 3-7 lbs each time. #1—Hello, that’s water! and #2—how did I not die of heat exhaustion?

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