Booze-Free Frozen Margaritas

If there is one thing I’ve missed in pregnancy, it’s margaritas.

I mean, margaritas are really the only food / drink I’ve missed in pregnancy.  Red wine is fabulous.  As is champagne.  But the only thing I miss on a regular basis is a smooth and dreamy frozen margarita.  Living in a city where taco shops run rampant, margaritas are such a natural drink pairing.  

Are frozen margaritas a thing in every city? If they aren’t, I hope you get to come to Houston or Austin at some point in your life and order tacos + chips & queso + a frozen margarita.  

My main motivation for making this recipe is that at the beginning of August we have a lakehouse trip planned with our friends and I knew I wanted have an epic mocktail recipe for me to enjoy while everyone else will be enjoying alcoholic tastiness.  Margarita + lake floating + good friends.  Sign me up.

Random thing that you don’t actually need to know: I much prefer the word “mocktail” to “virgin” margarita.  The word virgin has always given me the heebie jeebies lol

So.  This epic mocktail has 3 main ingredients:

Coconut water.  
Frozen limeade concentrate.  
Orange juice ice cubes.

Cracking open the coconut was really the most confusing part.  But, fear not.  In the recipe directions I walk you through what I did to drain the coconut water and bust it open.  It wasn’t that hard.

Into a blender all the ingredients go.

Now.  One of the most fun parts of this recipe is serving it in coconut cups.  My best childhood birthday (or the birthday I remember the best), was Hawaiian-themed complete with coconut shell bikinis (we were like in 4th grade and we wore them over our swimsuits), grass skirts, and…coconut cups.

So naturally this dreamy mocktail needed to be served in coconut cups.

I hope you’ll give these a try (with or without tequila), before summer ends! 

Virgin Frozen Margaritas

Yield: 4 margs!


virgin margarita
1, 6-oz can frozen limeade concentrate
3/4 cup frozen orange juice ice cubes
3/4 cup coconut water
1 cup ice cubes

coconuts (to get coconut water and make coconut cups!)
sliced limes


to get fresh coconut water + make coconut cups
I never noticed this before, but coconuts have 3 indentations on the top.  Take a pairing knife and poke a hole in one of the indentations.  Make the hole big enough for the coconut water to drain out of it.  Let coconut water drain into a cup.  Now.  Take your coconut outside and throw it as hard as you can on the ground.  If it doesn't crack...throw it again.  Once it cracks, it'll either crack in half or you can take a knife pry it open.  Hopefully how it cracks makes a "cup" out of at least one side that will allow you to pour margarita into it.

to make virgin margaritas 
In a blender, combine all margarita ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Taste.  If too sweet for your tastebuds, add more ice or coconut water.  Pour into coconut cups.  Garnish with lil' umbrellas and lime slices.


  1. This looks like fun! I am not into Margaritas either with or without booze, but whatever comes out of such a pretty coconut must be tried! I think cracking a coconut is so special, I remember when my dad did it for us when we were little and now my kids are so excited when we crack one!
    Do you eat the coconut inside when the drink is empty?

  2. This is such a cute idea! My bf loves to make homemade margs, so I might have to give this one a shot! :)

    • It’s always nice to have a family member / friend who can be the designated margarita maker lol. My grandpa was actually our go-to margarita maker haha. He could make a mean frozen margarita!

  3. Will def have to try these perfect lake drinks at the lake! 
    Frozen margs + Texas summer = happiness  (maybe throw in some chips & queso for good measure!)

  4. Haha–“take your coconut outside and throw it against the ground” caught me off guard but I love it! Talk about a stress relieving recipe :)

  5. Oh my gosh – I could not agree more. I live in Austin and literally nothing beats a frozen margarita with chips and queso and tacos. Especially at Torchy’s.. but basically everywhere. These look wonderful and refreshing and easy :)

  6. Okay question and maybe I am showing my ignorance here: is the coconut water inside a coconut the same as they sell bottled as coconut water?  If so, could you use that instead or do you just lose a lot of flavor?

    • I imagine it should be the same coconut water…but that sounds like a very labor intensive process to remove the coconut water from the coconut and put it in a bottle. I’m just thinking about me in my kitchen with a pairing knife trying to get the coconut water out lol. But I imagine that’s what they do. Bottled coconut water would work totally fine!

  7. I am currently 41 WEEKS pregnant (yes I’m going crazy) and I think my husband should make these for me. I’m sending him the recipe now ;)

  8. Yes I live in Austin and my favorite thing is getting to sit on a patio once the weather gets nice and enjoy margaritas, chips + queso, and tacos! Also the coconut cups these are in are so cute! What a good idea!

  9. Those look amazing!! And yep margaritas are a big deal in my town (Fort Worth.) I’m pretty picky about them though and only get them from certain restaurants because I don’t like them too sweet. Love the idea of making them at home to cater to my tastebuds!

  10. These are gorgeous! I feel like I haven’t quite taken advantage of the perfect margarita drinking weather that Queensland gets for most of the year. That will certainly be remedied this summer! And my Mama (who is allergic to the histamines in alcohol…thank goodness I didn’t inherit that!) will appreciate this gorgeous mocktail recipe! Thanks Kylie!

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  12. This is a perfect frozen margarita! Thank you for all the info. I finally have a recipe I can make for summer parties.

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