Day in the Life

7am: Wake up.  Feed Maggie.  Read through blog post for the day and post.  Post watercolor therapy photo to IG.

7:30am: Breakfast.  For the week I ended up making another batch of my pumpkin snickerdoodle baked oatmeal.  Before I baked it I added walnuts that I tossed in some butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and flour.  So they were snickerdoodled walnuts.  So tasty.

This day I topped a slice with jam + nutella.

7:45am: Read + take notes on the stages of labor.  Occasionally I get a bit gripped by fear when thinking about the delivery process, but 90% of the time my mind feels calm and really excited to meet baby.  Understanding the process of how my body will work to get her into this world helps keep me calm.

8:45am: Head out for a swim.

9:10-9:30am: Swim / Move in the water.  A lot of my movement lately is micro movement sessions.  As many of you know, four years ago I decided I didn’t want to feel compulsive around exercise anymore. I took a nice long 4ish month break from all movement except occasional walking / yoga.  Eating disorders thrive on rigidity, so when I added back in other forms of movement I decided to start doing micro workouts…aka short movement sessions to challenge my brain that was noisy and was saying “if you don’t move x amount it’s not enough.”  It ended up being so much more enjoyable to not have a time limit on my movement and to just move for how ever long feels good.

10am: Meet with my Doula at my church’s coffee shop :)

11am: Stop in for a lunch at Tout Suite. Chicken dish + vanilla latte.  I’m re-listening to a C.S. Lewis book on Audible right now, so I enjoyed a nice slow lunch with my headphones in.

12:30: Head to office

1-6:30pm: Client sessions + answer client emails.  To any RD2b’s out there…private practice life is where it’s at. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s personality isn’t good for a 9-5 type of job.

Snacks throughout the afternoon looked like…

I checked my office mail box during the day and one of my readers who’s a graphic designer sent me the sweetest note and prints.  Thank you, Samantha! 

6:45pm: Head home. Hang out with Andrew.

7:20pm: Made dinner for us.  Leftover lasagna + salad.  I saw Crystal Light at the grocery store this week and for whatever reason their green tea raspberry one sounded SO freaking good.  Haven’t had it in ages.  And honestly I’m gonna be game for anything ice cold these days.

And I ended up adding two more spoonfuls of capers to the salad + lasagna.  Was feeling the salty last night.

8pm: I suggested we watch a movie because Andrew was feeling like he was getting sick and just wanted to lounge on the couch.  We watched Nerve.  Have you seen it? I found it dark and disturbing.  Not a super choice for sleep hygiene since my mind tends to latch onto dark things and get creeped out.

9:30 pm: brownie + milk.

10pm: unload and load dishwasher so the kitchen is less of a hot mess in the morning.

10:30pm: BED.

And that was yesterday! Today I’ve got a full day of clients, so I’m off to that.  Happy Thursday, guys! 


  1. Love the crinkly top on that brownie :P :P
    Private practice is soappealing to me and I hope to start gradually moving that way in my future. My husband is a youth pastor so receiving benefits is very important to me, so I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100% PP. However, even just a taste would suit me!

  2. I LOVE these posts! Thanks so much for sharing your day. Have a fabulous Thursday, Kylie!

  3. The labor process is fascinating. I have had three incredibly empowering births. They weren’t easy, but really made me connect to my body and realize how it is so strong and amazing. I struggled with disordered eating and exercise pre babies and seeing the work this body is capable of has made me appreciate it so much.

  4. I love how your work day doesn’t start until after 12! SO what I would do if I ever get to do private practice full time. I am much more of a night owl than an early bird. P.S. I think we have the same dishwasher, lol!

  5. I love reading these types of post Kylie :). And your watercolours are inspirational- your latest one really hit a spot with me x

  6. I love seeing your ‘day in the life’ posts. I’m a dietitian working a 9-5 (not in dietetics) and working to create a private practice that will one day support me full time. Your posts are my inspirational boosts to keep going even when I don’t feel like hustling. Also, I love seeing you wear that dress, you really are blooming!

  7. Love you!  I’ll just write this on every post now.

  8. Love your posts and your content so COMPLETELY unrelated, but that dishwasher, girl! I can’t even look at that picture again :))

  9. White chocolate macadamia Luna bars are the best Luna bars. Good for you for staying calm about labor. I’m freaked out about it and I’m not even pregnant or trying to become pregnant!

  10. Doing private practice is definitely a goal of mine some day! As a brand spanking new RD, I still feel like I could benefit from learning more before diving into on my own, but I can’t wait until it’s that time for me. :)

    Thanks for sharing your day! Love these.

    • I was in a group practice for about 2 years right out of school and I highly recommend it. Had two fabulous mentors and learned a ton! Good luck to you, Amy!

  11. I appreciate how normal your life is. <333 Also Nerve! My boyfriend and I watched it and we found it strange as well lol.

  12. Hi Kylie! I’m hoping to go to school to be a RD so when you mentioned that private practices can be better to work at, I thought that sounded really interesting and true for me! It made me curious though, if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of degree/schooling did you do? I’m very lost and confused on what I really need to study to become an RD, so any tips would be really appreciated! Thanks!

    • He Kaitlyn! I wrote a little about my journey towards private practice life here…except at that time I was still at a group private practice and hadn’t ventured out on my own yet:

      As far as degree, I doubled majored in biomedical sciences and nutritional sciences. Then I did a coordinated MPH-dietetic internship program at University of Texas School of Public Health. Then In worked in a group practice that focused on treatment of EDs for 2 years (I got a lot of great mentorship while there and learned A TON. I learned way more than I ever learned in school!) Then in April of 2017 I started my own private practice. Hope that helps!

      • I just now saw that you replied to my comment, and yes it really does help so thank you so much! Now at least I have an idea of what kind of degree I should be pursuing and a good way to go about schooling haha:)❤️ I love your posts keep it up!

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