Day 2 of our San Francisco Trip.

Day 2 was my favorite day of the trip.  (Here’s Day 1 in case you missed it.)  I do think we may have packed a bit too much into this day, because by dinner time I felt a bit nauseous.  At first I thought it was food poisoning, but I really think it was just pure exhaustion.  My body was yelling, STOP DOING STUFF. 

The day started with a trip to the Ferry Building Farmers Market.  I heard it gets crowded, so I woke Andrew up right at 7:20am so we would have plenty of time to walk over and be there by 8am.  We were still staying at The Westin St. Francis and it was easy to walk from the hotel to the market.  (Again, The Westin provided us with a complimentary stay.)

San Francisco Day Two |

Everyone had told me I was going to love the Ferry Building Farmers Market.  And everyone was right!! But who wouldn’t like that place?! It’s incredible.  

I spotted Blue Bottle and we headed there first.

San Francisco Day Two | immaEATthat.comSan Francisco Day Two |

I went with a hot latte.  I know! Who am I? I was so not feeling iced lattes in the morning while in SF.

San Francisco Day Two | 

Then we headed into the Ferry Building to wander a bit.  Before long we ended up outside in search of breakfast.

We bought some expensive blueberries ($9/pint…chaa-ching).

San Francisco Day Two |

And then Andrew stumbled upon a lox booth.  With the view of the water, lox sounded perfect!

San Francisco Day Two |

We each got some sourdough toast topped with cream cheese, lox, capers and fresh lemon.  I can’t eat lox without thinking about my dad.  Lox and cold smoked salmon are his fave!

San Francisco Day Two | San Francisco Day Two | San Francisco Day Two |

After breakfast we headed off for an adventure! We grabbed an Uber and headed over to rent bikes from this place.

San Francisco Day Two | immaEATthat.comSan Francisco Day Two |

Then we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge, which seemed like the touristy thing to do and it was totally awesome.  I’m so glad we did it.

This was my favorite picture we took all trip! Big thank you to Mr. Bird for making this picture all the more perfect.

San Francisco Day Two |

Then we rode our bikes into downtown Sausalito to find a place for lunch.  The bike ride from the Golden Gate Bridge to downtown Sausalito was GORGEOUS.  All of it was along the water or under the shade of lush trees.

We came across The Inn Above Tide, which is an incredible waterfront hotel that I’ve read amazing things about.  I couldn’t work out a stay there this trip…but we will stay there in the future! I’m setting the vision! It’s gonna happen!

San Francisco Day Two | 


(pssst.  i love the couple praying.  I didn’t realize I caught them.  I try to edit random people out of my pictures in respect for their privacy, but I decided to leave these guys.)

San Francisco Day Two |

Fish tacos were lunch!

San Francisco Day Two |

After lunch we rode our bikes back across the bridge and returned them.  Then we jumped in another Uber and had him take us to the famous Tartine!

San Francisco Day Two | San Francisco Day Two |

I went with their Rye Chocolate Bar, which was like a fudgey brownie with a middle layer of marshmallow-y meringue.  I was tired and hungry and thirsty, so this was perfect.

San Francisco Day Two |

After Tartine, the plan was to walk back to The Westin, but we instead stumbled on Dolores Park.

San Francisco Day Two | San Francisco Day Two |

Dolores Park was so fabulous.  So much green space and SO many people.  There was one interesting man who started yelling at us for no reason (i guess he was high).  But other than that lol, it was such a lovely time.  We sat on the grass for a bit to relax in the sunshine and people watch.  

Since Andrew and I are as white and pale as they come, we couldn’t stay here too long or we would’ve gotten so sunburnt. 

San Francisco Day Two |

Then we walked back to the hotel.  

Hey, Twitter!

San Francisco Day Two |

It was around 4pm by the time we got back to the hotel.  We were both tired so we took a nap before venturing out to dinner.  One of my favorite things about our hotel was how close it was to things.  San Francisco is such a walkable city, but having a hotel in the middle of everything (or what seemed like a very central location to me) was so great.

Andrew found us a place for dinner…Hops & Hominy, which was a short 5 minute walk away.

San Francisco Day Two |

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go here for dinner, but then Andrew showed me the cornbread appetizer pictures they had on Yelp and I was sold! I’m such a sucker for cornbread.

San Francisco Day Two |

For dinner, I ordered the baby kale salad (my GI system was feeling the need for veggies!!) + a seabass dish that had green beans, potatoes, pureed corn and wine infused bone marrow that actually tasted like french fries…it was so interesting and so good.

San Francisco Day Two |

After dinner we checked out the dessert menu, but nothing looked impressive to us…so we passed and just headed back to the hotel.  I think I was asleep within 2 minutes of getting into bed.  Such a fun day, but I was EXHAUSTED!

I’ll be sharing our last full day in San Fran on Thursday or Friday.  And I do have a recipe to share with you this week that I’m pumped about!  If you like cookie dough, you will like the recipe.  In other news, I just tried a bite of a Quest bar for the first time and those things are disgusting! That’s all.  Have a good Tuesday!


  1. Sounds like such a fun trip Kylie! All the restaurants you tried look so good. I’m a sucker for cornbread too- especially warm cornbread with butter. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Ok – that lox sourdough toast looks so delicious!!! I love all the pictures from your trip! Looks like you had an amazing time and the weather looks so much better than ours in Houston!

  3. Last time I was in SF I went to Hops & Hominy too – specifically for that corn bread :))) SO good! I’m happy to hear you had such a great trip!

  4. Ever since I watched Parenthood, California has become my #1 place I’d like to visit. I’m on the opposite side of the country (SC), but I am going to make it happen! 

    • I haven’t been THAT many places, so take this with a grain of salt…but California is my favorite state. Definitely worth a visit or ten.

  5. Looks like such a great (and tasty!) trip! I’ll actually be there next week, and will probably be using your blog as a reference. :)

  6. I love Dolores Park :). Such good people watching with all of the crazies!!

  7. I’m so glad you didn’t like Quest bars, I thought I was the crazy one!! Love your recap and hoping 1 day my husband will take me!!! Especially for ALL THE COFFEE!!!

  8. San Francisco is one of my favourite places! I’m loving seeing it all again through your photos. That brownie looks epic, and I need to learn to ride a bike so that my fiance and I can do the Golden Gate – Sausalito ride next time we come back! Looks like you had a great time!

  9. So crazy to read your post and see photos of my ‘hood pop up! I work right next to Twitter and love all the places you described. I’m a long time reader, and I’m glad to see that you guys enjoyed SF! :)

  10. I am convinced that you and I would be the perfect travel buddies, because we love pretty much the exact same foods/texture of foods/aesthetic/activities. So come on over to NYC one day and we’ll hang! ;)
    Also, totally love that sweet photo of the couple praying before eating ♥︎ I loved reading about your SF trip! One of my favorite places ever.

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  12. Did Mission Beach Cafe still serve Blue Bottle coffee?? Four or five years ago they were one of the only places that did, outside of their proprietary shops, but I haven’t been in so long!

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