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1. It’s been a doozy of a week.  

A therapist friend on Facebook reminded me that having guilt over not being affected doesn’t help us love, rebuild or lend a hand. Having gratitude that you weren’t affected helps us do that.  So I’m focusing on gratitude so I can be in a better place to serve others.

I really would like to do some manual labor. I grew up mowing lawns and building fences and enjoy working with my hands and sweating. It’s hard not to be able to go help Andrew pull out sheetrock / carpet in people’s homes…but I don’t think that’d be best for my 30wk pregnant self.  Andrew says the flooded houses are pretty stinky and you constantly breathe in crap.  Yesterday Andrew went and fueled up with a donut breakfast and then just drove around our neighborhood all day looking for people to help.  Whenever he saw someone ripping out sheetrock / carpet / flooring from their flooded home he stopped and helped with whatever he could for a couple hours…then moved on to the next house.  All of the work he did yesterday was within a mile radius of our home.  So close.

There are a bunch of other ways I can be helpful and I just need to be patient.  I’m signed up on Saturday/Sunday/Monday to babysit kids at our church while their parent’s do demo on their flooded homes.  I can sit around and play with kiddos.  Sign me up!

graphic via @scottthepainter

2. Last night we went and got dessert at Fat Cat Creamery.  

They had a new softserve flavor, condensed milk, that I was excited to try.  I honestly think Chick-fil-a’s softserve is da best ever, but I really like the texture of Fat Cat’s softserve and they always serve such fun flavors that I love trying.  Each new flavor sticks around for a month or two before they change it, so you gotta try it while you can! 

3. Maternity dress recommendations

I’m in the market for a new maternity dress for an upcoming baby shower.  Any of my mom’s or mom’s-2-be have any maternity brands you’d recommend? I think I like the below dress, but the side boob area looks a little to revealing for me.  I’m still looking and would love your recommendations!

4. New nursery idea.

I’m loving this half moon shape painted on the wall via @apartmenttherapy.  One of my favorite things last year was getting featured on apartment therapy.  I went to get the link to that post last night and saw there were 25ish comments on the post.  Andrew and I had a good laugh reading through them and hearing people’s thoughts.  In my defense…the drawers/cabinets before weren’t functional (the drawers were not on a track and was just a box crammed into a hole) and I love our IKEA drawers/cabinets a million times more.

Anyways.  Like the below, I’m thinking about painting a gold half moon on the wall the crib will be against in the nursery.  And when I say “me,” I mean Andrew.  He is excellent at painting and projects that require being precise. 

5. Favorite quote I saw this week.

(notice my battery percentage.  always on 1% lol.) 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend<3

Any fun plans? I could use some positivity with all this flooding news, so I’d love to hear what you’re up to.


  1. I love the idea of focusing on gratitude instead of guilt! My husband and I are headed to the Grand Canyon this weekend to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We spent our 1st anniversary apart last year since he was deployed to Afghanistan so it will be extra special to celebrate together this year!

  2. Hi Kylie-

    I don’t know if you’ve shared this is a post already, but do you have a couple of places that people who are distant readers can send things like clothes, supplies, etc? I have some clothing I’ve weeded out of my closet that I’m sure some Houston residents could use!


    • Hey Anna! Thanks for the offer! I’ve heard that the shelters here are asking not to be sent anymore clothes. They’ve had a fabulous response from people donating clothing! Last I heard there is still a need for pull-ups for toddlers and formula…but I’m sure needs are constantly changing. There may be a church to send donations to. I’ll let you know if I hear anything!

  3. That’s amazing what your husband did! I also love the moon painting, so so pretty and unique. On the topic of your kitchen, I lol’d at the comments. People are so weird. Your kitchen is a dream from top to bottom. I LOVE all white and the crisp neutral “stand the test of time” style and the glam aspect. You can forever change the colors of your hand towels and artwork and kitchen cookware. It looks beautiful and congrats to you and your husband for tackling such a major task! I don’t know if I could do that and for that long of a period of time.

  4. I think it’s amazing what Andrew did for others, and you offering emotional support or assistance in other ways is just as admirable! Matt and I will be enjoying Kaci and Drew’s wedding couple’s shower tomorrow evening, and on Sunday I’m planning to treat myself to a special drink from my fav local coffee shop. :) Have a lovely weekend, and I hope you feel better and happier soon!

  5. I LOVE your kitchen. Oh my goodness, I showed my husband because I want a kitchen like that some day. It’s SO beautiful :) You guys did a fantastic job! Also I love the half moon idea….your nursery is coming together and is going to absolutely adorable!

    I am going camping with some good friends in Colorado for the long weekend! First “real” camping trip for me so I’m pumped about it!

    ps- Chick-fil-a ice cream is AWESOME. I agree it is the best!

  6. I love that you guys are being so giving in your community’s time of need. I know here in my home town they have set up a huge freight box outside of Walmart for the community to bring their items to donate. I have been gathering up items all day to take out there. My prayers are with all of you!

  7. That is so sweet of your husband (and you helping with the kiddos)! God is certainly using both of you. My go to shops for maternity are pink blush and zulily. I loved your first shower dress!

  8. I’m so happy that your house was spared by the events of Harvey, and I think it’s wonderful how much you and Andrew are giving back to your community. It’s Friday, so that means pizza night for Cal and I! The new season of Narcos is back on Netflix tonight as well, so you can bet we’re watching! (with Sylvia too) ;)

  9. I forgot to mention asos has cute maternity too!

  10. This is my last weekend off before school starts (I’m a middle school teacher in addition to being a food blogger!) so I have TONS to get done. Highlights include: a barbecue at my grandparent’s house, going apple picking, and driving across the state to visit friends who moved to South Korea last year and are on a business trip nearby!

  11. My prayers are with Texas. Really a great gesture ,you and your husband working and helping the people in need.
    On a brighter note, Congratulations on the upcoming baby shower, the dress looks gorgeous (if you’re getting it) and I found the quote quite inspiring,thank you
    Keep sharing! xx

  12. Hey Kylie,

    I am so grateful to read a post about feeling guilty about not being affected, and how that isn’t a productive mindset. I have a terrible tendency to feel just that way, instead of feeling grateful for being in a position to help.
    With that being said, thank you for your responses of places to donate to (and what to donate). Are the blood banks needing people to donate blood too? After Katrina, I remember there being a big call for blood at all the hospitals.

    Secondly, are there any ice cream places near you that make a pumpkin ice cream in Autumn? Here (in New England) I look forward all year to when in the last few months the ice cream places are open, they bring out their pumpkin ice creams! They’re so delicious and treaty, and the perfect transition between summer and fall. I’m definitely getting my inaugural scoop this weekend!
    If you’re ever up here during this time you should absolutely try it!

    • A pumpkin ice cream sounds so fun! I’ve seen sweet potato ice cream down here, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen pumpkin. I’ll have to keep a look out this year!

      I have heard the blood banks on the radio asking for people to donate, so I’m sure that’d be welcomed!

  13. I’m so glad you and Andrew haven’t had to worry about your own home and possessions and money–especially with a little one on the way. Love how much you’re doing to help, though! Hanging out with kiddos sounds like a perfect thing for a mama-to-be!

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