31 weeks of growing a baby (September pregnancy update!)

I only have one or two more pregnancy updates to share and then baby will be here! I mostly feel excited about this…and at least once a day I feel a bit terrified.  Previous pregnancy related posts:

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I’m still going to my prenatal chiropractor appointments every 2-3 weeks.  I have an adjustment and then get a prenatal massage.  The prenatal massage this week ended up being pretty uncomfortable and I didn’t enjoy it at all, so I think I may be done with those.  It is getting harder for me to find a comfortable position to lay in.

The biggest (slightly unexpected) body change is still the stretch marks on my boobs.  I noticed in my prenatal massage I was more self conscious than I would normally be and I really think that was because of the newness of the stretch marks.  Every body change in pregnancy has been an opportunity to ask myself, “how am I gonna choose to be kind to my body today?” I think the body changes are a good reminder that everything is about to change in our life as we transition to a family with a baby.  As women, whether you want kids or not, our bodies are supposed to adjust over time and I think the above question of, “how am I going to choose to be kind to my body today?”, is a good one for anyone to ask themselves when noticing their body changing.  Being kind to yourself and your body size isn’t something you find once and then never have to practice.  Some seasons call for being extra intentional with practicing being kind to yourself.

Also, the below graphic from @dietitianAnna is super relevant here. 


Baby likes to move a lot and her dancing / kicking / twisting / rolling / painful jabs in my bladder make me feel nauseous, which affects my appetite quite a bit.  In pregnancy it has been hard to find joy in food. I’ve really had a low appetite since the first trimester and my hunger cue has felt like a nauseous feeling or just a feeling of emptiness.  Occasionally, out of no where, I do get ravenous with a growling stomach.  Anytime I actually have a food craving I get pumped, but most of the time I just have a lot of food aversions.  Regardless of the low appetite and nausea, eating 3 meals and 3-6ish snacks a day has been my pattern.  And 98% of the time I have a snack right before bed, otherwise I don’t sleep well (but that was true even before pregnancy).

I have noticed that if I eat a couple meals in a row that don’t have animal protein I end up feeling really depleted.

With the low appetite, something I’ve started to do when at the grocery store is if I see something I haven’t eaten in pregnancy I’ll think, “oh, baby’s never eaten a green bell pepper / cherry vanilla ice cream / type of bar / tamales / etc. before…I’m gonna get that.”  So that has been good for helping me constantly adding in variety when my appetite is so low and cravings are relatively non-existent.

Baby’s room

I could never be an interior designer because my design process always goes:

  1. Find an inspiration photo of a room I like.  
  2. Make my room look like that room for a bit.  
  3. And then just buy all the things I like that make zero design sense whatsoever and put them in a room together.  

The nursery is still coming together and doesn’t really have a theme other than the theme of, “here are all the things I like and think are cute.”

My sister got me this great yellow felt letter board that I LOVE.

And recently I registered for both of these giant stuffed animals lol.  I’m not really sure where they will fit in the nursery and I don’t really care.  They are just so fabulous and I always wanted giant stuffed animals when I was a kid.

Also, my rocker/glider came in.  I still find this chair rather ugly, but it is so comfortable and when I sit in it my back doesn’t hurt, which is rare because my back pain has become pretty chronic regardless of whether I’m sitting, standing, or laying.  I wish everyone could sit in this thing and see how insanely comfy it is.  I really wanted a chair that was tall enough for me to lean my head back against in case I’m sleeping in it and this one provides some cushion for my head.  Yay!


Oh boy.  Even with the chiropractor and prenatal massages my back pain is pretty intense.  Some days I get more frustrated with my lack of mobility than others.  The weather has turned beautiful in Houston and I’d love to go for some evening walks, but it just doesn’t feel good for my body right now…so that’s on hold.  Swimming and floating still feel excellent.  Like I wish I had a pool desk, instead of  those stand-up desks some people have.  There are also some movements they recommend in the birthing book I’m reading so I’ve been incorporating those into life.  And I’m doing a lot of stretching for my low back.

Birth Plan

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about not planning for birth because it likely won’t go like you planned.  I think it’s well intentioned advice and just a gentle reminder of, “hey, don’t get too attached to your birth plan and be devastated when it doesn’t go as planned.” So I can understand where that advice is coming from.  I don’t think I have control over how the birth will go, but I also know that I’m not going to regret learning about labor and birthing a child.  I think it’s really interesting.  Andrew and I are working through this book.  We are both mega procrastinators, but are doing our best to try to sit down and read the book.  Overall I’m for whatever choices feel right to me once I’m in labor and experiencing it all.

I still love listening to The Birth Hour and hearing so many different birth stories from c-sections to home births to epidural births to birth center births.  

Maternity Clothes

I do love dressing the bump.  That is a definitely fun part of pregnancy for me.  I have maternity photos, two more baby showers and a wedding coming up.  I wanted something to wear to those occasions other than THE floral dress.  So I’ve ordered two more maternity dresses.  This one and this one.   We’ll see how they fit once they arrive.  Online they look like the most gorgeous things ever.

Maternity Leave

I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder to plan for and take maternity leave when you work for yourself.  I do have an office space I rent, so that’ll be 3 months of paying rent and not having private practice income coming in.  I’m planning to take a solid 3 months off from seeing clients (if you’re a current nutrition counseling client you can expect an email from me soon detailing all this).  

I’m still deciding what will be going on with the blog during this time.  I have some ideas that I think you’d enjoy…but there are just a lot of unknowns with how I’ll be feeling and how baby will be doing.  After 6 years of blogging, I really do still enjoy blogging and am excited to see what happens with the blog in this next life stage we’re heading in to.



  1. I love reading your pregnancy updates Kylie! You have a very intuitive, yet intentional, way of writing about your pregnancy and your awareness of your body during this time that I really love.
    I can’t wait to see your maternity shoot photos, I bet you will look all kinds of adorable in them :)
    I love that quote from dietitian Anna. I wrote a similar blog post back in July when I was trying to come to peace with the changes in my body after I had cancer earlier this year (here’s a link just in case someone would like to read it. Sorry for self-promotion!

  2. WOW how time flies!!!  All babies are so different, but with both of your families here (you are SO lucky!), you and Andrew will do fine & will figure each day out as it comes!  Looking forward to the “Raspberry Name Reveal !” :)

  3. “how am I going to choose to be kind to my body today?”…such a beautiful reminder.  After anorexia and two babies (one of which is still breastfeeding) I need this reminder on a daily basis.  Thank you.

  4. I have a question, and feel free not to answer if it’s too personal.

    The first post I read from you was “Why I haven’t weighed myself in years”. You mentioned in the post that you won’t get your weight taken at the doctor’s office unless you get pregnant (or something like that). At the time, I commented and suggested that even during pregnancy, weight checks aren’t necessarily important. I was wondering- have you declined weight checks at the doctor’s office? Has your doctor made comments or recommendations about pregnancy weight gain? I know so many women who feel that doctors judge them and told them they needed to stop gaining weight during their pregnancy. For me, getting pregant and suddenly everyone caring about my weight was a HUGE trigger.

    • Hey Korie! I remember you commenting on that post saying that and I thought it was such excellent advice!

      As I’ve moved into this new life stage of being pregnant I had more time to think about pregnancy and weight gain and form my own opinions so here is what I did…

      I told my OB and her nurse that I believe my body knows exactly how much weight it needs to gain in pregnancy. I told them I had a history of an eating disorder and I’d like to not have weight discussed. For the most part they have been great. I did end up seeing my weight at one of my 1st trimester prenatal appointments because it was written on a paper I was given and now I don’t even remember what that number was. I guess my brain doesn’t store useless information. I’ve found SO MUCH peace in my body size by diving into Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating resources (i.e. the book Body Respect, all these studies: ).

      To my core I don’t believe my weight has anything to do with my health or my value…so the number doesn’t matter to me. Focusing on food and exercise behaviors that make me feel good is what matters to me.

      I have had some family members who say unhelpful things about my body size in pregnancy. It’s never triggering. My ED left me so empty so I know I’d never go back to it. It’s more just freaking annoying that body size is a thing that people comment on.

      Thank you for checking in on this <3

      • “To my core I don’t believe my weight has anything to do with my health or my value…so the number doesn’t matter to me.”

        THIS! is where i want to be. i feel close, still have the calorie tally brain (so.many.years.) and still go into a bit of a brain tailspin when my weight is up at a doctor’s because i am a mom of two with a full time job and working out isn’t my PURPOSE NOW. i just want to get there to my core.

        and loved this post. you are glowing. x

  5. I think your nursery looks lovely! Is that the chest that you and Andrew painted? It’s beautiful! Love your style.

  6. I love these updates! Admittedly, the thought of both going thru trying to get pregnant (I hear more & more about infertility – maybe as a result of our diet industry) & being pregnant makes me rather scared, but I’m thankful you give genuine insight on what could be expected. So many people paint this rosy picture, & while it can be easier & harder for different people, I’d rather know the truth. :) You are beautiful! I hope these last few weeks go well & that when raspberry gets here, your back feels so much better. Then you three can look forward to spring family walks. :)

  7. That quote was just what I needed tonight! I love it.

  8. I got the exact same chair (in even uglier beige) and felt/feel the same way you do. Not cute but so comfy. A year later, I still breastfeed in it every day and don’t notice what it looks like. And my son is obsessed with rocking it either while sitting in my lap or pushing it himself. I think comfort definitely is the way to go in something you may spend hours in while your otherwise refusing to nap child dozes in your arms 😬😂

  9. You’re amazing Kylie! I had natural births and loved them so much. Our bodies are incredible and I was up and walking around 20 minutes after delivery!!! You do what’s right for you. With birth, and raising your baby. I’m sure a lot of unsolicited advice is coming your way. So follow your instincts. You will be an amazing mama.

  10. You’re looking so beautiful and happy!

  11. So happy for you!! Such an exciting time of life!! My younger daughter is turning one today which I cannot believe…

    One thing you may have tried for mobility but I thought I would suggest just in case is myofascual release. During my first pregnancy I tried to use a foam roller and lacrosse ball to roll out tight muscles and tension and it made a world of difference. I didn’t find the time as often during my second pregnancy and had a whole lot more tension etc.. just a thought. Best wishes!! :)

  12. We had a birth plan all written out and then I got to the hospital and left it in the car. Oh well!! It went just fine without it. You’ll remember the main parts and do what you need to do at that time to keep you and baby safe. :) It’s still good to think about what you ideally would want.

  13. Oh lady, you hit the nail on the head with the glider (I think it’s lovely and cozy btw)! Comfort is key in the selection. what it looks like won’t matter when it’s covered in spit up and other bodily fluids lol. It’s so important to have an understanding of labour and what is happening to your body. I found it gave me a sense of power and a coping mechanism to get through it. That being said my plan went nothing like I thought it would but a healthy baby and mamma on the other end is all that matters.

  14. I’m so excited for you! I was the same way about having a birth plan. I didn’t want to be married to a specific plan, but I still wanted to be informed and understand my options. I wanted to be able to ask my doctor questions if he suggested something and understand the risks beforehand because in the moment it’s so easy to be like YES DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, haha. And it’s great that your husband is reading the book too so he can be an advocate for you! Basically, my birth plan consisted of “give me the epidural the moment I walk through those doors. And just get my baby here safely. And I wouldn’t hate it if you had a sandwich from the cafeteria waiting for me when I’m done. Thank you.”

    • LOL –> “and i wouldn’t hate it if you had a sandwich waiting for me.” One of my favorite taco + latte places is right by our hospital so I’ve told Andrew I wouldn’t mind it those magically appear post birth lol

      • Oh yeah, that is a MUST! My son was born just before midnight so the cafeteria was closed, but the nurse found me a turkey and cheese sandwich, some jello, and a package of cookies and I acted like it was a 5 course meal 😂

  15. I have the exact same glider for my daughter who was born in June.  It’s the most comfortable chair EVERRRRR.

  16. I’m not a mom nor do I have a maternal instinct (right now anyways; excluding my dog lol), but I love love love all of your maternity updates! They’re so real (and funny sometimes!) and not like some glowy-rainbows-and-butterflies-Instagram-perfect sort of deal. (I’ve totally recommended to your blog to moms and non-moms alike!) Hoping you continue blogging because you are my all time favourite blog.

    P.S. I am the same way about interior design. Keep me out of any sort of Pottery Barn or home section of Target! Also that rose gold/sparkly dress is STUNNING.

    • Thanks for the sweet message, Paige :) And the blog isn’t going anywhere! I’m just a bit uncertain about what the blog will look like in the first couple of months of baby’s life.

  17. Love seeing your updates! I understand completely what you mean about having little appetite during pregnancy (I’m 34 weeks). I have no idea how some mamas can put away a whole pizza too.. like where does it go? haha.
    Also, as a labor nurse, I recommend to my friends not to make a birth plan. My job as a labor nurse is to have a health mom and baby no matter what that takes. Baby is truly the one in charge during labor, anyway!

  18. Regardless of what people say or how your labor actually progresses, I remember it being a scary/unknown thing my first time around. So if reading all the books and making a plan eases that, then go for it! One thing I kind of forgot though was that labor is over quickly, but thenyou have this new baby to take home. In the actual moment that was way scarier than childbirth. This book: Heading Home with your Newborn: From birth to reality (by Jana). Just make sure you also read that:)

  19. I need to make time to write about how amazing you are and how much I love your blog. You are such an inspiration! But, I have a 2.5 year old o need to go read to and get to bed so, I will have to delay that. I do have to say, you are glowing and little raspberry is lucky to have such a smart, caring mommy. And I need to know where you got this rocker/what brand/model it is. We got a cute one when my son was born and it is sooo uncomfortable. I’m due with a girl I. February and I need comfortable!!

  20. Think we can all agree that these are the best posts! 11.5 weeks and love seeing people at any point in their pregnancy journey. :)

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